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Mother tricked into sex with son, friend and dad : part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I told the boys that when they hear the stereo, that's when they can come back in if they wanted to. Jennifer just started up the stairs with our wine when I went back in the room. i went through her dresser until I found her "pleasure" drawer. She had a lot more toys than before. Looking at some of them, I was quite impressed.

I was pulling some things out when she got in the room with 2 bottles of wine. She asked "What are you planning on doing now?" as she filled our glasses. "We are going to have a shit load of fun tonight baby", I said. We sat around playing and drinking for about 30 minutes before I got up. I leaned over and kissed her and then told her that it was now time to begin. I put the blindfold on her and turned the stereo on.

I had just lubed a huge buttplug when the boys arrived. They watched as I shoved it into her ass. When I did that, both of their cocks spang to attention. I stood up long enough to pull her down the bed to make room for a 69 position. I knelt beside her and grabbed a huge dildo and lubed it up when she started to stroke my dick.

This was not an ordinary dildo. It was 11 inches long and as wide as a soda can. I laid down and let her take my cock into her mouth while I began to shove that monster dildo in her. After a few minutes, she was all good as most of it was in. We were both getting in to it, then she started to suck me off in a way she never did before. It was so awesome that iI blew my load in a matter of minutes.

I got up and moved her hand to the dildo so she could fuck herself. I handed her a glass of wine to swallow done and motioned for one of the boys over. Chad was first again. That little fucker grabbed my drink and downed it before going over to Jennifer. He grabbed her wine and put it on the table and laid next to her.

He got over her and licked at her clit while fucking her with the dildo. Hearing Jen moan, he slid his cock deep into her throat. When he quit licking her clit, I told her to suck it like she did before. You could tell that Chad was about to cum by the look on hs face and that he was getting a good 9 to 10 inches into her repeatedly fast. "Ohhhhhh fuck yes", was yelled out as his dick thrusted down her throat. Chad got off of her, took a drink of her wine and gave her the glass.

Josh took her glass, filled it and gave it back to her. While she was drinking, he rubbed her clit and fucked her with the dildo. She gave the glass back to him and rubbed on his cock for a little bit. Josh then laid down and began doing what we all had done. He was having so much fun that we noticed Jennifer moaning extremely hard. We looked down and saw that Josh was getting the entire thing in her pussy. She took the 11 inches plus the suction cup and his fingers that was holding the dildo.

With each push, she got louder and started squirming around. The louder she got, the more Josh got excited. Then she sucked on him with that special way. That was all he needed. He let his mom take it all in. I moved over and pulled the dildo out and the buttplug. While Jennifer finished savouring his cock, I removed the blindfold.

As her eyes focused, she freaked out when she saw that is was her son's cock that she was enjoying so much. Josh pulled out and I sent them for a couple more bottles of wine. Feeling ashamed, Jennifer quickly downed 2 glasses. I poured us more as she tore me a new asshole. She finished off the 5th bottle as the boys got back to her room with the wine. She couldn't even look at them. I sent them to their room and will check in on them later.

I opened 1 of the bottles and poured us some more while we actually talked. She was much more calm at this point that she sat with my arms around her. I got up and went to Josh's room. I let them know that things were okay and to give us at least 30 minutes before they come around.

I went to the bathroom and as I came out, I ran into my daughter Jessica and her friend Cassie (who's been living there for 2 months). "Dad, what are you doing here and why are you naked?" "I took your mom out for her birthday and we're having sex." Cassie just looked and smiled when she followed Jessica to her room. I will tell you that I would love to be the one that fucks them.

I was back in Jen's room getting a blowjob when the boys came. They were standing at the foot of the bed, both still naked, when Jen noticed them. Josh apologized to her first and then Chad says, "Jen I'm sorry too but you were fucking amazing." While stroking my cock, she says, "What's done is done, no turning back now." She opened her arms for a hug and the boys rushed to her.

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