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Mrs Higgsley

(Part 1 from 1)

Mrs Higgsley is 42 and blonde, making her young enough to be sexy and old enough to know it. She is the estate manager at my university apartment where I – a young assistant professor – lived. Over the last year I grew to know Mrs Higgsley rather well. She had an electrician husband, three kids, and lived off Janesfield Lane, 2 miles from campus. I was also the apartment warden and she began dropping by my flat, a small shoe-box, early in the morning to chat about the students living in the apartments. Our conversations started off on a cordial tone but as days turned to months, we spoke of our families, dreams, and the classes I taught. She always wanted to go to university and speaking to a young assistant professor like myself probably revived those desires again. 

For a married women, she had come to know my body rather well. Many times I would be in a bathrobe when she dropped by, or half naked in my boxers fresh from sleep. She had big brown eyes, touched by tiredness and, I suspect, sexual neglect. She had hinted that her sex life was non-existent, often wondering out loud what these ‘young university kids’ around her were up to. She was by no means unattractive. In fact the residues of former glories still echoed in her. Her breasts were swelled melons, weighing firmly in their bra, and would, when she giggled, jiggle sensuously. She had a Raphaelsque figure that still showcased the bodily curves which must have been the reason for many a hard-on in their hey day. Her legs were creamy white, and when she was in her tight skirts, I could tell her thighs were still firm. 

One particular morning, after late night out with some students, I slept in late. My astrophysics group had gathered in the varsity bar the night before to discuss active galactic nuclei over beer. Valerie, the only female student in the group, was having a hard time with the boys. I had a soft spot for her, not just because she was a beauty, but because she was smart as hell too. During tutorials, as she spoke, I would fantasise about fucking Valerie. In the classroom of my mind, I would strip the 19 year old girl, tearing off her white cotton shirt and lime green girly bra, and planting my mouth firmly around those tenderly pink areoles. After getting her all steamed up, she would reach down between my legs and rub my rock cock, trembling in anticipation as her pussy juice trickled down her legs. “Oh, Julian, fuck me please. Don’t make me beg” she would implore. In a quick motion I would spin her around and bend her over my desk. Pulling up her skirt to reveal moist panties, I whisper the most depraved suggestions to her. Valerie would whimper in a high pitch, both in excitement and trepidation, begging for my cock. I shove my cock up her arse and pump away. Valerie starts out with a low moan, each moan in rhythm to my thrust up her arse, and then climaxing in a loud shriek, her body quivering in response to my pole deep in her. Her moans would grow in intensity and her mind no longer shackled by embarrassment.

“Oh god, fuck me, Julian. Hmmm” She bit her lower lip. “Oh, oh, fuck me baby, I feel you cock, oh god, its so good. fuck me hard, make me come like a woman…”

Quickly I’d insert my cock into her mouth and watch Val’s head bob up and down between my own legs. Her lips slide in a quick easy motion up and down my long shaft, while her loud moans cause vibrations to tingle on my dick head. Her slurping doesn’t stop until she brings me to my own private climax. At the last minute I’d remove my cock and splurt my white cum all over her face and open mouth. 

Watching Valerie over the table in the bar last night, I could sense she found me sexy too. There was an attraction between us. But I love my job and if found fucking any of my students, I would have to kiss it goodbye. So, for now at least, Valerie would only suck my dick in the classroom of my mind. And from the way she looked at me, I would be busy in her fantasies too.

I woke up with a hard on. The morning sun peeked through the curtains, hitting my eyes, blinding me to my surroundings. I let out a low groan from the hang over I had, telling myself never to compete drinking with 19 year olds again. I didn’t see Mrs Higgsley at first. I smelt her. Her cheap perfume wafted under my nose, tingling my senses. I then heard her breathing. Turning around I saw her standing by the door of my bedroom. She was in a grey jacket and tight skirt

“I’m sorry but the front door was open”, she said.
“Oh, I had a late night last night. I must have forgotten to close the door.”
“And a good night too from the looks of things. You look like you could use some coffee”.
“I’ve got a hang over. Gawd!” I rubbed my temples. Mrs Higgsley moved closer. 
“Where does it hurt?”
“Here, here and here” I pointed to my head. I looked up but she wasn’t looking. Her eyes were drawn to the hard on in my boxers.
“Well, erm….” she blushed, “shall I make you some coffee?”
“That sounds good Mrs Higgsley. If it cures this hang over…”
“You know what’s good for a hang over? A good head massage.”
“You know how to give one?”
“I do it for my husband all the time” She sat by the side of my bed, behind me and placed her hands on my temples. In slow circular motions she began rubbing. I felt the throbbing pain slowly dissipate. 

“Your husband is a lucky man if he returns home from a night out to this” I groan softly.
“Well, things aren’t like they used to be” she replied, a little sadly.
“Oh? How so, if you don’t mind me asking”.
“Well, the romance is gone. We don’t….”, she broke off. 
“You don’t what, Mrs Higgsley?” I probed.
“I don’t think he finds me attractive anymore. Sexually, I mean.” Her voice quivered with emotion. The intensity in her voice slowly arouses me.
“I think you’re attractive Mrs Higgsley.”
“You really think so? I bet you’re screwing half the women on campus. You could have any young perky chick you wanted. Why would you find me attractive?”. I found her need for affirmation, for validation so empowering. It made me feel good, like I had control over this woman who was so mature and attractive.
“I lose interest in perky chicks after I cum, Mrs Higgsley. mature women offer so much more”. 

I was speaking with abandonment, hardly believing the words that were tumbling from my mouth. Mrs Higgsley’s hot breath grew heavier on my nape and shoulders. Her fingers moved sensuously from my temples to my head, becoming a warm loving caress of my face. Taking a chance, I leaned back into her, feeling my broad back on her soft tender breasts. Her hands wandered to my bare chest, massaging them. I turned towards her and nibbled soft on her neck and ear. 

