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Mother Falls for Son

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Chapter 1, The Dorm Visit

I am a 43-year old successful businesswoman and professional who has a wonderful and handsome son, my only boy, attending the state University and my alma mater. A few years back I had caught his father screwing one of my friends after I had returned home early from a business trip. To make it worse, I had returned early so that we could celebrate our anniversary.

Instead of celebrating my anniversary with my husband, I celebrated alone with a few bottles of wine in a hotel room. I was devastated and it took me a few years to really comprehend that my husband had been sleeping with her since before we were married.

Since we co-owned a few businesses, the settlement was contested and it took a while to agree on a settlement. I wanted to stay busy to keep my mind off this part of my life so I began to spend more time volunteering at local charities and visiting my son at high school on the weekends when I could. I would treat him to a nice dinner and maybe a movie and I would stay in a local upscale hotel so I wouldn’t have to drive back too late plus it gave me a chance to relax at the spa or just chill out with Drew.

At 43, I am in good shape and often pass for someone in my low to mid 30’s. I am 5”6’, weigh 140 pounds and measure 34-22-33 with d-cup breasts that are still somewhat perky! I have dark brunette hair that I wear short and bright hazel eyes. My son, built a lot like my father, is 6”2’ and weighs 172 with short dark hair and a very athletic build. I know some people think we are a couple which bothered me at first but then I was realized the significance it all and I was flattered. We would sometimes just walk arm-in-arm and talk about life, his classes, dreams and friends.

I realized how lucky I was to have such a smart and handsome son. On a few visits he has introduced me to friends that were girls but most were study partners, so he said, but he did have straight A’s so he was really focused on his studies. However, I had noticed that most of the women/girls he introduced me to had dark brunette hair and their bodies were, although younger and perkier, close to the same builds as me.

It was on one of these visits when I saw him fully nude for the first time since he was a young boy. We had finished dinner and decided to go for a swim and it became too late for him to drive back on campus so I just told him to sleep in the additional bed in my hotel room. After I had changed in the bathroom and put on my nightgown I walked out into the hotel room to see him standing there fully nude. I got a full frontal and almost screamed in amazement like a young schoolgirl at the site of his beautiful nude body. I got instantly dizzy and weak in the knees and I could feel my face turn bright red.

His muscles were tone and his body was in amazingly shape but what got my attention the most, and I can’t believe I looked at it as long as I did, was his large limp penis that emerged from a thick patch of long dark pubic hair. OMG - he was hung. My husband had no more than 6” when he was fully erect but Drew was longer and much thicker even when he was limp. I finally got a hold of myself sat on the edge of the bed and apologized for not giving notice when I came into the room. I asked him if he wanted me to wait back in the bathroom while he finished getting ready for bed but he just quickly jumped into bed and said he had warn his underwear under his swim trunks since he forgot a jock strap and had not packed anything to sleep in. Well, it was two beds so I was ok.

After I got settled in my bed and turned out the lights we had idle chit-chat before the best of my nature came out and I asked if he was ok sleeping nude, maybe I could find something for him to wear of mine. A dumb question sine I knew I didn’t have anything other than panties that he could sleep in at it would be awkward asking my college aged son if he wanted to sleep in a pair of my panties although my mind was going there.

Although I was a little surprised I asked him such a stupid question, I was equally or more surprised when he said, “no, it’s ok mom, I typically sleep nude. Well, ok, he wins the shock contest and my mind was running with it. He told me he started sleeping nude then he was in high school but occasionally would sleep in boxers if he thought I would come in the room.

Over time we spent more time together and he stayed with me in my hotel a lot more often as well as when he was on break from school. He learned that I liked sleeping in old t-shirts and panties but occasionally even I slept nude. Although we became “more friendly” and would occasionally get a good look at forbidden flesh, we typically stayed dressed until the lights went out then we stripped down to what we would sleep in or nothing in some cases. Over time I began to prance around more and more in just my t and panties. I liked seeing him excited and it excited me in a non-mother type way.

More and more I would tease him and I began even taunting him with some innocent looking crotch shots, bending over in front of him, showing a lot of cleavage and thinner shirts where my pink nipples were not left to any imagination. I began buying sexy panties and really started feeling like I was trying to win him.

My t-shirts would sometimes turn into tank tops that clearly highlighted my firm d-cup breasts and more than often my very excited and hard nipples. We both became more careless, maybe on purpose, and would not always close doors giving each other great views of private moments. Why was I sexually teasing him? Why was I masturbating more than ever? Why did I want to see him every weekend? Why did he no longer have dates? So many questions and in reality was obvious!

One weekend in the fall we went together to homecoming football game and spent the day tailgating and having fun with some of my college friends and his. It was great. Many of my friends said I looked 10 years younger since the divorce and that I looked like I was just so happy in life. I was. What more could a woman want that to spend weekends with the one she loved the most. I knew my attraction wasn’t just as a mom to a son but I just didn’t want to go there. Anyway it was a great day and after the game we went back to some tailgating and maybe a little too much wine.

