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Mother tricked into sex with son, friend and dad. Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is totally fictional!

 I showed up at my exwifes house to take her out for her 36th birthday and was greeted at the door by my son Josh and his friend Chad who was spending the night. After hours of dancing and drinking (mostly on her part), we arrive back at her house. Helping her inside, she goes to the bathroom and comes out wearing nothing but her bathrobe.

I grab a bottle of wine and go to the living room to where we started fooling around. With her bathrobe and most of my clothes on the floor she grabs the wine and has me follow her naked ass up to her room. We pass by my sons room and I noticed that they are awake and playing video games. We finish off the wine while playing around and she gets up to get another bottle. Putting nothing on, she goes downstairs butt ass naked when I hear Chad tell Josh that his mom is walking around naked. They get up and go halfway down the stairs to look. They came walking back not noticing that I was in her room and I hear both of them say "that was really hot".

I saw the light go off in his room and heard them wispering in the dark. Jennifer finally emerges from the stairs and I heard the boys shushing each other as they watched her walk by. She came into the room without closing the door and opened the bottle. We continued to drink and play around when the light in the hallway turned off.

We finished off the second bottle when I went down on Jennifer. After a few minutes, I heard the boys by the door and Chad say "Dude it's your dad, I wish I could be in his place right now". As Jen orgasms, I go to get another bottle of wine and hear the boys running off to Josh's room.

I get back and go to their room and go in. I give them both a big glass of wine and tell them when they finish that, they can secretly watch everything I do to Jennifer and that if they remain quiet, I might let them play with her as well.
I get back to Jen and pour some wine for us and get between her legs. I tease her opening with the tip of my dick before stuffing it inside her. I pounded her hard while not spilling a drop of wine but saw that she wore most of hers on her breasts and stomach. I kept fucking her until I saw the boys at the doorway. Pulling my cock out, I moved up to her face and began face fucking her. Occasionally I would dip my cock into a glass of wine and let her suck it off. I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock all the way down her throat and filled her full of my cum.

She finished her wine before I placed a blindfold she had over her eyes. I told her that no matter what, only I can take it off, which she agreed to. I poured a glass of wine and turned on the stereo. Then motioned the boys to the foot of the bed. They rubbed their dicks as they looked in awe at Jennifer's body. I told them to only cum in her mouth as they happily agreed.

Chad came over first as I sent Josh for another wine bottle. It took Josh no time to get back at all. Chad moved aorund to the side of the bed and started touching Jen all over. We stood there stroking our cocks as Jen was getting aroused by Chads' advances. He manuevers himself between her legs and slides his cock into her. After 10 minutes of her loud moaning and the suculant feeling of her pussy, he pulls out and heads towards her mouth. He watches as she sucks him off while playing with herself and squeezing his nuts with her other hand. We hear Chad yell "ohhhhh yessss", as Jennifer sucked every ounce out of him. As she finished cleaning his cock off, she asked for her wine glass and finished it. She gave it back and asked for another.

Taking the glass from Chad, Josh handed it to her. After a few gulps, he placed it on the night stand and began to suck on her beautiful 34C titties. He never noticed her reaching out to play with his dick, that it startled him. While making contact with his dick, she exclaimed "damn, hard already? Did u pop a viagra or something?" Josh looks at me and I tell him to say yes. He blurts out "uh huhhhhh" as his mom is stroking his cock. "Good", she says.

Josh pulls away from her hand and goes to lick her pussy. Within minutes, she begs for her asshole to be fingered as well. I tell him to moisten his finger inside her pussy then slowly penetrate her asshole and start fucking it. He did as told. Shotly after, she demanded 3 fingers. So he obliged his mothers command. He was surprised at how easily they entered her and began eating her out. After 5 minutes or so of deep moans, her back arches way up and she squirts all over our sons face as she holds his head there. While she relaxes back down to the bed, Josh sits up and quietly asks "what the fuck?" I tell him that she just had an extreme orgasm.

Josh positions himself and starts teasing his mom's opening. He is enjoying how soaked his mother is and knowing that he got her that way. Jennifer grabs his dick and pulls it inside of her. The look of pure ecstasy on her face almost made me blow a load. Moving in and out of his mother made him feel so good that he barely heard her ask for his ass flavored fingers to be put in her mouth.

The sight of her sucking her ass juice off his fingers got him to drive deeper and harder into her. Her loud moans of pleasure got to him as he pulled out just before she squirted again and quickly shoved his cock in her mouth. His load shot with such force that she actually gagged. Which is uncommon for her. He stood there as she sucked out the last ounce of his boyhood. I watched as my son, with his cock in his mother's mouth, finally entered manhood. After pulling out, he handed her her glass of wine to help down his boyhood.

I motioned the boys back to Josh's room so that Jennifer could have a breather. Before they left the room, they watched as I flipped her over and fucked her in the ass until I relieved my buildup of cum. I removed her blindfold as we sat in each others arms and finished our 3rd bottle of wine. After a good couple hours of fucking, her legs still wobbily, she headed to the bathroom and to fetch another bottle of wine. The boys came in to thank me for the night they enjoyed when we heard Jennifer....

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