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“Julian, can you do me a favour? Can you make love to me?” Strangely enough, as direct as the request was, I didn’t bat an eye lid. It seemed so natural.
“What about your husband Mrs Higgsley?”
“I still love him. But I need you Julian. I’ve needed you the minute I saw you.” 

Her hands slid down my hard stomach on to my crotch, stroking my dick over my boxers. I turned to face her. I clasped her face in my palms. Mrs Higgsley’s eyes were moist from passion, her mouth slightly open with desire. I took off her jack and unbuttoned her white blouse. Her breasts were as beautiful as I had imaged. They lay nestled in a lacy black bra which I snapped off. Her breasts were full and ripe, her areolas dark pink, in contrast to the creamy white skin. I encased my mouth around her nipples, sucking gentling as my hands moved steadily up between her legs. Mrs Higgsley breathing grew louder as she whispered my name. My tongue darted around her nipples, teasing them to erection

“Oh Julian… that feels so good. I’m such a whore. I’m such a married whore. I’m no good, Julian. I’m no good”. Tears began to well in her eyes. I wanted to stop but she didn’t let me, her hand pushing my face into her tits as she moaned. I pushed her down on to her back and pulled off her expensive grey skirt. Her black matching panties were glistening in the middle with her cum juice. I buried my face between her legs and breathed in her musty sweat and soft perfume. Her body trembled in response. I wondered how long it was since she had her pussy eaten. I rolled down her panties. Her bush was neatly trimmed with only a strip of blonde leading down to her swollen pink lips, now dripping with her cum.

“Do you want me to eat you Mrs Higgsley?” I teased mercilessly.
“Oh, god yes, Julian. Please eat my pussy. Please…..”
“Tell me how much you want it Mrs Higgsley”
“Oh, god, Julian, don’t tease me. I want it so bad. I need you so bad…” 

Her back arched a little as if to invite me between her legs. I went down and lightly tongued her on the edges of her lips - light teasing licks. She complained that I was just teasing - which made me laugh. I dove in more intently and flicking her exposed clit with my tongue. She responded by thrusting her hips up harder into my face, so I applied more pressure. Her clit was small and kept sliding off to the side, upsetting my rhythm. I quickly pin it down with my expert tongue and dominated it. Mrs Higgsley’s body quickly learned to gyrate in response to my tongue. 

After a few minutes I stopped and raised my crotch to her face. She looked up at me with those big sad brown eyes and smiled. She placed her face against my crotch and kissed my cock through my boxers. Slowly, as she pulled down my boxers my cock sprung up to hit her on her nose. 

“You’re big Julian” She grasped. 
“You like my cock Mrs Higgsley?”
“You’ve a beautiful cock Julian. I want to suck it. I want it down my throat”. 

Her tongue flickered around my head. She cupped my balls in her hands, squeezing them gently, sending shivers of electricity up my spine. Without warning she had my cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. Her lips tightened around my shaft and in a quick motion began rocking her head up and down my cock. I spread my legs further apart and pushed her blonde head deeper into my crotch, feeling my cock penetrate deeper down her throat. She gagged a little but didn’t stop. Mrs Higgsley then worked her way from my cock to my balls, sucking them. She moved further down until she had her face buried in my arse. Her tongue flickered around my anus, exploring my butt-crack. She dipped her tongue in to send waves of pleasure down my body. From above I heard her muffled moans as she greedily explored my anus with her tongue.

I forgot how long it was before I threw Mrs Higgsley on her back. Her breasts spilt all over as she landed. I straddled her, with my cock above her face. I rubbed my hard dick over her delicate features, in total control. I moved my prick down her neck, on to her breasts, fucking them for a while before trailing down to her stomach and to her pussy. At her wet pussy I rubbed my dickhead over her swollen lips. Mrs Higgsley’s eyes closed in anticipation. 

“You sure you want to fuck Mrs Higgsley? Once my cock’s in there’s no going back.”
“Oh Julian, I know this is wrong but I can’t stop myself. I need it so badly.”
“Need what Mrs Higgsley?”
“I need you. I need you Julian. I need your monster cock in me, to fuck me hard. To make be feel good. To make me feel attractive. I want you Julian”. 
“What will your husband say, Mrs Higgsley”
“I don’t give a fuck what he says right now, damn it. Oh, please, stop teasing Julian. Please, please….fuck me.”

I inserted my cock into Mrs Higgsley. The hard foreign object penetrating her made her jolt. Her face open up in mild shock as my huge cock slowly slide into her wet pink pussy. Her mouth was open and her eyes expressed slight pain as I lodged the fullness of my prick in her. I pinned her arms down and kissed her, dominating her as she lay down helpless in anticipation. My thrusts began slowly, then faster and faster. Her pain gave way to pleasure, unleashing waves of orgasmic sensations hidden from her all these years. Mrs Higgsley’s mouth opened wider, emitting a soft but high pitch animal-like whine that grew in rhythm with each thrust of my cock. Her whine grew louder and louder as I slammed my hips against hers. Our fucking grew more and more vigorous. Her fingernails sank into my back as my thrusts became faster and faster. Suddenly she let out a loud shriek as she orgasmed. Her body jerked uncontrollably with ecstasy. She arched her back high into the air and slowly slummed back down. I pulled out my cock and came on her face. My hot white semen shot on to her cheeks, forehead, hair and nose. Mrs Higgsley opened her mouth to hungrily suck the rest of my cum from my cock. After which, we both fell down onto the bed, beside each other. 

Two minutes of silence pass before I heard her. “Thank you Julian.” Her eyes were moist with tears. “I needed that. You made me feel like a woman again.”

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