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Me and my cousin (Gay First time)

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Well this sort of stupid story but about my cousin and me and a little bit gay experience too but now, as i look back at it i feel very much embarrased My name is Jason and i am 21 It all happened 3 year's ago when i was 18 year's old some days before christmas my mother went to my aunts house to wish them x-mas and give them their presents my uncle usually stays out of town for several days well we wished them christmas and came back the very next day my aunt came to our house to do the same as wish us x-mas along with her my cousin harry was also present well my mother and my aunt started talking to each other about gossips of here and there as women tend to do me and my cousin went up in my room on the second floor to play i had no intentions of doing anything bad with him we started playing and he started pinching and punching me and finally he pushed me on my bed and jumped and sat on me as a girl does in cow girl style in sex my dick suddenly stiffened and things got pretty heated between us as my room door was shut closed no one knew about what was going on a series of french kissing started between us for like ten minutes but soon as we realised that what we were doing was wrong we both got up and harry ran down to his mother and sat down beside her as he too felt something wrong had started between us but he did not tell anyone !!!

Two days after this incident had taken place i just could not think anything beside what had happened between us and i felt something was growing between us so i gave him a call on the third day and requested him to come to my house alone as i needed to clear things with him about the matter that had taken place between us three days back !!!

He came around 5 p:m in the evening at my house coincidently i was all alone too as my parents had gone shopping and i was all alone he came in and sat in the guest room i offered him something to drink as juice and then we began to talk but i advised him that we go up to my room and talk there as no one will suspect anything passing by our houses door !!!

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He agreed and we both went up to my room and started talking about the problem i apologized to him and he accepted it but i could not hold on to my emotions and i told him how i had began feeling about him since that day and by the look on his face i also felt that he had the same feelings for me and he understood me pretty well and after talking everything out we both finally decided to finish the thing that had started between us by making love for the very first time !!!

So, Harry got up and closed the door of my room and came and sat close to me on the bed i  mean while held his hand and began to fondle him and shortly after that kissing started began between us at the first 5 kisses he did not respond to me but after that he was completely heated up and he began sucking my lips in response after ten minutes of passionate kissing he started taking off his clothes as he became completely nude and lied down on the bed with his legs closed after this i stood up and went to the room door to assure that i was properly locked and after that i began to undress myself in front of him as he began to blush when he saw my 7'' inch long cock in front of him i went towards the bed and lied down beside him on the bed kissing him again on the lips and from their i started my way from the lips and then his checks and then his neck and finally i reached his chest their i began to suck and bite on his nipples inorder to heat him up further from their i made my way upto his thighs where i sucked and kissed them and after that i directly went towards his love hole where i began to insert my tongue in it as he was already sweating between his thighs and was very much turned on then i began to kiss and suck on it and finally inserting my fingers in it after much fondling i lied down on the bed in the opposite direction inorder for him to give me a blowjob as he started sucking my penis tip i knew from the start that it was his first time and so was mine but i had gained much experience from porn movies so i was o.k with it but soon he got the hang of it as he began to suck my cock and insert it half in his mouth and licking it with his tongue at the same time !!!

After 10 whole minutes of oral pleasure he lied down in front of me spreading his legs as wide as he could for me to start the love making process as it was a first time for both of us i lied down on him as he softly wispered in my ear " Don't let me wait " i took my cock and tried to  insert it in his love hole but it was too tight but after much trying i managed to enter it just half in him he instantly began to moan and cry and i began to kiss him to calm him down but then i said to him that i will try to be slow and not hurt you much and with that i gave a powerful  thrust pushing my complete 7'' inch long cock in him up to the base !!!

He was crying and moaning at the same time but with my cock completely inserted within him i could not let it out so soon that why i lied down on him and began to kiss him and clean his tears running down his eyes after 5 to 10 minutes when his pain became weak i started thrusting my cock in his love hole slowly in and out full in full out but as the next 10 minutes went away all his pain melted away as he demanded more speed again and again from me likewise rocking his hips back and forth at the same speed to meet up to my thrusts i began kissing his lips and he hugged me with his arms wrapped around my neck and with his legs locked around my back with my cock thrusting within his love hole full in full out rubbing against the walls of his love hole it was like a feeling that both of us were spending our first nuptial night together and finally after thrusting for like 30 minutes with my cock in his love hole i cummed inside him as sweet cum ozzed out of his love hole i took an orgasm and so did he !!!

It went on for like 3 complete hour's as we did it in cow girl style and with his legs on my shoulder's penetrating his love hole with my cock faster and harder steamingly cumming each and every minute we mostly did missionary style for like 1 hour and 30 minutes and i cummed like 5 times in him within those 3 hour's then he got up dressed him self kissed me once and went home and since then we have never done it again we got too much carried away with every thing if only we would had given it more thought then i would not have been in this state of guilt right now as i do not consider my self gay as i have never had !!!

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