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Mum & Son Make A Video

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Early one Friday morning when I was sitting down having my breakfast I heard my mail come through my front door, so I got up and went to pick the post up, and there in my hand was what I had been dreading, my bank statement.

I opened it up to see what I already knew, I was again over my overdraft, this time by 300, how am I ever going to get out of this bloody mess that I myself had gotten into?

So here I am a single bloke of what 35, nearly 36 living in my own place, never been married, not that no women fancy me, just cannot be bothered with all the shit that goes with it, seen what all my married mates go through. 

'Not allowed out unless I say so,' 'must get permission from the misses' they tell me, 

No sod all that, single life for this confirmed bachelor.
Well I finished of my breakfast; don't know how really after getting that statement, but you know the most important meal of the day, so they say!
So of to work I went that dreary morning; not only was I pissed off with my morning but also it started to piss down with rain, what a day I'm going to have.

Whilst at work I started to look forward to going to see my mother this coming weekend, so at least I had something to look forward too this week, just get this day over quickly.

So Saturday came and I set out early to get to my Mums place, the drive would take me about 2 hours to get there.

' Hi Mum it's me get that kettle on I'm ten minutes away from you' I said to my Mum on my mobile phone. ' Ok love will do see you shortly' said Mum.

I turned into my Mum's road and pulled up on to her drive, got out of my car and walked to the front door and knocked. 

'Peter how good to see you' said Mum who then put her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. 

'Good to see you too Mum' I replied.
I went into Mums house and made my way to the kitchen where Mum had started to make me my cup of tea. 

'Dad home?' I asked, 

'No Peter he's gone on a fishing trip this weekend with some of his workmates' 

'Oh never mind it would have been good to see him Mum' 

'No sorry love just me and you this weekend, your not bothered are you Peter, just female company for you' said Mum. 

'No of course not Mum it'll be great' 
I said, but really, stuck here without my Dad I hope this is not going to be a horrible weekend I thought to myself.

My Dad is a good man, he's worked hard all is life, always provided for Mum and me, and now he's coming up to 60 he can start to take things easy, so hence his fishing trip, and we both get on well.

Every time I come over to see my parents Dad is always taking me to his local village pub, which I must say I do enjoy. So I can't blame him really for not being here this weekend and most of all really loves my Mum.

Mum gave me my cup of tea and we went into the lounge, I sat down on her large leather settee and started to drink my tea.

'So how are things with you then Peter' asked Mum.

'Well things are going really well Mum' I lied. 

'Oh I'm really pleased for you Peter, I really am' said Mum.

'So what we got planned for the weekend then Mum' I asked.

'Well I was thinking that we could go out for a quite drink and then on to a meal at The Dickens restaurant, is that ok with you'.

'Fine by me Mum' 
I replied but all the time thinking how the heck am I going to afford that, being that The Dickens was a posh place to eat.

'So if we go about 7pm to the pub and get ourselves a table for say 8pm we can still be home to enjoy a late drink' said Mum.

'I will leave it all up to you Mum, I'm easy' I replied.

I went up stairs to my old bedroom and put my clothes that I brought with me for the weekend away in my wardrobe.

I went back downstairs and saw my Mum out in the garden and went to join her, so that afternoon we just chatted away about what was happening in our lives, basically just killing time till we went out for our drink and meal.

So the evening had come and I had already got cleaned up and dressed for the night out and waited down stairs for Mum, I did not wait long, for Mum came in the lounge dressed in a pink dress with tiny straps and a white shawl over her shoulders, she looked magical.

Our taxi dropped Mum and me at the pub and we went in for our drink, soon heads were turning looking at Mum who with her black hair up in a bun and a pearl necklace around her neck and with her pink dress with tiny straps I was not surprised that heads turned to have a good look at my Mum.
So after a couple of drinks we made our way to The Dickens restaurant for our meal, the waiter showed us our table and we both ordered our meal, I wasn't sure what to order being that I had hardly any money so I opted for the safe bet..A cheap bit of steak!

'Peter is that all your having'? Said Mum.

'Err yes that's all I want really Mum' I lied.

'Oh ok son that's fine' replied Mum.

So we had our meal and finished off with a few more drinks and I was now worried what the hell the bill would come too, and if it was too high how would I pay for it?
The waiter brought over our bill and I picked it up, Oh shit no way could I pay this.
Mum saw the reaction on my face.

'Any problems Peter?' asked Mum.

'Well yes Mum I just have not got the money to pay this bill, I'm really sorry' I told Mum.

'Come here give me that bill Peter please' said Mum.

Mum looked at the bill and without saying a word she paid the bill much to my embarrassment. We arrived home and Mum went to get us both another drink.

'Peter please tell me the truth, have you got money problems?' asked Mum.

I took a gulp of my beer and said to Mum 'Yes Mum I have I am well over my overdraft and there is no way I can get out of it, basically I'm in the shit.'

Mum took a sip of her vodka and said to me 'Stay there I'll be back in a minute.'
Mum went up stairs I presumed to her bedroom, and I was starting to think that Mum was going to lend or if I was lucky some money to wipe out my debt.

