Mango City

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I had just broken up with my boyfriend of three years, three years is a long time of routine missionary position, and masterbation. Sure I'd get the odd shaft in my ass, and a ram doggy style, but it was always my fingers that made me come. Sometimes I'd close my eyes while being fukked so hard in the ass, that Id fist my cunt and imagine it was the hand of the boy that works at the local video store. I analyse Justins (thats the name he wears pinned to his shirt.) hands everytime he passes the lastest porn to me over the counter, his wrists being so defined with the little hump of bone that I could almost feel grinding against my G. Lets not forget his long strong fingers, I can just tell that he's a man of pressure and strong touch. 

It had been a while since my pussy had been pleasured by some hot shaft action, my fingers were starting to have the constant essence of my womanly flavour, every chance I could get, I'd pump my pussy hard, twist and fiddle my fingers inside me, until my fist would just glide into the right spot, I would amaze myself at just how euphoric I could make myself feel, especially on the train, there's something about staring into the eyes of 50 strangers while peaking orgasm. Have you ever noticed people on trains? They always look so bored and glum, but when they think that they're watching a girl fuck herself harder than she's ever fucked before, their eyes light up in amazement, and curiousity, with such intense drive that you can see the fat boner thats rising below, and the fluids that flow beside them. I feel as though I've done the world a favour, by putting some drive back into these cobwebbed cocks and dry pruned out pussies. 

The most memorable train incident was one of most recent. It gets me hot just thinking about it, and even hotter writing about it, I have to sit here next to a box of tissues so as my flavour doesn't become to much of a distraction. I'd just been to rent out my weekly porn, and as per usual Justin smiled at me as he passed over my videos, however, when I went to gawk at his fingerable hands , something made me freeze mid sentence, my mouth dropped in awe as I watched his fingers tap to the dance music that was being blasted in the store. I'd never seen his fingers move with such power and thrust before. 

I could feel the flavour starting to run allover my inner thigh, I wanted to mount those fuckable fists right then and there, on the counter, ride them back and forth harder and then again even harder. I wanted to sway my hips sensuously around in circles, and find out just how deep I could take it. I wanted to come all over the pornos I was about to watch, I'd put those porn stars to shame.

"Are you O.K? Can I get you anything? Hello?"
Yep, you can get me your cock nice and hard, some wet ones for lubrication and throw the other counter boy un the mix to fist me while you fuk me, that would be just fine.

Thats all I could think, still frozen, unable to speak, trying to remain stable on my juiced up quivering legs. When I came to, I was so embarressed, I just grabed my pornos and got out of there. 

It was a relief to be away from sex city, but the vision remained. Those fingers! Fuk me dead, those fingers! I had to get something inside me, I just had to. To the nearest train station I went. Im sure people could smell my flavour as I passed by, I never thought that getting that wet was even possible.

I hailed a cab, "Central station please". The cab ride gave me a quick chance to play with my clit a little, just to give a little taste of what was to come. 

5 minutes of not being able to touch myself between the cab and the train felt like an eternity, but I was there! I finally made it, it was a nice new tangara, I prefer getting hot on tangaras because of the air conditioning. 

I took a seat in my usual possie, the seat at the end of the cariage that faces everyone, however today I had to share it with a woman. She was sitting across from me. Usually I like the two seats to myself, but this woman was sucking on a mango. I found watching her role her tounge around it quite tantlising. I watched her drip juice down her face, onto her breast, slowly trickling down her cleavage, leaving a little stain on her low cut tittie top. I imagined I was licking it off. 

I started to rub my inner thigh whilst I stared at her, I slowly hitched up my skirt to reveal my saturated underwear. She started to suck her mango harder as she looked into the eye of my pussy. I pulled across my g banger so as I could focus more intently on rubbing my clit, with the other hand I stretched out my flaps so the mango woman could have a clear view of my pink flesh opening as my creamy flavour gushed out. When I saw here eyes light up and her legs spread slightly, I knew she was getting hot. I slowly moved my hands down and entered them inside me, finger by finger, pressing ever so graciously on my g-spot, my entire fist was swimming in pussy juice. My eyes were forced shut in a quiver of pure ecstasy

When I opened them, the woman was no longer on the seat across from me, she was on the floor in front of me, in between my legs. She looked at me with a cheeky grin as she rubbed her mango peel over her neck, then in between her brests. Watching her was like being in a slow motion sence of euphoria. She then started to rub the mango peel over my thigh ever so gently. The touch of her tounge was soon to follow. Ooh it felt good, so good. I was experiencing a touch of heaven in this crazy world of ours. Her tounge was swishing, sucking, and swirling around my love hole, my fingers still thrusting my clit, now harder than ever before, I could feel the peak of orgasm slowly taunting me, then before I could think as to how this woman was performing these techniques I had never encountered, I looked to see her with the mango seed half engulfed by her red glossy lips, I could feel it entering me, oh the sensation, followed by her fingers, then her fist, thrusting about inside me, the friction was so beautifully intense. The round hardness of the seed, and the twiddles of her fingers drove me wild. My fingers were getting sore from rubbing my clit, so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth toward my pulsating pinkness, her tounge swirled around my clit, her fist fucked me hard, her fingers presssed the seed into the deepest places, my juices poured, I had to bite my shoulder to prevent from screaming, ooh, aah, fuk, I bit myself so hard it hurt as my pussy contracted in moments of orgasm, as I clenched my sex around her hand, I came again, and again, spasms of joy overwhelmed my shaken body. 

As the train pulled up and the voice over anounnced Its stop, she quickly withdrew her hand, licked her lips and handed me the Mango seed. Off she went, hurried to make it through the closing doors. I sat their, legs spread wide and wet, completely relaxed and dumbstruck for a while. I'm going to have to remember the mango technique which so easily turned me to jelly. I never even knew her name, all I was left with was a flavoured Mango seed, and a bunch of glaring, amazed and curious people who will now go home and pump their way to happinesss.

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