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Mother tricked into sex with son, friend and dad. Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Jennifer released my cock as the boys approached her from both sides and hugged her. We then sat there and had some wine together and talked. Jennifer admitted that she at first thought it was the neighbors but realized that it was the boys thanks to Chad's and Josh's vocal excitement. She continued saying that she thought about stopping everything but deep down she wanted it more than anything.

I laid there looking at them in total awe and thinking about everything. For her having 3 kids, she is still amazingly hot; 5'8" tall, 138 lbs., long brown hair, 34c breasts, and a nice plump ass. I admit that I am still in love with her after all these years of divorce. Why she stayed with me for so long, I'll never know.

I had her experience 3somes, swinger parties, trains, voyeurism, and pimped her out to some guy at a bar for 10 minutes for $50. At the auto shop that I owned with my best friend, his brother and their father, I ordered her to work there completely nude. She did mostly paperwork but would go out in to the bays and help.

Normally all the vehicles we towed in but had some that the customers brought in. They never had a problem with her and enjoyed the show. Part of her duties were to service us as well. Occasionally she would help some of the customers but it was rare. This went on for just over 3 years until we moved out of state.

So here we are now. My ex-wife, 16 year old son, his 17 year old friend and me. All of us drinking wine and acting like nothing had happened at all. Starting to feel bad, I got up and went downstairs to make myself a stiffer drink.

I got to the liquor cabinet and made a Jack & Coke. I quickly finished it and began making another when I heard someone ask for me to make her one. There stood Cassie in only a bra and shorts. As I made hers, she came over next to me. She then grabs her drink, kisses me on the lips (a simple yet long sensual kiss), pats me on the ass, saying "Thank you", then heads off back upstairs.

I watched as she walked away while my dick got harder with each step she took. That tight 19 year old body just shined when she stopped and said "See you later for a refill!" "Anytime", was the only thing that came out of my mouth. I felt like an idiot but no longer felt bad.

I grabbed the bottle, mixer, ice bucket and went back upstairs. Heading to the bathroom, I noticed that my daughter's door was opened and glanced in. There was my 18 year old daughter laying on the bed nude wearing a strap-on. My dick stood up instantly. Then I heard the bathroom door open.

Cassie came out and saw me standing there looking into the room, holding everything and with a major hard-on. She just smiled and then held up her glass and said "I could use that refill now". Going to the bathroom to fill up her glass, she stood behind me and stripped. I turned around to give her her drink and noticed her perfectness.

I was just getting soft by the embarrassment of getting caught until that moment. Her shaven pussy and perky tits got me harder than a rock. Grabbing her drink with one hand she pulls me to her and says "Jessica and I are lovers." I could feel her tits rubbing against my chest when her hand wrapped around my cock and started stroking it.

I reached down to play with her pussy when she told me to stop and wait till later. She moved in closer and took the tip of my dick and rubbed it around her opening and began kissing me. "By the way, I'm also sleeping with Jennifer", she said as she pulled away. "Jessica loves the taste of her mother as she cleans her juices from my body".

I was damn near ready to blow a load right then and there. Cassie saw my readiness as she knelt down and took me in her mouth. My god, she was so much better than Jennifer at this. She pulled away and said "I was going to have Jessica fuck Jen tonight but will have to plan on it some other night", and went back to sucking me off. That was all it took to hear and I released load after load into her mouth.

She quickly stood up and led me to Jessica's room. She left me in the hallway so I could watch her open Jess's mouth and share my cum with her. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Cassie came back out, kissed me and said "Maybe some time later you can give to her straight from the tap. Now I'm going in to get fucked then fuck her". As quick as she said that, she was closing the door behind her.

I grabbed my alcohol stuff and went to Jen's room. Just as I entered the room, the 3 of them were in a triangle position. Josh was eating out Jen who was sucking off Chad who was sucking off Josh. I plopped down in the chair, made myself another drink and watched in complete amazement and enjoyment. Not only with these 3 but with what was also going on in the other room.

I continued watching as I now wondered if my oldest daughter knew of Cassie being with Jessica and Jennifer. Then almost on cue, all three of them came at the same time. They all laid there totally spent as I asked Jen who initiated this.

She said "When you left the room we sat here hugging when I saw Chad get hard. He then played and sucked on my tit, then Josh did the same. I instantly started stroking both of them when I remembered the triangle we did with my sister. I told Chad that if he wanted more of me, he had to do this. He had no problem as he said that he was bi but Josh refused to suck any dick."

They all asked me to make them a drink as no one wanted anymore wine. I told the boys to go down and grab another bottle and some ice while I talk with Jen. I asked if she was ever going to tell me about Cassie. Jennifer says "Jessica didn't want you to know that she was having a relationship with a girl." "I just found out about that but I mean you and her?"

"It started about 4 months ago. She was spending the night when I got home from a very lousy date. She was on the couch and asked what was wrong while I made a drink. I told her how I agreed to go out to dinner with my boss but he took me to his house instead. She listened intently while making me another drink."

"We went inside and there sitting in the living room were 3 guys from work and some chick. They said they all just wanted to party but didn't want to drink and drive. They made some drinks and we had some pills which I thought was nothing but speed. After about 15 minutes or so, Aaron, my boss, set up some video cameras.

"He then grabs me and starts kissing and touching me. Before I knew it, his dick was in my hand. I felt someone come up behind me and kiss my neck and grab my tits. Then another guy came over and put his cock in my other hand while the one guy undressed me. He had me naked within seconds."

