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Making Danielle Cum

(Part 5 from 5)

"Please fuck my asshole, yes, I need your big cock in my ass, oh, yes fuck my asshole, please make me cum." I pant breathlessly, wanting to cum, knowing you can make me cum.

Pushing me off the stump and onto the ground, you roll me over onto my back, you lift my legs up and spread them apart. You guide your cock back into my asshole, you feel me twitch a little getting used to the fullness again. Reaching down you spread my pussy lips apart, finding my clit you rub it with your palm. "Hold still baby, yea, that's a good girl, spread them wide open for me."

I hold my legs apart for you, you shove two fingers into my wet pussy. Your cock slides in and out of my asshole while you fuck my pussy with your fingers. "Oh, you're pussy is so tight and wet. Do you like the way it feels when I fuck your pussy and your ass at the same time? Are you going to cum for me?"

I accidentally moved my leg and you quickly remove your fingers from my pussy, spread my lips apart and slap my pussy with your other hand. "I told you to hold still!" I jump in response to the new pain. You slap my pussy again. "Are you going to hold still like a good girl or am I going to have to spank you to make you behave?"

I freeze up, not wanting another slap, wanting to cum. “I’ll be good, please, make me cum,” I beg, my legs spread wide, your cock slipped tightly up my asshole, my pussy lips spread by your fingers.

“You’ve got to learn to obey, you little cunt.” I push up harder with my cock, driving it deeper into your asshole, feeling your asshole spasm on my cock as my cock cramps you. You grab my hips and make them circle around my cock, your asshole squishing from the cum dripping out as my cock moves around inside you. “Tighten your asshole, yes, that’s a good girl. You like my cock up your asshole, you like my big cock plunging up your asshole? I already came once, I can fuck you all night. Tell me to spank your pussy? Tell me to beat your clit?

I felt my body being pushed up by your cock, your fingers spreading my pussy lips open. I want your fingers on my clit again. I want to cum. I want to cum so bad. My ass arches up, your cock following me relentlessly, driving your cock inside me. My stomach cramps, your cock stretching me open wider then anyone should ever be stretched. “AGGH, that hurts,” but I grab your cock with my asshole, the pain rushing back in, shooting up to my brain. “Spank my pussy, beat my clit, please, just make me cum, fuck my asshole, please make me cum!”

I smile down on your spread body, arched up high, your pussy spread open before me, your asshole gripping my cock so hard that it feels like you are squeezing the blood out of it. My fingers spread your pussy lips apart, your pink pussy open before me. I see the look in your eyes as my palm comes crashing down on your pussy, the sound of my palm slapping wetly against your pussy. Your body jerks away, driving my cock deeper into your asshole. I hear you scream in pain. I push up on my hips, my cock forcing you back up into position, your pussy spread open again. “You want more, baby, you like it rough, you like when daddy fucks you hard and beats you?”

My whole mound hurts, the sharp stinging from the slap of your palm on my pussy knocking the air out of my lungs. “Oh, god, no, that hurts, so much.” Your cock pushed me back up, my pussy lips spread by your fingers again. You want me to beg, beg you to spank my pussy. I knew if you continued I would cum from the spanking, especially if you hit my clit. “Hit me again, I love it when spank my pussy. Hit my clit, please. Make me cum.” I braced for the pain, tightening up, squeezing your cock in my asshole as a consequence of the actions.

My hand slashed back down again, this time hitting on your clit. Your scream pierced the quietness of the woods, my cock braced for it, pushing up on my hips at the same time my hand moved down. Your body was trapped between the two, unable to escape the terrible pain. Your swollen clit received the brunt of my palm. I could feel your pussy juice spraying over me, your pussy literally dripping wet in anticipation. I grabbed your clit with my fingers, snapping my fingernail on the hard, erect nub sticking out. You screamed again, your hips trying to move to escape the sharp pain. “Hold still, my little whore, you like it, here it comes again.” My fingernail snapped again, watching your clit turn dark red, swollen and tender.

My body was wracked with pain as you continually slapped my pussy, my clit and then snapped my hard clit with your fingers. “Please, it hurts so bad, please fuck me and make me cum.”

I shoved three fingers into your cunt, spreading it open as they sank deep inside you. My other fingers grabbed your clit, twisting and pulling on it. I could feel my cock in your asshole, separated by a thin membrane of skin. “Cum for daddy, show me what a whore you are. Cum for me now,” my fingers twisting and turning inside your pussy, my nails rubbing harshly against your hot interior. My cock began to pull out and push back in, your sphincter had given up, my cock sliding easily along your anal tract, fucking you hard.