But I was wrong Mum came downstairs with a magazine and when she opened it to my horror it was a porno mag, what the heck was she doing with one of them I thought.

'Peter don't give me that look, it's not mine it's your fathers and anyway I might be your Mum and what 52 years of age but I'm still a women'.

'Sorry Mum I was just a bit shocked that's all, I know your 52 Mum but you don't look it' I said.

'Thanks Darling you don't know what it's like to get those comments nowadays and I certainly don't get any from your father anyway'. Mum told me.

'Look at page 32 Peter and see what you think of it' Mum said.
So I turned to page 32 and there was an advert for amateur models required for homemade movies, 'Make Money Make porn movies' said the advert.

'So what is this then Mum'? I asked her.

'Well Peter I know you might think I've had a few to drink, and yes I have had a bit to drink but I'm know what I'm saying, look I can help you make some money and pay that debt of yours'.

'What how will you do that Mum' I asked'

'Well look the advert says they need couples to make a movie, so if you and I went along has a couple you can make the money' said Mum.

'What you mean me and you go has a couple, Mum what are you saying that you want to have sex with me, your own son are you mad' I said to Mum in a raised voice.

'Look Peter me and your Father have not been getting along for a few years and it's been 4 years since your Father made love to me, and like I said I'm a women also with needs, yet I do know what I' am asking you is wrong but you can get out of your debt and me, well I can finally get some love back in my life, even if it's my own son' Mum said to me.

Well I was really taken aback by all what Mum had told me, she got up had another drink, which I also needed and told me what really was going on between my Mum and Dad.

We both went to bed in the early hours of the morning, but I could not sleep that night, my head was spinning with the thought that my own Mum was willing to have sex with me her own son.

Mind you who would not want to have sex with her, Dad must be mad or he's got another women, but Mum might be quite and reserved, but she is a looker.
Mum is about 5ft6 and black hair, she's curvy and I would say her tits are about 36d, so who would not want her, me well I was starting to think.... Yes I could.
I woke up next morning with a bit of a hangover and went down to the kitchen to see Mum cooking a breakfast.

'Hi Peter sleep well'. Said Mum.

'Yes not too bad Mum, thanks' I replied.

'Sit down and have some breakfast; look about last night and what I said, I'm really sorry to have even suggested it' Mum said. 

'Mum before you say anything well I also gave it some thought last night and to tell you the truth yes I thought you was mad, but how can I turn a beautiful looking women like you down, even if it's my own Mum, the thought of having sex with you, well it gets me going. So yes lets go for it' I said to Mum.

'Oh Peter are you really sure about this, really' Mum asked.

'Mum just ring them up and get booked in' I told Mum.

So Mum gave the studio a ring and booked us in for the following week, we were booked under has Mr and Mrs Jones.

So we spent the rest of the day in a relaxed mood and it soon became time for me to go home and soon for my Dad to also come home.

I went to the door and Mum stopped me turned me around and placed her hands on my cheeks and said 

'Peter before you go please let me kiss you, not has Mother and Son but has lovers.' 

So I put my hands around the back of my Mums head and placed my lips on hers, my Mum opened her mouth and both of our tongues were searching for each other.
Mum was moaning with our locked embrace and I also placed my hands on Mums tight behind and gave it a gentle squeeze, only for Mum to moan even more.
We broke our embrace.

I looked Mum in the eyes and said 'Mum you're a great kisser'.

'Hmm so are you darling that's my first kiss like that for over 3 years, I can't wait till next week Peter, I just want you badly now' said Mum.

I said goodbye to Mum and got in my car for my long journey home all the time my mind was on my own Mother and what her body would look like, but I was to soon find out.

The rest of the week was a blur, I struggled to stay focused at work but my mind could only think of what was happening this coming weekend.

The night before I was to see Mum, the phone rang it was Mum just making sure that I really wanted this to happen, just try to stop me I had told her.

That morning I woke up full of the joys of spring, my money worries were put at the back of my mind.

I took a shower and got dressed but when I tied my shoelaces I noticed that my hands were shaking, Christ I was nervous, but who wouldn't be with the thought that soon I'll be making love to my own Mother.

I drove to my Mum's house also knowing that Dad had arranged another of his fishing weekends so it would be only Mum and myself.

I arrived at Mum's house and Mum opened the door to let me in, I went straight upstairs to put my weekend bag away and went back down to see Mum.

'Ok Mum what time we got to be at this studio' I asked her.
'What's the time now, 10am well about midday we have to be there, so we better get going very soon' said Mum.

'Ok Mum we'll go now if you want' I replied.

'Ok Peter I'll go and get my bag' Mum said.

'Bag, what bag is that' I asked.

'Bag with some clothes stupid' replied Mum.

'Oh ok Mum, sorry' came my reply.

We arrived at the studio at midday, it didn't look much from the outside and I just hoped it looked better inside.

Mum and I got out of the car and went over to the studio entrance, to gain entrance to the place we had to speak in the intercom

'Mr & Mrs Jones here for midday appointment' said Mum.

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