Morning conversation with sister turns into sex..

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100% fictional!!

Growing up in a house with 3 siblings, things were always crazy. Always the everyday hassle of work and school and getting from here to there always brought great stress to me and my family. Now I'm the second youngest out of four at 20, the youngest being my little sister Kayla at 18. Always being busy meant I was never home, but once I graduated and lost a job recently things changed around my house completely.

I woke up one weekday morning and walked outside to smoke my daily morning-cigarette. Walking in I saw my little sister in the kitchen making a pot of coffee. I never quite focused on it before, but I was instantly turned on when I saw her. She was wearing these grey tights and a tank top, hair tied back.

"Oh hey, good morning. Didn't know you were here, mom and dad are at work and Jessica's out looking at apartments with her boyfriend" (Jessica is my older sister.).

I didn't know what to say. My little sister has the nicest, sexiest, longest legs but on the thick side, but not like she's fat. She's about 5'7 and a little thicker, but she pulls it off with her perfect bubble ass and D size tits popping out of that little tank top. She also has the longest flowing brown hair, which still managed to look beautiful even when she first wakes up. Her eyes are of the prettiest brown. Big, dark, gorgeous eyes and she wears glasses. Her smile is excellent, she has the straightest teeth and the biggest, sexiest lips.

"Good morning to you too Kayla, thanks for making coffee. Can you hand me a cup?" I said still in awe over my little sisters bangin body.

"Sure!" she says smiling joyfully. She turned away from the coffee maker to the cup cabinet and reached up high for a mug. Right there her fat, perfectly shaped ass in those grey tights was right in my face and I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"Here you go, now I'm not gonna pour it for you. It's all you from here haha" she says. My sister has always been more of a different kinda girl, so smart and different than most the other girls who live in our development.

"Thanks so much," I said as I took the cup and started to pour myself a cup of coffee. Kayla looks up from her text message and stares at me for a second awkwardly, then walks into the living room. I was confused until I looked down and saw that my eight-inch and thick cock was hard and bulging out of my shorts. I didn't know what to feel, I just stood around and waited for my boner to die off.

When I'm flaccid again, I go into the family room and sit next to my sister on the couch while she watches the news. While I was watching Kayla was texting on her phone quickly, but I noticed something. She kept looking into my lap out of the corner of her eye,noticing this I say something.

"So how've you been these days? Ever since school got over with we never see each other anymore, I miss you sis." I said to her.

"I've been great! And I miss seeing you around the house alot, it's so slow around here now. I'm the only one ever home until about 5 PM..." she says kind of with a hint of bitchiness to her.

"Are you alright? How's school going for you? It's your senior year and you need to enjoy it."

"Schools alright it's just...I keep getting hurt by guys. And I don't know who to trust anymore, it's just made things kind of difficult for me." she says sorrowfully.

"Listen Kayla, you're a beautiful girl. Inside and out, and you don't deserve to be used around like that. You deserve to be treated right, and it pisses me off that no one can see that. Don't get down about this sorta shit sis." I told her.

Just then her eyes lit up, and that perfect smile. I smiled back at her and our eyes were stuck on each others.
"Thanks brother, I'm so much happier now that you've moved back. You've made me feel completely better about all those assholes who don't deserve me. I love you!" she exclaims as she wraps her arms around me.

I hold her tight too, her head was against my chest since I am 6'5" just buried so deep against me. I thought it was just a hug, but she wouldn't let go and quite frankly I didn't want to let go either. I held her tight against me and kissed her on the cheek which made her giggle and smile. She looks up at me while we snuggle and our eyes met, we moved closer and closer and eventually we were kissing passionately.

She tasted like strawberries, it was like I couldn't stop kissing her. We kept kissing before I had to stop, it all felt wrong to be doing this.

"No one has to know, and we can still see other people. You're just my older brother and well...I love you. Beyond brotherly love, I always go to sleep at night thinking of you and how special you are to me. And with you living her again, we can have the house to ourselves all the time"

Realizing what that meant, I thought it all through. I look at Kayla and she's looking back with the biggest eyes, the deepest most loving eyes on earth. Her bra became loose when she hugged me so her huge boobs were popping out through her skimpy white tank top. Just then my dick gets hard as I keep looking at my sisters perfect breasts, the more I focused on those perfect natural 36 D' titties the harder I got and in minutes my cock was rock hard and bulging out of my shorts again.

