Master And The Nice Italian

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master took me out for dinner one evening to a very upmarket and intimate Italian restaurant. I had been careful to put on a very short skirt and the little white lacy panties he had told me to wear.

The food was delicious and the service very attentive. Master knew Lucio the owner and I couldn't help but notice that Lucio was very, very attractive. He was lean, tanned and incredibly handsome with wavy black hair. 

It was difficult to stop myself from glancing at him occasionally, even though I was enjoying my beloved Master's company and trying so hard to be a good girl.

Master noticed.

“So I see you like Lucio then?”

I could feel myself blushing.

“Oh no, not really, well…I mean…he's okay”

“Hmm…let’s have some more wine”

Master called Lucio over and asked to see the wine list again. He perused it carefully and then ordered something in Italian. Lucio looked a little perplexed and asked him if he was sure, but Master said that was what he wanted.

The wine arrived and it seemed to me that it must be very expensive, the bottle appeared to be well aged and Lucio made quite a big fuss about opening it and pouring some for Master to taste. 

Master approved and the wine was poured. I took a small sip; it was absolutely sensational, deep, rounded with intense flavour. I asked curiously,

“It must be very expensive?”

He looked at me with his wicked smile. 

“Yes it is, now I wonder how we'll pay for it?”

I didn't really understand what he meant, but guessed he was up to one of his naughty tricks again. We carried on talking and drinking, enjoying the food, the wine and each other’s company. After some time I asked permission to visit the toilet.

“Yes of course, but while you are there take off your panties and bring them back to me”

“Yes Master”

In the toilet I removed the panties and popped them into my handbag.

Master often made me surrender my underwear in public so I was used to it. I returned to my seat and handed them to him under the table.

He smiled, but then to my absolute horror, called Lucio over and as he did so he placed my warm crumpled panties right there on the table! I blushed furiously as Lucio stood there looking at them. He winked at me and bent over to whisper something to Master. 

Master nodded and Lucio picked up the panties and put them in his pocket. I was speechless. What on earth was he playing at now?

Master leaned forward across the table.

“Now go with Lucio, I've decided to use you to pay for the wine Susi. It's £200 a bottle. I've told him he can spank your bottom and fuck you as well”

I squirmed nervously in my chair. I wasn't sure if I liked this game at all, but at the same time my pussy was getting wet. 

Lucio stood there smiling down at me, and from the bulge in the front of his tight trousers, was obviously excited. God, he really was incredibly good-looking. I got up hesitantly; Lucio grabbed my arm and pulled me towards a door at the back of the restaurant. He led me to some stairs and pushed me in front of him. 

As I began to climb the stairs he suddenly pulled my skirt up, and made me walk up the stairs with my bare buttocks undulating in front of him. It was so embarrassing, yet somehow exciting at the same time. As I moved up the stairs I couldn't resist wiggling my bottom and was rewarded with a very firm smack.

He took me into a little office upstairs, where he took my little skirt off and told me to kneel on a sofa with my head down and my bare bottom up in the air. Lucio's strong hands began squeezing my breasts, and then I heard Master's voice.

“Give her a good spanking first”

I heard Lucio chuckle and then he started spanking me, softly at first, then gradually getting a little firmer. I looked round at Master, my eyes pleading but he only smiled his wicked smile at me. ‘Oh God he is such a dirty bastard’ I thought.

“Put her over your knee now”

Lucio was obviously happy to oblige and I ended up with my head near the floor, while he carried on spanking me.

Master spoke again.

“Now make her suck your cock”

I was made to kneel on the floor while Lucio pulled out his extremely stiff cock. 

“Suck it Susi, suck his cock for me”

“Yes Master”

I began licking and sucking his big hard cock, stroking it with my fingers and wanking it up and down.

“Now lick his balls”

I immediately obeyed again.

“Now, I want you to sit on his cock. Put it into your wet pussy

I turned round and gradually reversed myself onto Lucio's lap. His big cock pushed deep into my cunt and I began to move myself up and down on it, panting with excitement. He was rubbing my clit hard and suddenly I came, almost screaming with pleasure. 

Lucio then took over, moving me onto my knees on the sofa; he began to fuck me really hard, pounding in and out of my hot, wet pussy. 

I moaned with pleasure and looked across at Master who was nodding approvingly.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out of me and began to spurt hot cum over my buttocks. 

I put my skirt back on as Master shook hands with Lucio. It seemed that Lucio was going to be keeping the panties as a souvenir, he looked quite grateful and kissed me goodbye very sweetly.

As I left the restaurant on Master's arm, I began to wonder what would happen once we got back to my apartment. I began to shiver with excitement as I realized that I had obviously been very, very, naughty indeed.

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