Rather than drive back to the hotel and risk a DUI or an accident, we decided to walk to Drew’s dorm and I would call a cab. Once we got back to the dorm we started chatting about his early graduation and how the dorms never really changed since I went there and time got away. Drew didn’t have a roommate so it was an easy call for me to stay there.

Drew dropped in the bath for a quick shower and I made up the couch for my bed and had stripped down to my panties and was looking for one of his t shirts to wear to sleep when I passed the open bath door to see him standing in the shower facing the door with the towel over his face. My body froze. Walking from the game hand in hand back to his dorm had made me feel like a schoolgirl and now I was acting like one.

Before I could react he had dropped the towel on the floor and we stood less than 10 feet apart face to face. He was nude and I was wearing a skimpy pair of red lace panties that didn’t come close to covering or concealing my hairy bush. I watched his eyes drop as he surveyed my large round breasts and drop further to check out my hips and red panties.

My nipples were immediately hard and his penis began to stiffen. I tried to stammer that I was looking for a shirt but I am not sure it was even audible. In the past I would have made at least a half-hearted attempt to cover my breasts but I did nothing as my nipples continued to harden and his penis began to swell more and start to rise.

He recovered first and said he would get me a shirt but didn’t even cover himself as he walked past me and to his drawers where he pulled out a shirt and showed to me as if looking for affirmation that it was ok. I saw the shirt but my mind was on his tight ass that I totally stared at as he walked past and at the sight of his penis as it bounced still growing to what was now the largest penis I had ever seen and it was sticking up at a 45 degree angle. An 8.5’ fat cock sticking up at a 45 degree angle is a beautiful site to see.

I finally acknowledged the shirt, took it and walked to the bathroom. I only ½ shut the door as I washed my face, sat on the toilet to pee and use his tooth brush to brush my teeth. I finally put on his shirt, shut off the light and left the bath. My heart was still racing as I walked back into dimly lit dorm room and made my way to the couch.

We made some small talk as I lay there on the couch and I soon found my hand rubbing first the crotch of my panties and then I slid a finger inside my panties and I was gently touching my clit. My pussy was soaked! I was masturbating while talking to my son and thinking about his massive penis and how I wanted to be with him. I wanted to feel his warm skin against mine and ….

I slipped off the couch and made my way over to my son’s bed. There was just enough light from the window to see where I was walking and to see him on his bed. His sheet was only covering his lower body and he looked so handsome. The white sheet outlined his lower body and clearly revealed a large bulge just below his waist and confirmed that he was still at least partially erect. With my heart pounding and my knees a little shaky, I slowly put my hands down and grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it up and over my head and dropped it to the floor.

To my left I could make out my 5’6’ figure in a full mirror and I could just make out the shape of my 43-yearold full figure and froze as I wondered what the hell I was doing. I was starting to bend over to pick-up my t-shirt when I must have startled him and he set-up quickly in bed and looked directly at me. I was in shock and from the expression on his face he was too.

His eyes went from mine and started down and stopped at my breasts before making eye contact again and dropping down to my tiny red lacy panties. Before I chickened out, I stepped over to the bed and sat on the edge and turned sliding my legs under the sheet and up against his.

We were now sitting side-by-side but when I turned to face him I couldn’t get the words out to tell him anything other than, in a quiet hoarse voice, that I was lonely out there and I wanted to be with him. I could feel his leg touch mine so I turned to face him with intentions of a hug but as I did he laid back down and I ended up with my upper body falling on him and fully pressing against his chest. I initially froze but when I felt his arm slide around me and pull me tight I felt a big relief. His strong arm pulled me close and his hand rested on my shoulder pulling my breasts to his chest and my head to one shoulder.

I shifted my body so I was on my side and wrapped my arm around him and placed it on his other shoulder. My heart was racing as I took in his smell and the feel of his skin against mine was exhilarating. I wanted to say something, anything, but my brain was on overload. He kissed me on my head and he began to move his hand in circular motions gently massaging my upper back and shoulder.

I cuddled closer and began to trace my fingers on his shoulder and neck and draped my leg over on his, which pushed my lace panty covered crotch against his warm soft thigh. I thought that I felt his long penis touch my thigh and I got chill bumps all over my body. He began to move his hands lower and his massaging of my shoulder and back was both tickling and exciting. I was now lightly massaging his chest and shoulder and letting my fingers lightly trail down his chest further each time.

I wasn’t the only one getting turned on, when he shifted to get a better angle to massage my shoulders and back the sheet slid partly off of him. OMG, I had a direct line of sight down his body to his very large and growing penis. The thick base of his manhood sprouted from thick patch of long dark pubic hair and his penis extended a little over 8.5 inches long.