I saw my sister look down at it, then her eyes went right to me. She gave me the most intense look, like she was about to attack me. I could see it in her eyes that she was turned on and I could feel her pussy getting soaking wet through her leggings against me. Just then she lifts up her tank top and takes it off, her huge milky tits were in a sexy black bra and then she shaked her body a little and was making them bounce. I was so turned on..

"You like your little sister's titties, don't you brother? I saw your eyes this whole time locked on my huge boobs.."

I was at a loss for words. I didn't believe any of this was going on, so many emotions going through at once, so much temptation.

"Kay-..." I began to speak but she put her hand over my mouth.

"Don't be ashamed baby, it's okay. My tits are all yours, and it's okay. Because your little sister can't stop thinking about her hot older brothers huge dick..." she says as she rubs her hands over my shorts against my massive cock.

"Oh my god..... you are so fucking big brother. I've never seen a cock like this, I don't even think I can fit all this in my mouth!" she keeps rubbing it through my shorts before she grabs them with both hands and pulls them off. I see her jaw drop, and then she grabs my shaft and starts stroking my dick.

"I don't know what to's so...big..." she says in amazement from my thick, eight inch long cock. I see her mouth open and close abunch, she looks hesitant and confused. I didn't know what to expect from her.

"Mmmmmmm oh my god!" she yells as she wraps her lips around my cock. She didn't even start off slow, she just started sucking it aggressively. It felt amazing, my sister was deepthroating it and just gagging on it all because she wanted to. I let out a moan as she looks me in her eyes as she sucks my dick. Her big sexy eyes were locked on me, as she kept stroking my dick and working her tight lips on it faster and faster.

"Oh baby, oh god I'm gonna cum...." I moan as I feel an orgasm approaching. I got up and my little sister was bent over on the couch still sucking my dick fiercely, and stroking it. Her hand felt so good stroking my shaft while she worked her mouth on my head at the same time.

"Oh god Kayla I'm cumming!!!" I shout as she takes her mouth off and strokes my throbbing cock while she sticks her tongue out and rests my head on it. I shoot off 2 thick loads on her tongue, followed by another warm load of my cum on her glasses. She just looks at me with her tongue still out and my cum covering her face, while she sucks my dick for every last drop.

"You taste so good, baby" she says as she licks up the cum on her face.

"Meet me in the shower in 5 minutes, okay cutie?" She gives me a kiss on the cheek as she runs away into the bathroom. I was in complete awe, my little sister just gave me the best blowjob I've ever gotten. I was anxious is to what would happen next...

I wait a few minutes, then go into the bathroom. The shower running and steam flooding the room, I couldn't see for a minute. I made my way over to my parent's walk in shower, and my sister was just standing there letting her body getting soaked in the hot water. Her tits wet and bouncy and her bubble butt clapping together, her wet beautiful hair covered her like an angel.

I walk in and start to kiss her, my wet skin against hers. She starts to stroke my dick as we kiss, starting off slow then getting quicker as I get harder. Then she gets in front of me and mounts her leg on a ledge in the shower as she bends over, her back arched and her booty in the air. I grab her thighs as I hoist my dick towards the entry to her pussy. I rub it against her clit causing her to moan, before I thrusted my hard cock inside her.

I start to fuck her harder and harder, her pussy felt magnificent. So tight and soaking wet, I could tell she was extremely turned on. She was moaning so quickly and loud, her pussy was so tight.. I smack her perfect ass a few times and then start to pull her hair while I start to fuck her as hard as I could.

"Ohhhhh yeah baby right there fuck me right there! Give me that big dick brother, fuck your little sister harder!" She screams as I smack her hot ass and grab it while I start to really pound her...

"Ohhhhhhhh my god baby I'm cumming fuck me right there!" she screams at the top of her lungs as I feel her squirt all over dick as I keep ramming it in as hard as I can.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum.." I moan as I pin her against the wall and start spanking her ass.

"Ohh baby me too keep going! Fill your little sister's pussy up with your warm jizz babe I want you to cum inside me!!" she screams as just that instant I let out a long loud moan and orgasm, shooting a huge thick load deep in her tight pussy.

"Mmmmm yeah cum in your sister's pussy baby!" she says as I pull my dick out of her and see my load drip off her pussy lips. "That was so fucking perfect babe, I love you so much!!" she says as she jumps into my arms and kisses me.

"That was the best sex I've ever're amazing baby. Lets start doing this more often!" I proclaimed.

"Mmmm I agree!! In the morning when we wake up, every day babe. Just like this, I love you." As we make out and the warm water from the shower keeps hitting our skin.

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