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Me with my boyfriend in hotel

(Part 1 from 1)

It has been a long time that me and my boy friend haven't met. He was busy with his job & I was busy with my studies.  Suddenly one day he called me up & gave me a surprise by saying that he is coming to meet me in the next week.  I was pretty excited.  I started planning that what I can do to make him feel romantic.  I was planning to make myself sexier.

Finally the day approached and we met in the hotel room where he was staying. I bought a t-shirt for him.  I gave him and he was looking damn handsome in that t-shirt. We were sitting on the bed was talking, suddenly don't know when we start kissing.  That was the first time I was having sex with him.  He started kissing me very passionately and I also replied him with a sexy kiss.  I was going to a lusty mood.  then we kissed each other more passionately and started nibbling each others tongue.  I started biting his lower lip.

He started touching my breasts.  It was an awesome feeling.  I was wearing a tight low waist jeans and a tight shirt.  Also opened two buttons from the top to show off my cleavage a bit.  I was wearing a waistless black color panty and a black color net bra. I knew that he will like it. He started unbuttoning my shirt and I grabbed him more more tightly.  I took out his t-shirt.  He is having commendable body and muscles and a pair of erupted nipples. 

I was only in my bra and jeans. He unbuttoned my jeans also.  Now he started playing with my boobs. This was a tantalizing feeling for me.  I was it enjoying it like anything. He was also enjoying to grab and fondle my 34D breasts. He was kissing my breasts and then slowly opened my bra. 

He also sucked the nipples and I was enjoying when my nipples got harder.  He whispered in my ears that, "You are looking damn hot. My cock is getting harder and cannot to wait to slid into yours. "This was a compliment for me and I loved it. I also started some dirty talks with him. I replied, "I'll permit you to enter into my pussy when you will excite me the most. "I knew he was expecting such dialogue from me.

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He took out my jeans and I was only in my black panty.  He started nibbling my pussy over the panty. He said,"You look hot in black undergarments. "Now he took out my panty.  I was totally nude.  He kissed me harder and tried to play with my pussy. He was moving his hands on my inner thighs. He became more thrilled by looking that I have bald pussy with pink lips. He softly murmured "Your pussy is the best pussy I have ever seen in my life.  I can't wait any more. " I replied that, "Stimulate me more then I'll spread my legs, otherwise I won't. "

He started rubbing my pussy and slowly and steadily started entering his middle finger inside my pussy lips. I was getting more excited and was moaning.  My moans get more louder when he started massaging my clitoris. Now I started undoing his jeans and looked his cock, it was harder and can't wait to enter into mine.  Then I spread my legs and told him,"Make me dirty as much as you can.  Play with me more nastily.  I want to get fucked. "

Then he reached to my lower body.  He started kissing my inner thighs and was running his tongue over there.  I spread my legs and my inner labia was totally visible. He told me that it's looking like a ping colored rose. As I shaved it, it was looking more attractive and I couldn't stop myself from spreading and showing him off my clitoris.  I was waiting for his blowjob.  He kissed my clit. 

That was a tormenting feeling for me.  He kissed more harder and I was moaning with pleasure.  I was hoping to kiss him like this all the time.  He started entering his tongue and I was getting wet.  Now he did not need any lubricant to enter his pennis. He tasted my cum and said,"You are so tasty and sweet. I want to taste you like this everyday. "

He grinned and take a position one me.  he started rubbing his pennis to my clitoris to make it more wet.  Then he entered his middle finger and I was groaning and was requesting him to fuck me as harder as he can.  He entered his pennis and I shouted with pleasure.  He started stroking me. I told him not to wear condom.  I wanted to feel him in his natural way. 

He started to stroke me more harder and was grabbing my breasts again.  I was whimpering not in pain but in pleasure.  Then after some minutes of strokes I started to cum and he spread all the cum of mine and him on my stomach and my breasts.  I tasted it, it was awesome. He came back to me and kissed me.  We started talking about each others feelings and how we enjoyed our first intercourse.

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