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Man and His Horse

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I never knew how much I loved horses, until the new neighbors moved in down the street. He had a big, brown beautiful horse with great muscles, but the horse also had a fantastic owner also. How can you beat that combination! This man was medium height, had a firm muscular build all over coal black hair and a wonderful black hairy chest. That was enough of heaven for me. After awhile I got to where I would stop and feed the horse some sugar or an apple when I came home from school. Every time I walked by or stopped the horse would get a massive hard on. God if humanís dicks could get that big I would me in heaven all the time. I could not help but think that if this man gets as big and hard as his horse I would stop and feed him all the time also. And feed him was what I had in mind. He did look good wearing his tight jeans and no shirt when he gets out and works his horse. I enjoyed watching him from the house; my pussy would ache so bad just watching him and fantasize about him. I knew that I had to have him, so I had to come up with a way to get him and see if he was as nice as I thought. I finely came up with a way but the timing had to be just right. My mind was already planning and rehearsing every second of the time I could show this man how much he was turning me on. And of course, the horse had to be in the picture some how I wasnít about to leave him out. One day I was watching him brush and clean the horse my mind drifted deep into the thought of those rough hands stroking every inch of my tender hot body. And when he rode the horse watching him bounce up and down, back and forth drove me wild. Knowing that I should be the one heís doing that too. I realized that I had drifted off into fantasyland when I realized that my hands had found there way to my pussy. She was wet and hot from the thoughts I was having. I slid my finger slowly inside me wishing that it was his cock. The faster I rode the horse the faster my hands would enter me, the faster I moved my hands over her playing with my clit the harder he was pounding me. I moved one hand up and began pinching my nipples and rubbing my tits. I finally couldnít handle any more I was totally lost into this feeling, my hands began moving faster then ever my moans becoming louder my body arched upward to me his body, oh man Iím cumming. After I settled down some I knew then that one way or another I had to have this man. He is driving me crazy and I had to do something about it. Couple of days later I glanced out the window and there he was rubbing that beautiful horse. 

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The time was right I couldnít wait no longer so I put on by string bikini and a shirt and laided in a spot where all I had to do was raise my head to look at him. My mind was going over ever thing that I wanted to do to him and him do to me. Our bodies touching our hands exploring each other, and his wonderful cock inside my mouth and pussy. The more I thought the hotter I became. I got up, put my shirt on, and walked down to the fence. He had gone to the barn so I called the horse over to me. The owner came over to where we were and we began talking. After a few minutes the horse got a raging hard on the owner said that the horse must know a good thing when he see it I knew that I had a good chance with him so I started the plan in motion. We talked for a while and he asked me if I have ever rode a horse, I told him no (Iím lying) that I would love to have a horse but my parents would not let me since we have no room to keep him. He asked if I would like to ride his horse, I thought your damn right but I knew he meant the four legged kind for now and the look I gave him made him get fidgety. Again he asked since I didnít answer the first time if I would like to ride him now and I said I would love to, (there he goes again I donít know what makes a man say things like that.) I asked him to ride with me since I was a little scared, and he said sure. He said that he usually ran him in the field across the creek if that was ok, I said sure whatever. I made sure that ever things was going my way, while he went to get a blanket, not known that itís going to be used to ride more than that horse. He came out of the barn with the blanket and through it on the horse, came over to me, and placed his hands on my ass to push me up onto the horse. He hopped on behind me reached under my shirt wrapping one hand around my waist saying that he didnít want me to fall and the other hand reached between my legs for the reins, wonder how they got there. The feel of his arm around my waist touching my skin was driving me wild. He held me tight as he pulled me closer to his body. My pussy heated up my nipples became erect; my mind began to race think of what was about to happen. I had to concentrate on my breathing to keep it under control. I could feel the bulge in his pants against my ass, as we trotted down the rode, this was driven me insane. When we got to the field he began running the horse pulling me closer to him as he did. I wished we were naked and lost into each other. With his cock pushed up against my ass and getting hard made my pussy get wet and hotter then ever. 

