Mike plans an innocent road trip but his cousin wants more

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

M\F Incest, Samantha-18, Mike-18

Mike had picked up Samantha on hot summer day, both had been planning this road trip for months, and were excited to get on the open road and explore. Samantha and Mike were cousins and both had just graduated from high school, they had always been close, but never anymore than just cousins.

The last year had been tough on Sam since her dad had passed away and mo was working allot to keep her from going into debt, Mike had seen his cousin more and more through it all and the tow had become best friends. Sam had realized this but also knew the love she had for him was more than any cousin should have for each other, she often lay a wake at night trying to convince herself of the feelings she had were bad.

But as the time went on her love grew stronger and she found herself wanting Mike and even fantasizing sexually of him. Mike on the other hand loved to be with Sam, she was so easy to talk to, and they had tons of fun together. There were rumours he had to fight off at school but he didn't think they could be true, but he was gonna find out on this road trip that infact they were.

"Can we pull over? We have been driving for hours and I gotta pee" said Sam, It was around 2 in the afternoon and they had been driving for about 6 hours, so Mike pulled into a little convience store and let her go pee. While in the bathroom Mike decided to grab a few waters and maybe a little food seeings how it was getting offly hot and who knew how long till the next store. They met together in the car and Mike had noticed something different with Sam, she had tied her t-shirt around her waist and rolled her shorts up showing off her great legs and sexy toned stomach.

" Who do you think you are Daisy Duke?" asked Mike.

" Hehe just quit your staring and drive Mikey we have to be at the motel before sundown" chirped his cousin. 

Mike found the rest of the way a little tough to drive and was often taking peeks at Sam’s hot body. Samantha had her back up against the door and her legs sprawled out on the front bench seat, her toes would dig into Mikes side every once in a while she would giggle. Small talk pursued but both could feel the sexual tension rising between them.

They finally pulled into the motel and checked in," go find room 28 and I’ll get the bags" said Mike, as Samantha headed off to find the room Mike noticed Samantha had a very sexy ass and how she had rolled the hem of the legs up earlier he could see just the bottoms of her ass cheeks, he looked away" that’s your cousin, stop thinking that way" he said to himself. Samantha had found and the room and was in the bathroom when she heard mike drop the bags on the floor of the room. 
" What do you wanna do now?" called Samantha.

" Have a shower and watch TV, how about you?" answered Mike, " same" said Sam. Then a wicked idea came into mind for Sam, she felt like asking him to join in on her shower and they could have a fun little time in and out of the shower afterwards, but she thought "no its to soon".

Mike announced he was heading for a shower and asked if Sam could go and get a few nice cold sodas from the machine down the hall. He had a motive to getting her out of the room, his cock was rock hard and he wanted a little release in the shower. Sam was to feeling very horny and she to could not wait for her shower so she headed to the sodas, thinking of what Mike could be possibly doing in there " he’s probably stroking his hot manhood, mmm" she purred to herself. As she entered the room she heard.

"Fuck me Sam, Fuck me Sam!!" coming from the bathroom, this sent her over the edge she closed door and jumped on the bed.

She was listening to Mike call out other things and knowing he was jerking off thinking of her made her extremely wet, she had removed her jean shorts and was sliding a finger into her hot wet pussy, with each call of her name she seemed to get wetter and hotter for him, until finally " I'm Cumming for you Sammy, I'm Cumming for you baby!!" screamed Mike. Her body spasmed under her hand and she could feel a wave of pleasure hot inside the walls of her young virgin pussy. 

Mike had not meant to yell that out and was very scared to come out of the shower incase Sam had heard, "what would she think of him he thought if she knew I wanted to fuck her he thought?"

The bathroom door opened and Mike appeared in the room he did not look at Sam directly and avoided making eye contact with her, she was lying on the bed and was watching music videos, “all done in the shower?” Sam asked.

“ Sure you can use it” Mike said back. Sam got out the shower and heard Mike snoring in the other room. The next morning Mike was still avoiding Sam to the best of abilities, but it wasn’t working all that good, she was wearing this low cut top that showed more than an eyeful of cleavage from her already huge tits and the same shorts she had on yesterday.

