Mom & Dad Sex Ed : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

About a week after our second session, my father came out to the back yard while I was mowing the lawn. After turning off the motor, he asked me if I was up for another "lesson".

I smiled and said, "Sure...tonight??"

"Actually," he said, "We were thinking maybe this afternoon. Your mom's in the pool, and told me she was feeling frisky! She suggested you postpone the rest of the yard work for today, and maybe join us in the pool."

"Wow! Sounds like fun. I'll go get my trunks."

"Actually, son, all you'll need is a towel," he winked. "For drying off after swimming."

I smiled, nodded, and headed into the house for the towel. I got undressed, considered still using my swimsuit, but ended up just wrapping up in my towel, and headed back out onto the swim deck.

My mother and father were already in the pool. I noticed immediately that they were both naked. We lived in the country, with the nearest neighbor over a mile away, with timber ringing our property, so there was very little chance of prying eyes.

"Come on in, Son," my mother called. "I hope your father told you not to bother with a swimsuit. You wouldn't be wearing it long anyway."

I undid the towel and let it drop beside one of the deck chairs, revealing my naked body to them. I was naturally already getting an erection from the prospect of more sexy fun with my parents, and did nothing to hide the fact. I dove into the pool and swam over the the shallow end where they were both waiting, my mothers tits just showing above the water.

"I see you are already turned on, Son," my mother said, reaching out to feel my stiff cock. "That's good, because, as I already told your father, I am horny." She turned to face me, took me in her arms, and pressed her naked body to mine, her breasts pressing into my chest, with her pussy pushing lightly into my crotch. "I think maybe you are, too," she giggled. She looked over to dad, and said, "Why don't you join us, hon?"

My father moved around behind my mother and pressed his body to her back, rubbing her ass with his hard cock, pushing her more firmly into my body. My cock was pushing and rubbing back and forth into her pussy hair. Up until now, my sexual contact with my parents had been mostly oral, with her sucking my cock, and my sucking my father's. Was she hinting that I was going to finally get to fuck her?

She pushed me back a little, and moved to turn around. We were in a shallow enough part of the pool now, that our crotches were mostly visible. She bent over to kiss and lick my father's cock. As she did so, she pushed her butt back into my crotch, rubbing my cock along her ass.

"Son?" my father said. "Why don't you see if you can find someplace interesting to put that, hmm?"

He closed his eyes as my mother swallowed his hard cock. Meanwhile, I moved the head of mine down until it found the opening of her cunt. She moaned a little, not removing her mouth from his cock, but nodding and saying "mmm-hmmm!"

I pushed forward, letting my cock enter her cunt. She continued to moan, pushing back against me to make sure she was getting my entire cock into her pussy. She began to move back and forth, building a rhythm that I matched, thrust for thrust, as she matched her rhythm on my father's cock! He had ahold of her head and was thrusting deep into her throat. Harder and harder he pounded, and I knew that he was getting close to unleashing his load into her mouth. She obviously wasn't going to stop sucking him, so I continued to pound her pussy, reaching around and feeling her bouncing tits as I did so.

It wasn't too long until I could feel that I was going to cum. I looked up at my father, and he could see in my eyes what was coming, and said, "It's ok, Son. Don't stop now!"

Encouraged by that, I let loose my load into my mother's hot cunt, pounding away until it had milked my cock of it's entire load.

Panting, my mother lifted her head from my father's crotch, gently pulling her body away from mine to disengage us.

We all got out of the pool and sunned ourselves for a while on the deck. Towels were used to dry ourselves, but modesty obviously wasn't an issue.

What more was to cum??

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