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Miami - Part 6: Slave and Master

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I lounged naked on top of Henry’s freshly changed bed linens and anticipated what new pleasures lay in store for me when Miami returned from yet another coke run. Henrys bitch brought my freshly washed clothes into the bedroom, and wondered what she thought of my lying there butt naked in her man’s bed, knowing what had occurred between the two of us the night before.

She complained that Miami had made her colder sore, and laughed inside, thinking she didn’t know what sore was. She’d had enough cock to last her for a while, and I was burning inside to have more! She was just a crack whore, waiting for her next hit, and I was just a cock whore ready for another deep hit! I wanted him to fuck me hard right there in front of her, so she could how her beautiful dark man really released his passions, and let her hear me crying out like a bitch for more! I was more of a whore than she’d ever be!

When Miami came back, he gave her a few small rocks of coke, and Henry sent her out of the room, and locked the door behind her, leaving me alone with two beautiful black men, one as naked as I was, and one fully clothed, though hopefully not for long.

We started our day with a big swig of the Crown Royal Miami had picked up while he was out, and each of inhaled the deliciously rich smoke of the intoxicating coke. I knew Miami would soon be naked from the waste down so I could see “Lil Joe” dangling from under his shirt provocatively, as he knew I liked it, and would want to be sucked. Though coke sometimes took the drive away from some men, I knew it was a powerful aphrodisiac for these two, and my day would be filled with hard cock, and a contest to see who could fuck me the hardest! The thought of one in my mouth, and one in my ass was almost too much to bear, and my own manhood was already in my hand, hard as a rock!

Henry was sprawled on the bed next to me, lying on his stomach, when he asked for a back rub. I straddled him and began to knead his taught shoulders, loving the feel of his muscular flesh and hot black skin against the palms of my hands. As Miami watched, I ran my hands over Henry’s back, working my way down to the cleft of his firm, tight ass. I bent down and kissed his hot flesh, probing his crack with my ass hungry tongue, intoxicated by the heat and wonderful aroma rising into my nostrils! As I spread his cheeks open and began to probe his tight little opening, I raised my own ass in the air, inviting Miami to take it!

I heard him undoing his belt, and unzipping his fly, knowing he’d soon be behind me, and his foot long cock would force it’s way inside my hungry flesh like a hot steel rod! I felt a wad of his hot spit hit my backside, and knew this would be a hard fuck, only lubricated by his own fluids. I felt the head of his cock sliding against my pussy, and prepared myself for the jolt of pleasurable pain that was about to come.

Henry had gotten out from under me, and as Miami’s cock plunged into me with what was almost flesh tearing force, he forced his own big cock into my open mouth, shoving it deep until the head touched the back of my throat, gagging me, and muffling my scream of painful ecstasy. Miami fucked me with long, hard, deep strokes, his thick cock pressing hard against my tender love spot, as Henry fucked my mouth like it was an open, wet pussy!

Henry yelled tag to Miami, and I felt his cock slide out of me leaving me empty where I so wanted to be filled, crying out “Please don’t stop!” In a flash they had traded places, and now Henry’s hard, thick penis was inside my burning ass buried balls deep, and Miami’s was pressed to my face, rich with the scent of my own ass. I took it in my mouth and sucked it hungrily, making wet slurping sounds as my lips went up and down the shaft of his enormous chocolate brown piece of meat!

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Soon they were both behind me, seemingly engaged in a contest to see who could fuck me harder, and it felt like a tie to me. First one would plunge into me, then the other! The only way I could tell the difference was the fact that Henry would slap my ass hard with his open palm before he took his turn. My ass was stinging inside and out, and met each hard thrust willingly. I begged them over and over to fuck me, fuck me fuck me!

Miami worked his way under me while Henry began greasing my whorish pussy hole with vasolene, and I thought he was going to fist me again. Instead he grabbed my hips and guided me down on Miami’s enormous cock! When it was buried deep in my gut, putting so much pressure on my screaming prostate I knew I was about to cum, I felt his penis sliding inside me too! I howled like a bitch as his both their cocks stretched me open, filling me beyond any capacity I’d ever imagined.

I almost lost my breath as Henry’s cock began sliding in and out of my burning backside, and Miami’s thick 12 inches pressed against my front side! Cum poured from my own cock and covered Miami’s chest and belly like a flow from an erupting volcano! I felt like I was melting between the hot flesh of these two beautiful black men, my mouth hanging open in a silent moan of animalistic pleasure!

I felt my rectum being filled by the simultaneous release of their semen, and as for me the pleasure was almost too intense for them as the only sounds they made were grunts of satisfaction that only were once heard by the sexual gods of old, as they ravaged mortal men!

Miami’s hands were gripping my ass so hard, it felt like his nails were cutting into my flesh, and Henry was unknowingly drooling saliva on my neck and shoulders. I think we had experienced a realm of dark sexuality, that none of us had ever entered before, a possession by sexual demons that was new to all of us. It was, and remains the most incredible experience of my life.

We collapsed in a mass of sweaty black and white flesh, the air filled with the aroma of ass, cock and cum. I licked their sweaty bodies clean of our combined juices, and we lay together for quite some time, not speaking of what had just occurred, not needing too. I had never felt so much love for any men as I did for these two dark black men who held me between them, and let myself believe that they too loved me. Perhaps they did, at least as much as men like them could.

The rest of our day was sent drinking, and smoking coke. There was no more sex that day, nor any mention of what we’d experienced together. Miami and Henry’s lusts had been temporarily satiated, and frankly my poor pussy needed time to rest and recuperate, and felt wonderfully wet and open all day. It was a miracle it wasn’t torn and bloody, though it was sore, it felt wonderful and ready for whatever any man had to offer it, and I knew Miami would see that it was put to good use when I was ready. As we left Henry’s, he slipped me a couple of twenties and told me not to be a stranger, and I knew one day I’d be back for more.

The next day I brought Miami out to my family’s large country place to fish in our pond. I didn’t care for fishing but he did, and I was happy just to be near him, to be his “Baby Boy!” As we sat on the shaded pond dam, drinking Crown Royal and smoking coke, I told him again how much I loved him, and he pulled his wonderful cock out for me to suck. I loved sucking him out in the open like that, breathing in his overpowering musk, tasting his salty pre cum on my tongue, waiting for the hot flow of cum that would soon fill my mouth!
He told me I had a nice plantation here, and though as far as I know, my family had never owned slaves, I thought of a time when he could have been my property, and I could have taken his virginity for my own.

As he thrust his cock deep into my mouth, and filled it with his ever massive load of hot semen, I realized he was my master, and I was his slave. He knew it, and I knew it, and I wanted it to stay that way forever. I imagined he and I building a life together right on this piece of land one day, and greedily swallowed down his steamy flow. My love for him would never fade, and somehow, I knew he loved me too!

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