Mom & Dad Sex Ed

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

First, let me say that my parents were always VERY straight-laced while I was growing up. I never saw either of them nude; no sexual content was allowed in the home, either in print or on TV; even talks concerning sex (you know, the birds and the bees talk) were very clinical in nature.

That is, until my 18th birthday.

mom (about 40) and dad (44) were in bed one evening, and called me into their room. This was not unusual, as they often had instructions about the chores the next day, changes of plans, etc. They were lying in bed, covered by the blanket, with just a bit of cleavage showing on my mother. I only had my boxers on, as I had been on my way to bed as well.

"son," my dad said. "We need to have a talk."

"Sure, Dad. What's up?"

"Well, it's your 18th birthday, and your mom and I feel it's time for a little more serious talk about--well, to be frank--sex."

Uh-oh, I thought. Lecture time!

"Honey," my mom began. "Are you still a virgin?"

Blushing, I replied that I was.

"What about masturbation, Son?" my dad asked.

"Well, yeah. I have masturbated."

"What do you masturbate to?"

"Well, I usually fantasize about a couple of the girls at school. There are some that walk around in very revealing outfits, and well..."

"That's ok, Son," my dad said. "I'd be surprised if you didn't." It was at this time that I realized that the blanket covering them was slowly working its way lower on my parent's bodies. As they talked, their legs would shift from time to time, moving the blanket lower. By now, my mother's breasts were half revealed, and she was making no move to cover back up.

"Have you ever seen a girl's breasts revealed?" my father asked.

"No, I haven't, Dad," I replied honestly. Now, one of Mom's nipples was starting to show, and still not attempt at modesty. What was going on here?? I couldn't help but glance from time to time at her.

"Well, Son, before you go off to college this fall, your mother and I think it's time we made you more aware of what you're likely to find out there."

With that, he moved his legs again, moving the blanket down to fully expose my mother's tits. My gaze naturally lingered there, admiring their form and beauty. "What's wrong, Son?," she asked.

"Uhh...nothing, Mom."

"They look nice, don't they, Son?" my dad asked. I was a little shocked at this, as this was a totally new side to them. Both my father and mother were displaying her tits to me. The sight quite naturally had my cock twitching and swelling.

"Come sit over here, sweetie," my mom said, patting the bed beside her. As I moved to obey, they both scooted a bit over on their huge bed, making room for me to sit beside my mother. As they did so, I saw the the blanket continued its downward movement, now a couple inches below my mother's belly button. Also by now, my father's upper body was fully exposed, with the upper edge of the blanket resting across his navel.

As I sat, my mother put her hand on my thigh. "I know this is a new experience for you, Son. It is for us, too, but your father and I discussed this and, well, we both agree that this is a healthy way to learn."

"There are many ways to pleasure a woman, Son," my dad said. "I'm going to teach you some of them tonight. Now, if at any time you feel too uncomfortable about this, by all means say so! This is meant to be for your benefit, although I will confess that this has long been a fantasy of ours."

Shocked, I just sat there. "Now, watch and learn, Son."

With that, he lowered his head to my mother's neck and began to kiss her. She just looked at me and made a purring sound as he worked his way down to her chest and began to nibble and suck on her tit. My mother's hand moved on my thigh, brushing against my growing cock in my shorts.

"Mmmh," she moaned. "I think he likes it, Hon."

My dad lifted his head from her chest long enough to look at me and say, "It's ok to show your mom how much you like the view, Son. Pull that thing out and enjoy yourself." With that he went back to sucking her tit, while his hand (which had been massaging the other tit) moved down to her crotch. His arm dragged the blanket with it, revealing her pussy hair as he worked his hand down to her slit.

Obediantly, I unbuttoned my boxers and began to stroke my erect cock. My gaze moved up and down my mother's body, enjoying the sight of her tits and the peeks at her pussy I was getting.

My mother, seeing that I was peeking down below while I stroked, whishpered something in my dad's ear. He looked up, smiled, and said, "An unobstructed view would probably be better." With that, he threw back the blanket entirely, revealing both their naked bodies. His hand went back immediatly to her cunt, and her hand on his side moved down and began to stroke his hard cock. Wow...what a sight!!

My mother turned to me and said, "I would think those boxers would be unnecessary now, don't you think, Son? Please stand up for a moment."

I did so, and my mother swung her legs over the side of the bed. Parting them, she pulled me closer to her and put her fingers inside the waistband. "Do you approve?" she asked, smiling up at me. I looked over at my father, who just smiled and nodded his ok.

"Umm...yeah...go ahead, Mom," I stammered.

She pulled my boxers down, revealing my cock fully. It was standing straight out and when my mother raised her head back up from dropping my shorts to the floor, she bumped it slightly with her head.

"Oops...clumsy me," she giggled.

"Maybe you should kiss it and make it better, Hon," came my father's voice.

"Hmmm...sounds like a good idea!" She wrapped her arms around me, placing her hands on my ass and pulled me close. "But I think he should tell me what he wants for himself," she winked.

Hardly believing what was happening, I told her to go ahead. She put her mouth on my cock and swallowed it deeply into her throat. Then, she began moving her head back and forth, stroking my cock with her lips and tongue. Meanwhile, my father had moved around to where he could see what was happening and was stroking his cock for all it was worth.

By now, with all this activity, my cock was ready to explode, and I could feel an orgasm building. My mother could feel it, too, and pulled her head back. "I think he's going to blow soon," she said to my dad.

"Me, too, Baby," he moaned. "Let's finish this lesson."

With that, he moved my mother onto all fours and moved in behind her. She looked at me and said, "Let me have the rest of that, Son." She wrapped her mouth back around my cock and began sucking it again, moving her head back and forth in the rhythm of my dad's fucking her from behind. She was taking it all the way in and out, fucking my cock with her mouth, pushing all the way down until my cock was completely buried in her face.

"Fuck you mom's mouth, Son," my father ordered. "I want you to cum in her mouth while I cum in her cunt!"

He began thrusting hard and my mother was grinding her ass into him, and I knew his cock was going deep into her pussy. That, plus the blowjob she was giving me, was enough for me to lose any control I had had up to that point. I put my hands around her head and began driving my cock even deeper into her face. As I saw and heard my father cum in her cunt, I let go with my jizz into her mouth. She just moaned and swallowed and swallowed until I had completed.

"Wow, Son," my mother said after removing my cock from her mouth. "You learn fast!"

"Yeah," my father added, lying back down on the bed. "And I think you enjoyed it too, didn't you, Hon?" He kissed her passionately, not waiting for her to answer.

"Oh yeah!" my mother said after the kiss. "I think more lessons may be in order. Would you like that, Son?"

Stupidly, I just grinned and nodded.

"Yeah...I think that could be arranged," said Dad. "And next time, maybe we'll really explore some more advanced techniques."

"What do you mean, Hon?" asked my mother.

"You'll see."

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