"The fourth guy and the girl stood in front of me naked while the others got undressed. She laid on the floor while he forced me down on her face and shoved his dick in my mouth when another guy forced his cock in my mouth too. Then the other two had me stroke them off. They kept switching around while the girl kept feeding on my pussy."

"When she got done, she sat on the edge of the couch as Aaron moved me around and shoved my face in her pussy. Someone got under me and started fucking my pussy while I jerked 2 off and then felt the other one penetrate my ass. They continued switching around for about an hour as the chick kept me eating her pussy and ass."

"Aaron stood me up and led me to the kitchen and put me on the table. Two of the guys now stood there holding the cameras while one of them pounded my ass. The girl sat back on my face and would occasionally sit over my tits and piss on me and then stuff her pussy back to my mouth."

"Each one of them fucked my ass continually until right before they came and would pull out and shove it in my pussy and release. They video taped everyone coming in me from both sides when another guy came in. It was a cab driver that Aaron called and offered me to him as his tip with whatever money was left over."

"He happily accepted and dropped his pants and started fucking my pussy then moved to my ass. The girl got off me and let each one of the guys clean there dicks off in my mouth while she finished taping. After the driver came in my pussy, he also brought his cock to my mouth for cleaning."

"I got my clothes on when Aaron told me not to let anyone know of this or he'll have to break out the videos. 20 minutes later and here I am. At least the driver thanked me as I got out of the cab."

Even though I was extremely aroused, I had to interrupt and ask about the whole Cassie thing. Seeing my arousal, she took me into her hand and while stroking me, she continued. By the way, Jennifer has the softest hands and feet which make handjobs and footjobs awesome.

"As I told my story, she kept making me more drinks. I was on my 5th or 6th drink when I noticed that she was only wearing a thong and a halter top that barely covered her tits. She then went to the bathroom and brought me my housecoat. She refilled my glass again and began helping me out of my clothes."

"She took my bra off and wrapped the housecoat around me and helped me over to the couch and sat me down. "Finish your drink while I take care of you", she said. Not caring that my housecoat is wide open, I just sat there and finished my drink. She took my glass and filled it again."

"Handing me my drink, she said "My god, your panties are completely soaked. I better get those off of you." It felt good that someone was taking care of me that I started to doze off. That's when it happened. I felt my body being moved and then a little stimulation."

"I opened my eyes and saw her face looking into my pussy. "I felt sorry for you and then saw all that cum there and how your asshole is still gaping open, I thought I would help clean you up, if that's all right?" she said in a very caring voice that I began to cry and shook my head yes."

"She told me to lie back and that she will make everything better, so I did. I felt her hands gingerly caressing areas of my body. Then her lips touched my stomach that all the hairs on my body stood up. That and her touch just made me feel so safe and loved that I purely melted away."

"She took my hands into hers and said "Now let me help you get all that cum out of you and make you feel like a woman again." She raised my legs and kissed me all over my pussy. She would suck some of the cum out and then spit it into my ass and delicately lick it out. She didn't stop until she had most of it was gone."

"Does that feel better now?" she asked. "I said yes and then gently pushed her head back down. She graciously obliged and made me feel whole again. She gave me the most pleasure I've felt since leaving you. I felt loved again."

"I did things with and for you out of pure love. I enjoyed it all because I knew that you would be there after it was over. I let all these other guys do what they wanted and never got full pleasure from it. That's why we still have sex. I'm still in love with you."

"Did you make love to Cassie?" she asked. "No, but she did give me head and that's how I found out about the two of you." I told her. " She does want you to make love to her though!" she replied. "Only with you there baby." I said.

We never noticed the boys standing there as we kissed and held each other close. "That whole story was hot!" Chad loudly exclaims. Jen responded back, "Shut up, make us some drinks and get over here you cock sucker and give me some hugs."

They brought over our drinks and Jennifer hugged both of them while telling them how proud she was of them and that she loves them very much. Jennifer then says, "I want all of you inside me now so that I can feel the only men I love, all at once." We were more than happy to do as she commands.

Jennifer sits on the edge of the bed and tells us to stand in front of her and prepare to be sucked. "Chad get on your knees and lick my pussy, Eric put your dick in my hand and Josh put your beautiful cock in my mouth." she demanded. After a few minutes she changed things up. She put Chad on the edge of the bed, had Chad suck my dick and had Josh fuck her while she sucked Chad's dick.

Jennifer stopped everything and had Josh lay down then straddled his beefy dick. She then told Chad "Get behind me and fuck my ass with all your might." While stroking my cock, she said "I don't want anyone to pull out of me until every last drop of you is deep inside me", then began sucking my dick.

Unfortunately, I was the first to cum. I knelt down to kissed her and asked "Do you want to leave it like this or do you want Chad to fill your pussy up with Josh?" "Yes, oh yes. Put him in there with Josh." she said. Chad excitedly put his cock in her pussy with Josh's. I then went down and kissed her a bit more.

I went to the bathroom and upon finishing, I ran into Cassie again. She kissed me and went to the bathroom. I stood there and waited for her to finish. Upon leaving, I brought her to me and again kissed more passionately and then guided her to look into Jen's room.

As we stood there and watched Jennifer getting fucked, she grabbed my dick and rubbed it. Jennifer was truly enjoying the moment. Cassie was also enjoying seeing Jen getting fucked by the boys. She turned to me and said "I need you to make love to me now!"

The story will continue as: The family that sleeps together...,

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