If the sight of his penis and the length of his penis wasn’t enough to get my heart pounding, it was as thick as my wrist. The size and movement of his penis mesmerized me as it twitched and stiffened. The head of his penis began to swell up creating a very distinctive helmet shape. I watched as it twitched and grew and soon produced a glistening drop of precum. I trailed my hand down and began to gently trace his stomach and the top of his pubic hair getting closer to touching his manhood and feeling it in my hands. I had forgotten that this was my son.

The feel of his skin, the manly hair on his body, the smell of his cologne and the sight of his manhood had taken over all of my senses but one and I wanted to take care of that real soon. My panties were now soaked and I was starting to involuntary move and push my hips into his thigh.

What was I thinking? After all, this was my son. The little boy I had given birth to was now the object of my passion and maybe my lust. Almost as if on queue, our lips found each others and my head spun as we had a passionate but short kiss that pulled a moan from deep inside of me. All of my senses were now engaged as I tasted his lips. Our kiss broke and we were eye to eye. The passion in his eyes set my body on fire.

Drew rolled over to his side and we adjusted our bodies so we were both on our sides with my upmost leg draped on top and our arms holding us together tight smashing my d-cup breasts against his chest. We were now kissing like long lost lovers as he massaged my back. I was so in heaven. His hands were soft and he knew how to touch me in a way no one ever had. At some point I realized that his penis was the firm object I felt against my lower abdomen. He pushed his hips back to gain some comfort and I took the opportunity to run my hand down his body and over his hip and upper thigh.

As I caressed his hip, I felt his penis jump. He began to kiss down my neck and soon he rolled me over to my back and began to make a soft assault on my breasts with his tongue and lips. It had been a long time since his lips had touched my breasts and the reaction my body made was nothing less than earth shaking. Although there was no mother’s milk for him to get nourished, he was feeding the passion in both of our loins. When his lips first reached my nipples, my body twitched all over and I felt myself release a series of squirts that left no doubt my panties would be soaked. I clamped my legs tight around his leg that was now firmly between mine.

I once again felt the muscles of my body move and I began to slightly hump and grind my crotch against his thigh. Once our lips were touching again I reached down and gently touched only the second penis I had ever touched. We both noticeably moaned as I felt the length and girth of his penis and ran my fingers down to its thick base. He soon found my breasts again and began to rub my hips and eventually grabbed my ass and pulled me close which shoved my crotch hard against his thigh causing yet another spasm in my crotch. After my body stopped trembling, I rolled further back in hopes he would touch me.

His hands made their way from my back and to my stomach where his light touch caused goose bumps all over my body. From my stomach his hands traced up to my breasts where he tweaked my nipples and then down to my panties. That sweet son of mine began to tease me more than I could have ever imagined. He would touch me and move his hand close to my hairy wet crotch and then pull his hand away and start again. He rotated between caressing my ass and hip and running his fingers along my inner thigh. I finally reached down, firmly grabbed his large hairy balls and started massaging them.

His moan announced his appreciation and he quickly ran his hand down into my panties and began tracing the lips of my pussy and gently nudged my clit. Our tongued danced and as he moved his lips down to my breasts and then he inserted his finger into my womanhood causing me to moan and my legs to draw up and fall open like a slut. I pulled his mouth up to mine and stuck my tongue down his unsuspecting throat as I humped his hand and finger. After yet another orgasm, I pushed him playfully away and rolled fully on my back. He got my hint and he raised to his knees while reaching for the waist of my panties to pull them off.

I raised my hips and off they came. My thick bush was fully on view for the only real man in my life that mattered. Once they were off, he kissed up the front of my thighs and over my hairy mound where he lingered long enough for me to contemplate the thought of him going down on me. No, not now, you will still be the first man to taste my womanhood but for now I need more.

Seriously, I am totally nude and in bed with a beautiful man that has a dick the size of a small horse, a tongue that is soft as silk and a touch that sends sparks throughout my body .. it didn’t matter at that moment that he was my son. Of course I thought of him tracing the lips of my wet pussy and clit with his velvet lips and soft tongue.

Yes, he was my son but now I wanted him to release the passion of my womanhood and energize my life by entering my body and joining me as one. Once he and I were one, his life was in me and I wanted to feel him in me again. No going back now, I wanted him in mind and body … I wanted to make love to my son. I wanted my son to enter my body and feel the pleasure and passion of a bride knowing that the groom had taken the prize and claimed the trophy. I wanted my son to stick his large dick into my wet pussy and feel the warmth of his mother’s womb totally surrounding his manhood.

