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Mother getting fucked by his own son!

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

It was a night full of suprises. The time was 11p. m. I used to sleep with my parents. my bed was kept beside my parents bed. as soon as I went to sleep. my father entered the room & removed the condom. my parents thought that I was sleeping but I was just pretending as if I m sleeping. I started to hear some kind of sound. when I looked up I saw my parents doing sex. my dad was completely covered with clothes & my mom too. but soon she applied condom over my dads cock n started stroking it hard. soon she started licking his cock,all over. she was moaning & my dad was moaning too. it was an amazing moment for me. soon my striped her clothes & became nude. I was enjoying every bit of it. my mom was really fair. . . . . with nice hair. she was damn gorgeous.

The way she was doing sex was just mind-boggling. after that I went to sleep one day my dad went to bangalore for some work. so I was sleeping with my mom. me & my mom were watching t. v. Soon I confessed & admitted that I watched them fucking each other. she was annoyed but soon I made a deal. the deal comprised of having sex with me. she agreed. During my fathers absence,1 night,we started exploring each other. she pushed me towards the bed. she removed the chocolate condom & applied it over my penis. she started stroking it. soon she started licking it all over. she even licked my balls. I couldnt control myself & I removed her clothes. she was wearing light blue bra. she was looking smokingly hot. I started pressing & bitting her boobs. she than removed the condom & started stroking it very hard. .

I pushed her towards myself & started smooching her. tastes was yum!!!!!i inserted my tongue into her mouth. she responded me by licking my lips. she took my clothes of & kissed my whole body. I started to cum & drank all my semen. I started kissing her back. soon I removed her panties. I licked her pussy. it was kind of salty but yumm. . . . I enjoyed every bit of it. I wanted to fuck. I inserted my cock into her pussy. the feeling was exemplary. I fucked my own mother.

she began moaning & started cuming. it was really nice. my had a fabulous figure. I kissed her everywhere. we again started doing oral sex & blowjob. it was amazing night!!!!

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