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Mum's The Word

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I can’t recall exactly when it first happened. When I had those initial feelings of lust for my mother. My first memories of feeling stirred up were watching her get dressed in front of me. She would put her panties and bra and the rest of her clothes on her naked body, oblivious to me being in the room. Nothing escaped me. Not her perky tits or her luscious shaved pussy, her long flowing red hair and her long slender legs. My Ma was quite the package and I wanted to get the chance to open her up. 

She and my dad divorced when I was barely walking and I really had no memory of him and no contact with him since. My mom was a teenager herself when I was born and to make ends meet she turned to prostitution. I didn’t realize exactly what her job was when I was younger but I saw men leaving money on the table and pawing her all the time. I was jealous of them touching her.

As I got older, the longing increased. I started having vivid fantasies of how our bodies would become one. When I lay in bed, her bedroom next to mine, I often heard her and my “uncles” fuck. When I heard her moans and screams, I envisioned her in my bed doing that as a result of OUR lovemaking. 

Sometimes Ma used to be hired for special occasions. Large groups of men would fuck her at a hotel or other venue, one price for the night. Those evenings, countless men would get to have their way with her. Her boyfriend Jack used to arrange those parties and he gave her very little of what was earned. Jack was an ass and I kept begging her to drop him but she felt he was all she deserved. 

By the time I was 19 I had had a few sexual experiences of my own. That didn’t diminish how much I wanted my still gorgeous Ma. In fact, my first experience was with a woman around the same age. 

Cindy taught me things that you can’t learn about in sex magazines. She loved having her firm round ass licked and fucked. I spent many hours sucking on her swollen clit and licking up and down her gushing slit as she devoured my throbbing dick. We did positions that the Kama Sutra probably never included. Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but we really had some great fucking sessions. All good things must come to an end and shortly after Cindy and I split up, I heard she had started up with her next boy toy.

While I was sitting at the kitchen table one morning, Ma grabbed something to eat. Wearing her usual low cut blouse and very mini red skirt, she sat down beside me, not noticing my quick glances at her lovely cleavage. Jack came rushing into the room after letting himself in with the key Ma gave him. He couldn’t wait to tell her about a new party he booked for her. There was an extra $250 paid on top of the regular nightly rate on one condition. She had to agree to be tied up and blindfolded. Ma hesitated but Jack quickly chimed in that he would be there to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. As always, Ma backed down and agreed. Jack had already accepted anyhow and he told her the details. It would be that night at 6 pm, at a sleazy hotel nearby. 

I went to work and couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. Ma would be there and wouldn’t see any of the guys that fucked her. That thought aroused me and I tried to forget about it but couldn’t. I finished at 5 pm and drove around, when I found myself in the vicinity of the hotel where the fun would take place. “What am I doing here?” I thought to myself, as I kept circling the block. At about 5:45pm I saw Ma and Jack going through the front entrance of the hotel. Jack always made sure to go a bit early to make sure he got paid upfront. Payment was only made when Ma showed up for the event.

I continued circling and thinking I should go home. Deep down I knew I wouldn’t. This was my one chance, my ONLY chance to make my dreams become a reality. I couldn’t blow it. Instead I parked my car and went inside. I asked for Jack’s room, he always booked it under Jack Jones, the last name fictitious of course. I knocked and a guy let me in. 

The party already started. Some men were sitting around watching some porn. I could hear music playing and there was Ma, spread eagle on the bed, bound up and blindfolded as ordered. The bed was moved away from the wall and there were no headboards. Guys were lined up in front of her, waiting for the guy who had straddled her face with his cock to finish up. She was sucking on his dick while her honey pot was filled with a large black cock. Her breathing was heavy and she was screaming as he thrust deeply inside her. I watched intently as he withdrew his prick and shot his heavy load all over her tits. 

