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Zipping up my long, patent leather boots, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror, pleased with the finished result. I had dressed carefully, choosing a short, skin-tight skirt and top, both also in black leather. My long, dark hair was scraped back from my face into a high ponytail, and together with my blood red painted nails and lipstick, I knew I was going to turn a few heads.

Later at the slave sale, I made sure I caught the eye of the all-important auctioneer, a critical factor if I was to get this particular slave. I had tried to buy him six months ago, but was outbid at the last moment. 

Since this slave’s number and picture came up again in the auction catalogue, I was determined to get him.

It was crowded and hot in the gallery. Slave after slave paraded around the arena and the bidding was becoming frenzied. I watched as the bidders mauled them. The merchandise would stand or kneel, heads bowed, as hands ran over their naked bodies, expertly feeling for muscle tone or hardness of cock. 

I was becoming more uptight and nervous by the minute. 

Finally it was time. My breath caught in my throat, as he was led out into the ring. My God! He was as magnificent as I remembered, his muscles rippled as he walked. Just like the others he was naked, except for a thick black leather studded collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs. There was a Prince Albert ring pierced through the head of his fine large cock, and attached to that a light chain which led up to another ring on the collar around his neck. 

This had the effect of making his cock jut out in a most appealing way, and my heart was in my mouth at the obvious stir of interest amongst the other bidders. Even with his head bowed, I could still see his handsome features, particularly the full curve of his sexy mouth. 

I had to have him.

I stood back and watched as the prospective buyers gathered around him, stroking, pinching, and probing every orifice. He winced slightly when a couple of fingers were pushed roughly into his ass, but he remained passive even when a large matron, dressed in a crimson leather cat suit, suddenly slapped him hard across the buttocks.

At first there were many bids, one after the other they came, pushing the price ever upwards. It gradually became more serious and intense though, until finally there was only the two of us bidding. I could see her on the other side of the gallery, imperious, confident and determined. The price continued to spiral and eventually the other spectators fell silent at this new show.

My hands were clammy as the price hit an unheard record for the auction, never had a slave’s worth gone so high, but if she was determined, I was much more so. 

There was a long pause, the hammer hit the table and finally, he was mine! 

The huge crowded room fell silent again; I walked over to where my prize was kneeling, and then standing in front of him, whispered,

“You may look at your new mistress, slave.”

Tentatively, he raised his eyes from the ground, and we stared at each other for a moment. I could see his lips twitch almost into a smile and a look of relief cross his face. He lowered his eyes once more; I leaned down, and clipping a lead to his neck collar, led him from the building.

My driver was waiting with the car directly outside the door, and we climbed quickly into the back. As I settled into the seat, my new acquisition immediately crouched into the foot well of the seat next to mine, keeping his eyes averted the whole time. 

I was extremely pleased.

“For today only slave, you may speak freely.”

“Thank you mistress.” 

Eventually the car swept into the grounds of my house, and pulled up outside the huge front door.


“Yes slave?”

“Do you have many other slaves, mistress?”

“There are six others, all male. You need not fear, you will soon learn how things are run here. Your name from now on will be Seven.”

“Thank you mistress.”

As we stepped from the car, the door was opened and there was number Five silently waiting. I strode into the hall, pulling the newly christened Seven behind me and handing the lead to Five, gave instructions,

“Take Seven to his quarters, prepare him, and bring him to me in one hour.”

“Yes mistress.”

Lying on my bed, I closed my eyes to rest. The room was quiet; the only sound I could hear was the soft rhythmic breathing of my toilet slave, sleeping on a rug nearby. He is a good slave. In fact I cannot remember ever having to deal with him in the punishment room. Every night while I am in bed, he remains kneeling in the same position, never moving a muscle for hour after hour, as he waits, hoping with an endearing enthusiasm, that I might awake and decide to use him.

Exactly one hour later there was a soft rap on the bedroom door.

“Come in.”

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The door opened and my handsome new purchase stood, hesitant…

My voice immediately softened,

“Come here.”

“Thank you mistress.” He closed the door behind him and immediately crouched down into the slave position. He was freshly bathed, and I saw with approval, that the chain that led from his cock to the collar had been removed.

I walked over and stood in front of him. 

“This is your first day here, I am going to be gentle with you, just for today.”

My short skirt was only inches from his face. I ran my fingers through his hair, and I could see his cock beginning to harden. Lifting my skirt with my other hand, I exposed my smooth shaved pussy. A soft moan escaped him, there was precum already forming on the head of his shaft. Leaning down, I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered,

“How long is it since you have cum?”

Closing his eyes, he gasped,

“Oh mistress, not for two weeks! I was not permitted.”

“I am going to let you cum tonight.”

His cock was so hard now; it was actually throbbing and the ring at the end of his cock glowed in the firelight.

“Oh thank you mistress, thank you.”

I smiled, reaching down I ran my finger over his juice, his eyes followed my finger as I put it into my mouth and sucked it clean. The sweat began forming on his brow as he struggled to remain in control.

Turning abruptly, I walked over and got onto the bed, I lay back against some pillows and, keeping my eyes fixed on his, I slid the skirt up my thighs and slowly opened my boot-clad legs. Again he had the sight of my bare pussy, glistening wet now. He shuffled forward on his knees and crawled up the bed until his face was an inch from my cunt. Burying his face deep into my pussy, he began licking and sucking. First fucking me with his tongue, then nibbling and sucking my clit, going from one to the other, over and over until I was thrashing on the bed, exploding into his mouth.

Panting from the force of the orgasm, I gasped, 

“You may enter me with your cock, slave, but six strokes only and do not cum.” 

His face balked at my words, he began to speak in protest, but thought better of it. 

Clearly, he had already been warned of the punishment room. He leaned forward, gently pressing the head of his cock, complete with its amazing ring at the entrance to my cunt. Pausing for a moment, he met my eyes, then suddenly thrust deep into me and stopped. I gasped, feeling another orgasm starting to build as his cock filled me completely, I could feel the ring too it was incredible.

The emotions playing on his face told me he was struggling hard not to cum, my cunt held him tight, contracting around his cock. Slowly he pulled out, until the head was again at the entrance to my hole and, after taking a minute to compose him self, thrust again into me and again held it there.

I could feel myself start to moan, pushing my pelvis up to join his,

“Mistress…please…” He half sobbed.

“Four to go slave.” I breathed, writhing under him.

Again he pulled almost the whole way out, his face grimacing, as he desperately tried not to cum, but this time when he thrust into me, my own orgasm exploded making my body shudder and jolt, and hot pussy juice began trickling out over his balls. 

Lifting up his head he gave a deep groan as he began to shoot his hot cum inside me. For a moment we rode together, completely joined in our passion, I pulled him down on top of me, where we lay entwined, panting and kissing.

We lay facing each other; and eventually I reached out with my fingers, gently tracing his lips.

“You must go back to your own room now.”

Propping himself up onto his elbow, he gave me a long tender kiss, and smiling softly, he slipped away.

I lay for a while, luxuriating in the warm afterglow, then called to my toilet slave.

He immediately knelt by the bed, head bowed, 

“Yes mistress?”

“Go and find slaves Four and Five. Tell them I want number Seven taken to the punishment room!”

TO BE CONTINUED…Depending on feedback. Do you like this story? Let me know.

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