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Muscle girl

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It was always my dream to be loved, as would anybody elses dream be by the time that they were the age of 19.

But ofcourse with the luck that i had it seemed as if i was never going to receive my shot at something real. Besides my fantasy unlike most other peoples was to have sex with an amazingly strong woman. i had searched the intranet wide for someone who could fit the tyoe of profile i was looking for.

Tight abs, hard legs and big lushes boobs. it all seemed at lost until one fine day i received a response from an email i sent out. All it read was what type of woman am i looking for. I explained my senario and then she asked for my address.

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I admit that i was scared giving out my address for sure but if it meant getting what i was finally able to have then it was all for the good in my eyes. two days later when she said she would arrive i saw the slick black car pull up in fron tof the house. a short but well built looking woman slipped out of the car and walked towards the door. there was a nock and it took me no longer than a good 2 seconds to answer. She asked me my name and i reponded that i was who she was looking for.

Her features were flawless as i led her to my room. My heart was beating as if i had a little to much red bull. She tossed me on the bed and began to undress me and then herself she went slowly so i could see everything that lied beneath her garments. it was shocking and amazing. she was everything i wanted. i watched her tight six pack abs flex tis way and that as she pulled her tight maybe to tight of jeans over her big glutes and then i saw her chizzled legs popping as she pushed them to the ground.

She flexed her breast as if to tease me and i begged her to take me fast. She forced me into the sheets as i screamed for her to put me in her. She did and i felt her soft wet pussy massaging my dick as if it were in heaven. i watched her muscle bulge and stress as she moved in snake like motion to make her experience worth wild. my eyes were focused on her abs and they felx harder and harder with each aggressive hump.

Her back dimples were beautiful and sent me over the top as i felt each and every little muscle in her. she panted and thrashed in pleasure as she went. her face seemed stressed as if her whole purpose in life was to make me cum. she was about to come as i watched all of her muscles tightin and she screamed out in pleasure as did i. my hand now went over her rock hard abs as she fell panting and tired from her work. so hard and so sexy!!

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