I felt a twinge of guilt about what I wanted to do when Jack noticed me. Before he had a chance to react I spoke to him in the only language he knew. I handed him $50. Good thing I went to the bank earlier. Jack was a creep but not without some intelligence. He knew not to indicate I was there. 

I unbuttoned my pants and took out my hot rod and began stroking it. Jack was grinning like a Cheshire cat anticipating what I had in mind. I watched other men have their way with Ma, moving their instruments of various proportions in and out of her. I heard her cum several times and each time I heard it, I stroked myself harder but wouldn’t let myself cum. I was saving it all for her.

When it was my turn at her pussy, I instead went up to her face and looked at that vision of loveliness. The most beautiful woman I would ever know. Her lips were cock free and I was glad because I wanted to gently kiss it. First I untied her hands but left her eyes covered so she wouldn’t see me. When my lips felt hers it was wonderful. I moved my tongue inside her mouth and felt hers as we kissed. Ma was a great kisser as I always knew she would be. She responded to the feel of my tongue and I lingered inside knowing this would never happen again. Sadly, the kiss ended.

My cock was throbbing and I so wanted to feel her lips around it. I quickly pulled down my pants and removed my briefs. My mother would never get to see her son’s engorged prick but tonight she would get to taste it. Positioned over her mouth, my dick plunged inside. When I felt her obligingly suck on it, I thought I would explode in her mouth that instant. 

Lasting longer, she expertly devoured my thriving cock in her wet inviting mouth. I couldn’t hold back and my hot sticky cum shot down Ma’s throat. Some of it dripped down her chin. It was a heavy load that I emptied in my mother. 

I removed my dick from her mouth. I hungered for her pussy juices but wanted to savour every inch of Ma. I stuck my wet tongue inside her ear and tickled it. She let out a giggle. I nibbled her neck as my tongue made its way slowly down to her chest. My mother’s bosom would once again have my mouth sucking on her nipples like when she breastfed me. Only this time it wasn’t her milk I was after. I wanted to feel her hard and ripened nipples’ arousal. I wanted her to feel pleasure when her nipples disappeared in her son’s mouth. 

Her soft moans began. Her hand lay on my head and her fingers touched my hair. Her little boy was little no longer. I was a grown man partaking in the forbidden delicious flesh that lay before me, that of my magnificent mother.

My tongue knew where it was heading and couldn’t wait to get there. Stopping briefly at her belly button, I licked it swiftly and then continued on. I needed to taste her. I licked her baby smooth mound and continued downwards until I reached her folded lips. I shifted positions, spread her legs wide and my wet tongue feasted on Ma’s juicy cunt. The intoxicating aroma of her hot pussy heightened my desire to eat it.

I fervently licked her wet slit, twirling my tongue to give her different sensations. “Oh yeah baby. Keep eating my cunt.” Ma said. Mother knows best, so I did. As I continued, I looked up at her but by this time another cock was filling her up. The smile on her face hopefully from what I was doing to her pussy. I took a finger and slowly pushed it in her not-so-tight hole. It would take several to satisfy her. I added two more fingers inside her loose cunt and her louder moans made me intensify my licking and fingering. 

Licking up and down, finger in and out, over and over, faster and faster. I increased the tempo until I felt her shudder, her muscles tighten and her sweet nectar cover my face. Then I sped up the pace. She came again and again. My face was soaked with her cunt juices. I never wanted to wipe my face clean again.

My cock sprang to life during her orgasms and I wanted to fuck her, badly. I lay on top of her and my cock head entered her soaked pussy. Gently I eased in and her oft-used cunt took in all 9 inches easily despite its 6-inch girth. Thrusting my prick inside Ma then out, she screamed out in pleasure. Remnants of the cum from her last John was still in her mouth. “Oh Ma. I’m cumming.” I uttered, as I emptied my balls in her cunt. 

Immediately I realized what was too late to take back. I could feel my heart pounding. I could hear the loud music playing. Ma began to speak. “Yes, baby. You sure did.”

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