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Mother in law

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My wife Karen and her family do not have a lot of money for gifts for each other so we do things for each when we have to give gifts. We would do yard work or clean their house. Karen and I showed up on Saturday to help her on Mother’s day. We started by weeding the front yard. Renee and Dan showed up an hour later and Susan had us all come in the house.

She said since Karen and I were here first that Renee and Dan had to be naked the rest of the day. I felt my cock stir thinking I was going to see Renee naked all day because she is 29 years old, 6’ tall, 130lbs and has 34B breasts. They both slowly stripped naked and Susan had us clean the house. I was cleaning the kitchen but watching Renee bend over and pick up something and Susan told me to strip. She said I was cleaning badly and needed to be punished. 

Karen, Renee and Susan watched as I stripped. As I took off my underwear my rock hard cock popped out and Susan said, “Karen, you didn’t tell us it was so nice.” I am 7 inches long and about 6 inches thick. Susan grabbed me and told Renee to feel it as well. My wife just watched as her sister and mother fondled my balls and cock. 

Susan said, “Renee bend over the counter, I want to see Ken fucking you.” 

I couldn’t believe it but Renee bent over and Susan put the tip of my cock on her pussy lips. She told me to fuck her. Renee’s pussy was soaked and I slipped in easily. I looked and Karen wasn’t there so I started to push my cock in.

“Don’t worry about Karen, she’ll get her turn when it’s her day,” Susan said.

I was pumping into Renee and pulling her hips as Dan walked in. He said that Karen wasn’t cleaning so Susan went back there. Karen came out naked and layed on the counter next to Renee. I had been fucking Renee for ten minutes and Susan told me to stop and lick my wife’s pussy. I was still hard and hadn’t cum but I pulled out of Renee and started sucking my wife’s pussy. I had her cumming while I was licking her clit and fingering her g-spot. 

“Let Dan in now Ken,” Susan said so I moved aside. Dan shoved his cock in Karen’s pussy in one pump and Karen wrapped her legs around his hips. He didn’t use a condom but Susan said that Dan and Renee had both been fixed. 

We watched as Dan fucked my wife for five minutes. I was rock hard and Renee hadn’t had an orgasm yet either so we were both horny. Dan was pumping into my wife and Susan sent Renee and I go outside to do more yard work. About 30 minutes later Karen came out and she had dried cum on her face and tits. She said Dan fucked her until she orgasmed and when he came he pulled out, flipped her over and came on her face and tits. She then sucked the rest of the cum out of him. Dan was still inside sucking my mother in laws pussy as we were weeding. 

An hour later Susan and Dan came outside. Susan had a robe on and Dan helped us weeding. “Ken get over here and help me out.” She sat in a chair and had me sit on her lap. “You look like you need to cum so I’ll help you out.” 

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I was so happy to be made to cum but Susan had other plans. She took an ice pack out from under a towel and put it on my balls. “I need you soft before you start sucking me,” she said. The ice was freezing on my balls but it took five minutes for my cock to soften. Once it did I kneeled on a pillow in front of my mother in law and she opened her robe. I started to lick and suck her pussy. She pushed my head down so I was licking my tongue deep into her pussy. Susan’s pussy was hairy and still wet from having Dan suck her for an hour. She had an orgasm and she held my head up to her pussy. “Keep sucking me for an hour and you can go outside again. Susan had two or three more orgasms and my face was wet from her juices. 

It was around 1pm and we went outside and Susan made us watch as Dan fucked Karen again. He had her bent over, grab her ankles. She was a gymnast and is very flexible. Her breasts were jiggling as Dan fucked her. He pumped into her for ten minutes and finally came in her pussy this time. She turned around and sucked her juices and his cum off of his cock. Susan says, “Renee and Ken, go in my bedroom and I’ll be right there. 

Karen came in and told me to lie on the bed. My wife layed me on the bed and told me to keep my hands over my head and my legs spread eagle. Karen told Renee, “mom told me to tell you to keep Ken on the edge of cumming but don’t let him.” 

Renee started to suck at my toes. She licked up my legs and around my cock and balls. She worked up to my neck and finally started on my balls. She would stop whenever I got close to cumming and I was going crazy

Susan came in and said I needed to suck my wife so I felt her sit on my face. I sucked her pussy like I was starving because I was so horny. I heard Karen orgasm on my face and Susan told me I needed to suck Karen’s pussy until Karen agreed to leave me all weekend. Susan told me if I didn’t keep sucking then she would punish me more. I played with my wife’s nipples as I licked and sucked until she had about 3 more orgasms. She said, “Sorry Ken but I need you to stop so I have to leave you hear with my mom all weekend.”

Susan came in and told everyone to make dinner since it was 5pm. I felt Susan straddle my face and say, “Suck my pussy until we eat.” I sucked her for an hour and we sat down to eat dinner. After dinner Dan and Renee left and took Karen with them. 

Susan told me, “Karen is going to help Dan this weekend since you will be with me.” I felt my cock twitch knowing that he was going to be fucking Karen all that time. I was still hard and hadn’t cum yet. I sat on Susan’s lap and we watched TV as she stroked me all night. At 10pm we went to bed and Susan let me fuck her but not cum.

I woke up Sunday at 7am and Susan made me suck her pussy again. Renee came in after Susan had cum twice and Renee made me suck her pussy. She told me Dan had taken viagra and had cum in Karen three times last night. Karen was cleaning their house naked and Dan would walk up to Karen and finger her pussy and ass and make Karen suck him. 

Susan took a shower and Renee took me in the kitchen to make breakfast. She made toaster waffles and sat on the table. She poured syrup down her pussy and gave me a piece of waffle. 

“Dip it in me and eat it,” Renee said. I was starving so I ate the waffles with syrup and Renee’s pussy juice. Susan came out clean and did the same thing. When I was full Susan took another shower and Renee played with my cock and used her finger in my ass. She made sure to stroke my cock and she said she wanted to see if I could cum from a finger in my ass. 

When she didn’t make me cum she mounted my face and I made her cum again. 

Susan slid my cock in her pussy and said, “Cum in me Ken and you can go home.” I came really fast and Susan layed on top of me and said “I can’t wait until it’s my turn again.” 

“Dan should be getting done with your wife soon so she’ll be home soon,” Renee said. I drove home and waited. Around 5pm Karen’s car pulled in the garage. She didn’t come in the house so I went to see what she was doing. Dan was getting a final blowjob while Renee watched. Dan came in Karen’s mouth and left. Karen said Dan fucked her every way imaginable and that we were cleaning Dan and Renee’s house next weekend for Renee's birthday.

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