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Me and my Dad

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Okay, a bit about myself. Im gay im 18, but this happened many years ago. Im small, quite thin, Black hair and brown eyes. My names Zachary by the way well this all started one night when I got up to go use the bathroom by the way I live with my dad because my mom got a divorce with him and im also a only child but anyways as I was saying my dad I got up to go to the bathroom and when I went by my dads room I heard moaning I opend the door a few inches to see what the sound was coming from to my surprise my dad was jacking off to gay porn his chest was all hairy nice butt and stomach but what I like the the most was his 8 inch cock.

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I couldn't do nothing but stair and I got the feeling to start jacking off so I pulled my 6 inch cock out and started wanking without making any sounds twenty five minutes later I heard a big moan come from my dads room when I looked I see him cum all over the place I couldn't help it I bursted everywhere my dad looked up he seen me naked I pulled my pants up and ran to my room.

When I woke up the I got up went down stairs as usual to my dad making saturday breakfast when he brought it over to the table and sat down to eat with me I seen a smile on his face after a few minutes he said so did you like the show last night I was shocked I couldn't think of anything to say but yes blurted out of my mouth he smiled and said you take after your dads big cock and hairy chest I couldn't believe it then he said well tonight we can watch a movie together I said okay.

Later that night my dad put a movie in to the dvd player and sat next to me about a half an hour later I glanced over and seen my dad stroking his 8 inch cock then he said why don't you join along with me so I said ok he got up and pulled my pants down im shocked onced again then he ran up stairs to get some lube my cock got stiff so I started to play with it my dad came back down stairs and said to keep stroking my cock so I did as he said he then openend the lube and put some on my cock and he started to play with my cock I couldn't say no because it started to feel pretty good then I took my dads head and started to force my cock in his mouth.

We moaned then I burst cum went all over is face and in his mouth I asked him if I did a good jobe he said yea! It was late so we went upstairs and took a shower together and slept toghether since then we have always had amazing sex!

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