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Mom's-wake-up sex!!

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I came home last night around 12:30am,after drinking with my buddies. I was feeling real horny,and knowing my mom was at home asleep,and that she sleeps nude,I thought I'd sneak into her room,and jack off to her hot body,which I've done many times before,without her knowing it. Now my mom is 46yrs old,5'9",135lbs,long,tanned legs,36c tits, and a tight ass to match. She's been divorced from my dad for 3 years now,and doesn't really date at all.

I'm 21,6'0"tall,175lbs,athletic, with a 7.5"inch cock ,and have had a few girlfriends,and sex many times.I especially love anal sex,but have done it only 4 times. My mom and me have been real close,and there has been many times when she has (accidently),walked in on me while I was undressing,or in the shower,and I know she has checked me out. She has told me that I'm (growing!),into a fine,handsome man,and was very attractive. I,on the other hand,have seen her naked,many times,when she was sunbathing,or getting into her bath,which made me jack off alot. She once walked into my room while I was totally lost in a jack off moment,looking at a porn on my computer,when she just said:"Oh,I'm sorry,didn't mean to interrupt you" ,"as she checked out my throbbing cock,and left the room,not even speaking of it afterwards. So this always made me think she just might want me someday. I went into the house,looked into her room,and just as I expected,she was sound asleep,and I could see she was naked,because the sheets had fallen down below those big tits.

I went into my room,got naked,grabbed the vaseline,sat on my bed,and began stroking my hard cock thinking of my naked mom. In minutes,I was rock hard,so I went to her room. My heart was racing,and when I entered her room, I saw she had turned over,and the sheets were completley off of her,showing me that ass,I've always wanted to fuck. I quietly stood beside her nakedness,admiring her hot body,and began to stroke my hard cock. This was great I thought. In a few minutes,trying not to come,and me even hornier now,I put the head of my cock,in between her tight cheeks,trying not to wake her. She moaned a little,but didn't wake up.

The vaseline allowed my cock to slide up and down with ease,and I was loving it. All of a sudden,she groaned,and to my surprise,she arched her ass up even more,was she waking up? I stopped for a second,when out of the blue,she said:"Are you having fun?"Shocked,I could only answer:"I'm sorry mom!"With those wanting eyes,she said:"I guess you really are horny huh,to do this when you thought I was asleep."I said:"Your so hot,and I couldn't resist anymore."She answered:"Like all those other times you jacked off to me when you thought I was asleep too?"She then looked at my raging hard on and said:"Well,let me see it?"She sat up,I didn't say a word. She then said:"It's just what I need!,do you want me to suck it,or do you just want to fuck my ass?"I said:"Would you suck it for a while,I'm about ready to come anyway."She opened her mouth,and in it went. I loved it! She slowly slid her mouth up and down my shaft,squeezing my balls,and rubbing my little asshole with a finger. I was lost in pleasure! I never thought she could suck cock so good,especially mine! In minutes,I felt myself ready to come,and she knew it.

She pulled it out of her mouth,squeezed it to not let me come,and asked:"Do you want my ass now?,or my pussy?"I begged :"Your ass please....I want it so...bad!!" She got on the floor,on all fours,those long legs holding that ass up high,and said:"Put that big cock in my little hole,I want it now!!"I stood behind her,and grabbing those soft cheeks, I put my cock up to that litle hole,and pushed. It slowly went in. She was so tight! I then grabbed those swinging tits,and started pounding her ass. She began to scream:"Yes..Yes...fuck my ass..god it feels good!!" I was pounding ass, and squeezing tits,when I knew I was ready to shoot my load. I told her:"I'm coming mom....I'm coming..."She then said:"Come in my little ass baby....put all that come in my hole...come on baby...come on...come for mom..."I exploded!!My god it felt like my cock blew off in her ass! As I fell onto her,my cock slid out,come dripping out. She grabbed it,and sucked me dry! I was lost in pleasure.

Catching our breath,she looked at me and said:"I've wanted you for so long,but couldn't say it." I need your cock baby,do you want mom,do you?" I kissed her hard,and said:"More than anything,I've wanted you ever since I could first jack off!"We kissed again,and she said:"Mom's going to get us cleaned up,so lets get in the shower,and I want to suck you even more,but you have to fuck my pussy okay?" I said:"I'll do what you want,I promise,but can I fuck your ass again?",I just love your ass!!" She said:"I'm yours baby,"and off to the shower we went!! Love my hot mom!!!Part 2 next week...I promise!!

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