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Hi everyone!

 I am a 23 year old girl living in California . Iíll tell you a little about myself. Iím 5ft6 and my figure is 36D-25-39, extremely delicious, Iíve been told. I can see people get hardons on the streets when I walk past. Even women get turned out with the look of me. My momís gorgeous, I guess I got my looks in heredity. I prefer wearing revealing clothes. I love sexy lingerie and tight clothes. I wear tops which enhance my sexy bust and short skirts which show off my tempting butt. Over all I am a very eatable package and I know how to tempt all men and women. I had my first bang when I was 15. Over the years I have been experiencing lots of new things. I love sex and I am always ready to try out everything new and erotic. Most of all I love having my boobs sucked. They give me immense pleasure. I will till you about an erotic experience I had when I was 21. Its sure to make you all cum. To some it might sound fiction but believe me people its 100% true. Some months before this episode I had got pregnant but got an abortion done. Yet I had somehow started lactating.
My then boyfriend was a photographer. He photographed nude models and sold the pics to porno sites and magazines. One day he comes to my apartment after a nude photo session and he was extremely horny. After letting himself inside the flat he instantly gets his 9Ēer out of his pants, he had a massive hardon. He always gets hard after photographing some of those models and comes and instantly bangs me first. He did the same that day. After her was relieved, he relaxed . I went and got coffee for the both of us and we sat their drinking and talking, me in a satin night shirt, panty less. I could sense him staring at my pussy, I followed his gaze and saw that my pussy was still dripping with our previous sexcapade . He smiled and says you would make a great porno model with that kind of a body. I kind of liked the idea and told him why not he photograph me! He jumped on his feet instantly and went and brought his camera. He took a few shots of me sitting like that with my feet spread apart showing my naked , silky and dripping pussy.. He told me to get all naked , we wanted to take some new sensually erotic photos. Meanwhile my breasts were twitching and I told him to first suck me off, then only will we have some pics taken. He came forward and sat on a chair, I went and sat on his lap facing him, he bent his head forward and took one nipple in his mouth it was rock hard. He sucked and instantly pulled his face away. He had milk in his mouth. He said, hey I got a better idea. Both our purposes will be solved. OOOOOHHHH!!! I loved the sound of that. I love new things! He told me to get on my fours on the floor and went to the kitchen and got a big vessel and put in below my hanging boobs. HE took some pictures of me in that position from all angles. He went and licked my butt, and subsequently ended up putting 4 fingers inside me. He photographed me from behind with my juices dripping down my things . Then he came and started milking my boobs, actually milking them like the milkman milks his cows. Believe me women, all of you should try this at least ones. IF you are lactating, get your husbands/boyfriends to do this to you, specially if you are big breasted. Get yourself photographed like this, it acts as a major turn on later !! ooooohhh, it felt so good! We had another session of hot hot hot sex later which went on all night long.

Next week, he calls me and tells me to be ready in 10 minutes he was on his way to pick me up. He told me to dress sexily and in bare minimum clothes. I wore a tight front button down shirt which showed off my nipples very very well and a short skirt. Soon he arrived and we left. I asked him many times where we were going, he kept telling me ďsurpriseĒ. We stopped when we reached a farmhouse in the country side. HE took me straight to the barn, there were a couple of cows there. He told me it was his friendís farmhouse and his friend was away with his family vacationing right then. The idea had come to his mind to photograph me on my fours being milked in a barn by machines. I wasnít very sure. MACHINES! He said relax. Trust me. You wont feel a thing, it will feel like some kid is sucking your boobs. I said okay, though I wasnít very sure. HE turned me towards him and placed his hands on my huge tits and rubbed the nipples with his palm till they were standing out. He pinched them , pulled them , played with them till they hurt. HE unbuttoned my top and bent down and kissed my nips. He put his hand inside my skirt. I never wear panties, my pussy was wet. He inserted one finger inside me , then 2 then 3Öall the while sucking , nibbling and biting my nipples. After some time I came all over his hand. By then he had all 5 fingers inside me. A little later he took of my shirt completely and told me to get down on all my fours, he took photos of me in that position, then he bought the cups of the machine and put my boobs in them, my boobs got kind of sucked in them, and got stuck. Then the milking process started. Wow! It felt soooooooo good. I instantly got wet in between my legs. HE kept photographing me in that position having myself milked. He had taken off his pants. Some time later a huuge Labrador walked in the barn, he was the friendís pet dog. He walked around sniffing. Soon he came from behind me and started sniffing my half open but <the skirt had ridden up>. He could smell my love juices. My bf had another idea I suppose. He came and took off my skirt from behind. The dog got on top of me with a hard on and entered me from behind. HE fucked my anus very violently and sprayed his cum on me. My bf photographed all this. After the dog got off my and walked off like nothing had happened (!), my bf came down behind me and licked the dogs cum off me. He licked my cunt from behind till I came. Then he banged my cunt from behind.
WOW! That was a tiring yet refreshing experience. Well guys I am all dripping after writing this true story of mine, what about you people?? Iím sure itís the same! Mail me at and tell me what you have to say about my story. All kinds of reviews welcomed!

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