Am I going to do this? Am I actually going to fuck my son. I knew the consequences of a fertile woman opening her womanhood and exposing her life giving fruits to the seed of a very fertile stud but I consciously choose to move forward and invite him into me. I had given him condoms when he left for school but I never once thought that I would wonder where they were as a need for myself. Never once had I thought that I would be the object of desire and the target for his cum laces seamen. Just how many of those condoms were left ..I would have to ask later.

He kissed my stomach and belly button and, after making short pit stops on both of my breasts to tease and suck my nipples, he found my lips. I pulled him over on me and opened my legs as I pulled my knees up to expose my swollen and puckering pussy lips surrounded by a thick dark forest of wet hair to him. My open pussy was as an offering of love and lust.

We both moaned and we kissed as he steadied himself on his one hand placed beside my head and his two knees that were still positioning his body into a place that would allow him to join our bodies into one. I joined my hand on his as he guided his long fat penis to the lips of my waiting vagina.

He was longer and much thicker that the only other man I had known sexually and I was soon going to double the number of men I had fucked and ironically the both had the same name. At some point, love lust and just plain old fucking becomes a blur and this was one of those moments.

The thick head of his cock sent shock waves through my womanhood as the precum coated head of his penis touched and began to slowly massage the lips of my warm wet pussy. I took my hand from his and placed it on his lower back and, with a slight push of his incredibly firm ass, the head of his penis stretched my pussy lips wide and I could feel it sliding into my pussy and stretching it as it went.

My son had just entered me and we were one. In my deepest dreams as a mother I would have never thought I would fuck my son. My body flashed with excitement and tensed with passion as his long thick penis began to travel into the same vagina he had passed through at birth. I am fucking my son! The lips of my pussy griped the shaft of his penis as he began to work his large young cock deeper into me.

What would the ladies at the club think of me if they knew I was fucking my own son? Would they be upset since I was breaking a big taboo, be glad it wasn’t their son or jealous because my son was a beautiful man with a very large penis?

His soft moaning in my ear took me over the edge but I wasn’t ready for the massive orgasm that rocked my world. I had never cum, although I had faked it a lot, when my husband fucked me but my son wasn’t getting an acting job when I dramatically came on his dick. I tensed and clamped my body to his while shoving the heels of my feet into his ass and my finger nails into his back.

My body tensed and I moaned loud as my orgasm tore through me. His pace slowed to almost a stop as I overloaded my senses but he soon picked back up the pace and the power of his thrusts. He pushed his manhood deeper into my womb with every thrust. Our bodies collided and his lips alternated between my lips and my breasts. His long, slow and powerful thrusts were amazing and, as we soon knew, my moaning was loud enough for others to hear.

Is this when I have him pull out or is this where the lips of my pussy squeeze the base of his mighty cock as he empties a load of cum deep into my pussy. He pushes hard again and the thrust of his penis bounces my 43 y/o ass off the somewhat squeaky mattress. My mouth is frozen, along with my brain, as he quickly thrusts his penis into me very quickly again.

Oh I remember, the first few times his father had fucked me I didn’t know what to expect but I this time I was very sure what was going to happen. He was going to release the contents of his large hairy balls very soon. I wasn’t a teen college girl out for a drunken fuck with an older college guy, I was a grown woman that was fucking my son in his college dorm and I had deliberately gone with out protection.

I wanted to feel him cum in me. Did I, did I really want his sperm traveling around in my womb looking for an egg to fertilize? OMG, I not just fucking him, I am fucking him in his college dorm room. Down deep, maybe his father would be jealous if he knew a college boy was fucking his ex. That his 43 y/o ex was having passionate sex with a 20 y/o in a college dorm room.

Ok reality, if I wasn’t quick to stop this, the contents of his large hairy balls would travel through the 8.5 inches of his penis and out the slit of his large swollen penis head to fill my womb. He wasn’t pulling out .. my son wanted to cum in his mothers pussy and she wasn’t going to stop him. OMG, I am fucking my son in his dorm room like some college slut and he is going to cum in my unprotected pussy.

Even more shocking, I wanted him to cum in me. I had always told him to practice safe sex and wear a condom but I must have subconsciously pushed that thought out of my mind as I laid there on his bed getting fucked by his long fat dick.

He whimpered a low soft moan as he tensed up and flexed his ass pushing the remainder of his penis into my womanhood. I felt the intense pulsing of his manhood as he began to unload an enormous amount of warm cum into my pussy. Pulse after pulse of thick cum streamed from his penis into my pussy. His moans were of such pleasure to his mother’s ears and the passion of his loins spread into mine.

Then, as if in a dream, I felt a warm douche-like feeling deep in my womb and I knew it was his cum. Oh God! I had just been filled and fulfilled by my son and he had just emptied his balls into me. We kissed passionately and I held him tight and our bodies tried to relax after an emotional and sexual high. He remained in me as we passionately kissed. This felt so right, never before had I felt so much like a woman and a mother. We fell asleep still joined as one.

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