“ So are you a virgin? And tell me the truth?” asked Sam.

“ Ahh, ahh” stammered Mike, Sam could tell she had caught him off guard and was a little scared at where this was heading.

“ What the hell kind of question is that?” asked Mike.

“An easy one! Either you are or your not” replied Sam.

“ Yes I am are you?” Mike answered.

“ So am I, but I’m hoping to change that after this trip. To bad were cousins and all we could have lots of fun fucking and cumming,” said Sam. Mike was shocked by his cousin’s tongue he had never heard her talk like that and frankly he was turned on. Sam had hung her leg up over the top of the front seat and she could see Mike every now and then look down at her pussy and thighs, one time she caught him starring and he looked up at her looking at him and blushed, he jolted his head onto the road.

“ Sorry, sorry I didn’t mean to stare” said Mike.

“It’s ok I like it when you look at me” replied Sam.

“ You do, but were cousins I’m not supposed to look at you like that”.

“ Were also not to call out in the shower how you to fuck me and that your cumming for me either but I heard you say that all last night” said Sam.

Mike went beat red and was shocked, he couldn’t think of what to say, they rode in silence for a few hours Sam had brought her leg down from over the chair and thought maybe she had taken it to far. “ Its true” Mike said.

“ What is?” asked Sam.

“What I said in the shower last night, I love you and I want to fuck you,” said Mike.

“Really? Because I have loved you for a long time now and I want that to” answered Sam. 

It was getting dark and the two lovers were looking for a motel to stop so they could have the night of their lives. They found a motel 6 and decided to stay for the night, the room was new and had looked like no had ever stayed in yet, they dropped their bags and Mike ran over to Sam kissing her for the first time as lovers and not just cousins. Sam could feel mikes tongue probe past her lips and into her mouth as her tongue darted to meet his, Mike ran his hands over her body touching and caressing her hot body, his hand found her ample ass and he picked her up, Samantha wrapped her legs around his waist and she could feel his hard pressing into her already wet pussy

They broke the kiss “ FUCK ME NOW” screamed Sam.

“ But” all Mike was able to stammer out as she jumped down from his arms and ripped down his mesh shorts.

“ I have been waiting for months to see your hard dick” Sam said as she pulled down he boxers, it popped out and hit her in cheek.

“ OMG its beautiful” Sam exclaimed.

“Thanks” said Mike.

“ Its huge how big is it? Asked Sam.

“ 8 inches” answered Mike. 

Sam wrapped her hands around his huge dick and kissed the head “ oh suck it Sam” Mike responded,

So Sam opened her mouth and started to ease the big dick in her mouth and began licking up and down the shaft, Mike began to thrust his cock in to her mouth deeper and faster he was now face fucking and Sam was loving it.

“ You’re a dirty little cock tease” Mike said.

“ Fuck my face,” mumbled Sam between sucks on his cock. Sam was sucking and licking as much as she could and loved the feeling of Mike pulling her hair and ramming his hard big dick in her mouth.

“ Oh that so good baby, suck me good you nasty little fuck,” moaned Mike. 

He pulled his dick out and told Sam “ go sit at the end of the bed on the floor and spread your legs out.”

Sam did as she was told, “ and take off your clothes before you do that my hot cock tease” said Mike. And Sam loved the dirty talk plus she knew Mike would never actually hurt her

“ You want shove that big dick back in my mouth you cousin fucker” snapped Sam, as she stripped for her new lover. Mike walked over to the bed and again grabbed her hair he told her to finger herself while he fucks her face good and hard.

“ Fuck me I need a good face fucking, please oh please fuck my face,” begged Sam, as Mike pressed his big cock to her lips and she opened and let him in. He started off slow and hard and with a pound that could be felt in the back of her throat, the more he fucked her face the faster she was rubbing her pussy

“ That’s it my cock loving cousin rub hat hot cunt, make it wet for my big dick after cum all over your face” said Mike. 

Mike was really fucking her face rough now, Sam had tears welling in her eyes and she had cum already twice, the feeling of pain and pleasure was to much for her, she knew she had found the dick and the man she wanted to the rest of her life. “I can feel it, I’m going to cum” said Mike.