My mine was going crazy my nipples were getting harder and I couldnít wait much longer I was hoping that we would stop somewhere soon. We rode for a while in the field, he finally asked if I minded that we stopped and watered the horse since it was hot out side. I said no, we stopped, and he slide off the horse reached up, and helped me down. I reached into his shirt pocket, got some sugar cubes, and gave them to the horse, anything to get a glimpse of his hairy chest. I fed the horse some sugar cubes and began rubbing its mane, by stroking him slowly and giving him a look that ever stroke were meant for him. I could tell that he was getting nervous and fidgety again and I knew that it was going to me easy and fun to get what I want. He pulled the blanket off the horse and laid it down on the ground. I could tell that he was very nervous this time. He made the mistake of pulling his shirt off before he sat down. I was ready to jump him right then the sight of his hard hairy chest gave me the shakes ďDamnĒ, I need my drug. I told him that if he could take his off then so could I. Not planning on it yet just wanted to make him squirm a little. Any way he said that I shouldnít take mine off and that he would put his back on. We talk for awhile and I told him how much I liked to swim after sunbathing in the nude, which I did quiet often here, ďhint, hint.Ē That really made him squirm and shake he had trouble lighting a cigarette. He quickly changed the subject back to horses while he talked I noticed that he had a nice bulge in his pants. I stood up and told him that I was going to take a dip in the creek since it was so hot while we let the horse cool down. I slowly took my shirt off watching him look me over I turned and headed to the creek. I know that his eyes had to be burning a hole in me as I walked toward the creek. I swayed my ass just enough to entice him and I bet I got a bigger rise from his cock. I swam for a little bit then asked him to join me making sure that he was watching me, while all the time that I was in the water I was removing by bikini. After doing so, I asked him if he was ready to go riding some more, not telling him what he was going to ride he said sure. Well now is the time to make nude appearance for him, my mind has been wondering how it is going to feel having him on top of me. My pussy was hot as hell even though the water was cool. I stood up and walked out of the water his mouth fell open his eyes grew big and wide, man how I loved it. I walked right up to his open mouth my pussy inches away. The hot sun and the coolness of the water running down my body had made my nipples hard and they were standing erect. 

I could tell that he was getting very thirsty and I have something to moisten his lips. I wanted to so bad to put my hot pussy on his mouth but it had to wait for now. I wanted him to be as hungry as I was. I began slowly lowering myself down in front of him bringing my tits close to his mouth finally settling onto his lap. When I sat down my pussy could feel his big hard cock under me I moan at the felling. I do not know how much more I can stand I needed to be fucked by his hard dick. I though that he was going to bust his jeans he was so damn hard. He grabbed my head, pulled me to him, and began kissing me running his tongue deep inside my mouth. This was making me moan his hands exploring my body and ass I wanted to replace his tongue with his dick. I moved closer to him rubbing my nipples against his hairy chest, his body becoming wet with mine. His jeans felt so good under me and his hairy chest was driving me insane. God, could it get any better than this? His hands were running wide over me pulling my ass closer to him; things were starting to get out of hand. So I jumped up and went to the horse, and said lets ride back to the field. He walked over to me and said that I was being a tease and that he wanted me right here and now. However, I talked him out of it for now and he agreed to ride back to the field. He got the blanket and threw it back onto the horse and we headed back to the field. I threw his shirt on me, he helped me back on the horse, and then he slid behind me. I could feel his cock better now against my ass since he was so fucking hard. This was driving me nuts the feeling of him behind me and his rock hard cock rubbing against my ass. I wished that there were five more like him Iím ready to take all I can get. We reached the spot where we were and he hurriedly got off the horse and reached up to help me down but I pulled away, I want to have some more fun. He was not getting off that easy without doing some sweating first. I took off the shirt, leaned back onto one arm, and began sliding my hand over my body down to my nipples, just slightly touching them. I wanted to pinch them, better yet place his mouth onto them but letís not push it yet. My hand continued down my body straight to my hot pussy. Touching her made me have chills up my back rubbing lightly over her made me moan softly. Having the hot sun beaming down on me and the hard body of this horse under me was driving me insane. My finger found the opening to my pussy and slowly slid into her, but what I really wanted was his cock pounding her instead. My fingers moving fast over her and into her that I was on the verge of cumming. 

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