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Mother-In-Law Fantasy Attained

(Part 1 from 2)

I have always been sexually attracted too my mother-in-law. From the first time I met her 24 years ago, she was that older woman that I always wanted to have sex with. She and I have grown closer over the years, but she always stayed at arm length when I would jokingly fool around with her. Two years ago my father-in-law passed away and I have been going over to see her more and more. I have intimated that I think she is sexy and I even confided in her that she was my "older woman" fantasy. She would always laugh it off and change the topic. I tell her every so often that I wanted to buy her a leopard leotard body suit. Every time I have said this she has never said yes to me, but she has never said no either. Once she said, "do you know what a leotard would look like on this 62 year old body". My response to her was, "no, but I would give anything to see your body in one", once again she laughed it off, but still didn't say no.

Well early one-morning, exactly three weeks ago I stopped in to see my mother-in-law. She was coming to our house that evening for dinner and I wanted to see if she needed a ride. When I entered the house I called out for her, there was no response so I walk down the hall to her bedroom. As I entered her bedroom I could see her lying on her bed apparently asleep. She was wearing a housecoat that was partially open and displaying her legs all the way up to her panty. I tiptoed to the side of her bed and sat down, but she didn't acknowledge my being there. I had the feeling she knew that I was there so I got brave and put my hand on her leg. When she didn't respond to this I began rubbing her leg. I knew that if she caught me doing this I could explain it away by telling her I was trying to wake her. When she didn't react to my rubbing her leg I got braver and slid my hand up toward the crotch of her panty. She moved a little, but didn't awake; she then rolled a little exposing most of her panty. It was then that I began to get an erection, so I held my breath and began to fondle the crotch of her panty.

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When she didn't react to my doing this I got even braver and slide my fingers under her panty. As I did this I got the shock of my life; her vagina and the crotch of her panty were soaking wet with semen. At this point I knew she was aware of what I was doing so I slowly inserted my fingers into her vagina. As I did this she reacted by rolling completely on her back and started to moan very slightly. The more I inserted my fingers into her vagina the more she moan. I then leaned over and pulled her panty aside as I began to lick her vagina. As I did this she really reacted by gyrating her hips up and down. I began licking like crazy as the semen began flowing from her vagina. It took only seconds for her to have an orgasm. When she finished her moaning and her orgasm she rolled back on her stomach and pretended to be asleep. Knowing she was aware of what was going on, I decided to remove my clothing and masturbate. As I did this I could see her peek at me, so I decided to take a chance and get on top of her. As I knelt on top of her I lowered her panty down to her knees and began to rub the head of my penis between the cheeks of her bum.

When she didn't react to this I inserted my penis down between her legs. I couldn't see her face, but she did react by raising her hips to a point where the head of my penis was now touching the lips of her vagina. As she did this I slowly slide my throbbing erection into her, again, very wet vagina. I was now experiencing my "All Time Fantasy" of having intercourse with my mother-in-law. Every time I thrust my penis into her she reacted by squeezing her legs together which made me get even more excited. When I began to climax my very religious mother-in-law shocked the hell out of me by yelling, "keep fucking me, please keep fucking me". She then began to scream and moan uncontrollably as she enjoyed her second orgasm within a matter of ten minutes. I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life, and it seemed like it would never end. When we finally completed our orgasms, I stayed on top of her for another minute or two. I still had a partial erection, so I began to slowly move it in and out of her vagina. When I did this she rolled me off of her and jumped out of bed. Instead of pulling up her panty, she let them drop to the floor and then kicked them under the bed.

She then stood over me with her vagina practically in my face and began yelling at me for being in her bed. She then told me to get dressed and leave the house immediately. As I dressed she stood there with her housecoat open, exposing her breast, which had very hard nipples and her vaginal semen was dripping down on her carpet. I did as she said, but I was very confused and frightened of what she would say to my wife. Well that evening when my mother-in-law came over for dinner and she acted as if nothing had ever happen that day. She came up to me and gave me my normal kiss and asked me how I had been. Most of the evening was just small chit chat, but I was nervous the whole time she was there. Four days later my wife called me and asked me to stop at her mothers house to pick up a pan she let her mother use. I tried to get out of doing this until my wife said something to shock me, she said, "my mother told me to tell you she might be napping, so use you key to get into the house".

Well I immediately got an erection thinking that this might be an invitation. When I entered the house my mother-in-law was lying on her bed and this time she was just wearing a see through nightgown. I walked into the room and said, "hi", she didn't respond, she just laid there with her eyes closed. This is when I took a deep breath and removed my clothing. As I did this she opened her nightgown and spread her legs. I knelt on the edge of the bed and began kissing her vagina. Once I had an erection I got between her legs and penetrated her now enormously wet vagina. We began to have intercourse, and this time we were doing it together. She had an orgasm about five minutes into our intercourse, but the whispered, "please, don't stop". We continued on for about another fifteen minutes before I began to climax. When she felt my penis throbbing she began too climax, scream and moan all at once. Again, I can not express how religious my mother-in-law is, so it was a shock to hear her yell out, "fuck me, please do not stop fucking me".

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