“ Cum on my face “ asked Sam in between brutal thrusts of his big dick. Mike pulled out and Sam jammed three fingers into sopping wet pussy, he was stroking his big dick and looking down at her finger fucking her pussy made me need to cum badly.

“ Cum for me baby, cum all over my pretty little face” begged Sam.

“ Ahh I need to cum, get ready for it, here it cums” said Mike as he drained his warm cum all over his cousins pretty little face.

“Mmmm” was all you could hear from Sam as Mike’s big dick covered her face with his love juice.

Sam was still sitting on the ground at the edge of the bed when Mike had cum all over her face “ that was so hot baby” Sam said as she was getting up to go wash the cum off her face. 

As Sam was washing her face in the bathroom Mike had come up behind her, “I need to fuck you, “ said Mike 

“Here?” asked Samantha 

“ Yes right here right now! Spread your legs and get ready for my cock” replied Mike. 

“But I’m a virgin, go slow and be gentle,” asked Samantha. Mike grabbed his cock and rubbed it along the crack of her ass down to her virgin pussy, Samantha held tight to the counter and looked at Mike through the mirror.

“ Please stop teasing me and make me a woman” said Samantha. Mike slipped his big dick into his cousins hot pussy.

“Oh your big dick feels so good, fuck me big boy fuck me!!” said Sam.

“ Your pussy is so tight, I can’t believe I’m fucking my own cousins pussy,” yelled Mike, as Mike slammed his big dick into Samantha’s tight pussy. Feeling his big dick slide into her pussy made Sam feel so good.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me you big dicked cousin fucker,” said Sam as Mike rammed his dick all the way up her pussy. Samantha was started to thrust her hips in rhythm to meet his big dick.

“ You want me to fuck you harder you slut?” asked Mike.

“ Yes harder and faster mikey” replied Samantha. 

Mike had been fucking her for about 10 minutes now and could feel his cock starting to stir with cum, “ fuck me faster you asshole!” screamed Samantha, as Mike increased his speed, he was becoming more and more aggressive.

“ Take that dick you slut, take my big dick you whore!”

“ You’re my whore now, I own this body and I wanna fuck you anytime I want to” Mike said.

“ I’m your slut and your dick is the only dick I ever want, now fuck me you cousin fucker” said Samantha. 

“ I’m going to cum baby,” Mike said.

“Cum in me you big dicked stud” Sam replied, as Mike pumped his big dick in and out of Sams tight pussy.

“ That’s it you big dicked fucker, fuck me hard, make my pussy feel you in me!” screamed Samantha, as her cousin fucked her pussy. Sam could feel Mikes dick swell inside her wet pussy and knew he was gonna cum real quick.

“ Take it out I wanna feel your hot cum all over me you cousin fucker” screamed Sam, so Mike pulled his big dick out of Sams inviting pussy and turned her around pushed her to her knees.

“ I’m going to fuck these big titties and cum all over them” Mike said.

“ Yea fuck my big titties with that big dick of yours and then cum on em for me”.

“Cum for me baby” replied Sam. Mike was sliding his dick up and down between her big tits and it felt great have her big tits wrapped around his cock, he couldn’t hold it anymore and began to cum all over her chin and tits.

“Mmmm it’s so warm and feels so good dripping from my chin onto my huge tits, you like that baby?” asked Sam. 

“ Oh yea you slut that feels so good” replied Mike, as the last bit of cum was drained from his cock into Sams awaiting mouth.

“ That was great baby,” said Sam.

“ I know, you are one great fuck my hot cousin” said Mike. A couple of hours later Mike and Samantha were lying in bed pretty warn out from there earlier events, Sam was lying on Mike chest lightly stroking Mikes increasing hard on.

“ You know there’s still one hole you have not tried yet and I know I want you to fuck my ass with this big monster” said Sam, Mike was shocked he had dreamed of fucking a girl in the ass but never thought he could with his big dick, but now his cousin was begging him for it so he knew what he had to do.

To Be Continued…

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