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Mom & Dad Sex Ed : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

A couple days after that first session, my mother was fixing my breakfast, and asked, "son, what do you think about what happened the other night?"

Unable to restrain my smile, I just grinned broadly and said, "It was wonderful, mom. I really enjoyed it."

"Good! I'm so glad to hear you say that, because your father and I wanted to have another go at it. Would you be interested in joining us again tonight? We would probably take it even further, if you wouldn't mind."

"Further?", I asked. "How so?"

"Welllll," my mother started. "I let's just see what happens, shall we? Just remember, if at any time something doesn't feel right to you, just say so, and we'll explore something else, ok?"

"Great!" I couldn't wait for that night.


That night, as I was getting ready for bed, my father popped his head in my door and said, "Come on in to our room when you're ready, Son." He winked and added, "And don't worry about wearing your boxers tonight. Just wear your robe, ok?"

Grinning, I said, "Sure, dad. I'll be right in."

I got undressed, and following my father's lead, just put on my robe before walking to my parent's bedroom. Their door was open, so I walked in. They were both already in bed, the sheet pulled up to barely cover them both.

"Well, Son, your mother says that you are game for some more action like we had the other night."

"Yes, Dad."

"Well, your mother and I discussed things, and have decided that we would like to explore some more--shall we say--'interesing' notions tonight."

Not sure what he meant by this, I just said, "Ok."

"Son," my mother said. "The other night, we started by teasing you a bit with a slow uncovering of our bodies. Tonight, we have decided to let you tell--or show--us what you want to see."

"That's right, Son," my father agreed. "It's up to you what gets seen, so have some fun."

With such an open invitation, I sat down beside my mother and took ahold of the sheet covering her tits, and slid it down, pressing my hands against her flesh as I did so. She moaned lightly as I did so, making it obvious that she enjoyed the touch. I lowered my head to her nipple and lightly sucked it for a moment, watching as my father did likewise to the other side. She reached out toward my cock, but it was still covered, as I had not removed my robe yet. She rubbed it through the fabric of the robe and continued to moan lightly.

I took the hint, stood up, and undid the tie to my robe, letting the robe drop to the floor. She looked hungrily at my erect cock and reached out again for it. Still lying on her back, she gently pulled my naked form closer and pulled my cock to her waiting lips. She lightly licked it, then kissed it, and finally took it fully into her mouth, gently sucking on it. I reached down to move the sheet lower down her body, revealing her pussy. Again, I moved my hand over it as I removed the coving, and she responded by swallowing even more of my cock.

Meanwhile, my father was continuing to suck and fondle her tits. I could see that he too had a hard cock. It was making quite a tent in the sheet that still covered his body, but he was making no attempt to uncover it. I realized then that his comments to me that I was to uncover what was to be seen extended to him, too.

"Dad?" I asked, my voice a little husky from the action I was receiving from my mother. "Would you like me to uncover you, too?"

Pulling his head off of Mother's tit, he replied, "Yes, please! I want you to expose me to you both."

My mother pulled my cock out of her mouth and cried, "Mmmmmm, yes, Son! Show your father's cock to me, please!"

I leaned over my mother and reached for the sheet. As I began to move it, my mother placed her hand on top of mine and held it close to my father's body. "If you don't mind, slide it down him the way you did me, Son."

"Are you sure, Mom?" I asked. Did she really want me to touch my father the same way I had touched her?

My father rolled fully onto his back, his cock pointing straight up into the sheet. "Yes, Son...she's sure. And so am I."

My mother rolled onto her side, sliding down on the bed until her face was just about even with my father's cock. She looked at me, smiled, and winked. "Go stand on the other side of the bed, Hon."

Obediantly, I walked around the bed and took hold of the coving. I slid the sheet down, my mother's hand moving away as I did so. First, I felt the hair above his cock, then the base of the shaft as I moved lower. Not raising my hand to life the sheet, I slid my fingers over his erect prick as I exposed it. He moaned a bit as my fingers brushed against his balls. Pulling the sheet clear off the bed, I watched as my mother began to give his cock the same treatment she had given mine.

I stood there for a moment, stroking my cock. As I did so, my mother motioned for me to come closer. I did so, and she reached out and pulled my cock closer to her face again, all the while still sucking on my father's. Before I realized fully what she had in mind, she had pulled the head of my cock alongside my father's and now she was licking and kissing them both! It was by far the most erotic scene I had seen thus far. My cockhead was rubbing against my father's as we both were getting head from my mother.

I was getting close to cumming right there, but my mother sensed this and pulled her head back. She asked me quietly if I would please do her a favor. At this point, I think I would have done just about anything she asked.

"Kiss me," she said.

"Sure." I leaned my head down to kiss her, but she wasn't moving her lips towards mine. She was continuing to kiss and lightly suck my father's cock. I looked up toward my father's face. He just smiled broadly and nodded his agreement.

I lay down on the bed, my father between my mother and myself, and slid down until my face was opposite my mother's, with my father's engorged cock between us.

"Kiss me," she repeated.

I eased my face forward, now feeling the warmth of my father's body and smelling his scent. My mother's lips hovered over his cock, waiting for mine to meet them. I was so turned on that I just didn't care what happened anymore, and kissed her, hard.

She kissed back, lapping her tongue against mine, then lowered both our heads toward my father's cock. I felt it brush against the sides of our cheeks, and my mother broke the kiss, but only slightly. She let his cockhead move up between our lips, then pressed back toward me again, pushing his cock toward my lips. I went with it, and pressed my lips against his hot, steamy cock!

My mother moved her head away, whispering that I should continue. I continued to kiss his cock, now lightly stroking his balls with my hand. I felt her shift on the bed, and looked to see her positioning herself so that her pussy was by my father's hip, her head by his knees.

"Get on all fours, Son," she said. "Get into a position to do that properly, and I can also do you."

I did as instructed, seeing the delight on my father's face at the prospect. I lowered my head once more toward his cock while my mother positioned herself to receive mine at the same time.

"I'll make a deal with you, Son," I heard my father's voice say. "I will let you know when I'm going to cum. You can pull away if you want. After all, this is your first time at this. But if you stay and take my load, I promise to return the favor the next time we do this."

"Um, ok," I replied, not sure whether I would have the nerve to stick it out.

I moved my lips over his cock, first taking the head, then the shaft into my wet mouth. As I did so, I felt my cock enter my mother's mouth again. She moved her hands to my ass and began to pull me deeper into her. I started fucking her face as my father began to fuck mine.

I began to taste the precum from my father's cock. The aroma only served to send me deeper into a sexual frenzy, knowing what was about to happen. I buried my cock as far into my mother's mouth as it would go, letting loose the load that had been building there. As I did so, I heard my father telling me he was going to cum.

I didn't stop. I didn't care. I just kept fucking my mother's mouth and let him bury his cock into mine. Suddenly, the spasms from his cock filled my mouth and throat. Involuntarily, I just swallowed, and continued to blow my father's rod. After some time, I pulled back, his jizz covering my lips and chin. My mother quickly came up to me and kissed me, tasting the same cum from my mouth, and I could taste mine in hers.

"Oh, Baby! I'm so proud of you!"

Breathing heavily, my father said, "Yeah, Son. You done good."

We lay together in the bed for a while before I moved to go back to my own room. As I left, I turned back to them and said, "When's our next session??"

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