I could feel every bump and ridge on your cock as it fucked in and out of my asshole, my asshole gripped tightly around it, trying to suck the cum from your balls again. Your fingers hurt inside my pussy, scraping the walls, my clit feeling like you are trying to tear it from my body. But through all of the pain, I also felt the pleasure. I could feel my orgasm coming back. “I’m going to cum, you’re going to make me cum,” I scream, my hips fucking up and down, not caring about the pain, hoping only for the pleasure. I tighten down on your fingers and cock, gripping it the orgasm sweeping over my body as you masturbate my hard clit.

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“Yes, I’m going to make you cum a lot this weekend. And Roxanne and Bill are going to make you cum. You’re going to be our little whore for the weekend and Sunday night you can go home to your dull life and dream about the time you were fucked for the weekend. Now fuck back and cum on my cock,” driving my cock so far inside your asshole that I thought it would come out your mouth. I feel you shoot on my fingers, soaking them with your pussy juice. I stick four fingers in your cunt, sliding easily along your cum soaked pussy. “Yes, little girl, cum all over me, show me what a slut you are.” My cock begins to shoot a load of cum, this time deep inside you, bathing your hot asshole. I feel your pussy cumming again, my fingers now dripping wet, the sound of your wet pussy noisily gripping my fingers as they finger fuck you. Another load of cum up your asshole. “Here’s a nice cum enema for you, baby. Take it all. There is so much more”

I pulled you from the stump, watching as you slowly walked back to the cabin. “What’s the matter, your asshole sore? Roxanne and Bill are waiting for you. They want a piece of you. You ever had girl sex before, cunt?” Michael laughed as they entered the cabin.

Danielle only saw the large bed in the room, a naked Roxanne and Bill besides it. Bill beckoned her over to the bed. “Come here cunt,” stroking his cock. It was a big as Michael’s. “How was her asshole, Michael?

“Great fuck, nice and tight. She screams real good but you can make her cum. But make sure you make the bitch beg for it.” Michael laughed as Bill pushed her down on the bed.

“That’s it baby, stretch out on the bed. Yeah, spread them legs real wide, let me see that nice little pussy,” his fingers already stroking her pussy, still wet.

Danielle felt her body being spread open, fingers already entering her pussy, first one, then two and finally three, all sliding effortlessly along her wet pussy.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Danielle? Do you want my big cock inside that little pussy? Beg me, Danielle, beg me to fuck you? Bill rubbed his cock up and down her pussy slit, watching her body arch up, attempting to push it inside her pussy.

“Please, please fuck me, I need your big cock,” her back arching up, feeling Bill pull her legs back up against her large breasts, her groin now open and exposed to him.

“Don’t worry, honey, Bill will fuck you, but you got to do your job. You going to be a good girl and take care of little old me?” Roxanne moved her naked body over onto Danielle, her legs on each side of her head, her pussy only inches from her mouth. She reached back and grabbed Danielle’s legs, pulling them back more, opening up her pussy to Bill’s large cock.

Danielle only had a second before she felt Roxanne’s pussy pushed into her face. Her scream was muffled in her wet pussy as Bill thrust his cock into her open and defenseless pussy in one earth shattering lunge, forcing all eight inches of hard cock into her young pussy. She felt Roxanne move her pussy over her face, felt the wetness on her lips, the taste of another women’s pussy juice sticking to her lips.

“Stick that tongue up my pussy and eat me out, bitch. You better make me cum or you’ll be sorry. Now start licking.”

Danielle started licking her cunt, her tongue running up and down her slit, finding her clit and running her tongue over it. Bill was fucking her with hard, deep strokes that was knocking the air out of her lungs, her pussy being battered by his hard cock. But through all of it, she could feel another orgasm coming upon her body. “Make me cum, please make me cum.”

“Don’t worry, cunt, you will be cumming all night. Before we return you home we are going to fuck you every way you can be fucked. You’ll take cock in every one of your holes and you will lick more pussy juice out of Roxanne’s cunt then you thought was possible. Now start fucking back, you got a lot of work to do, cunt.”

Michael, Bill and Roxanne fucked poor Danielle all night. She took cock in her ass, her pussy and then was made to clean them off with her mouth. Then they started all over again, sometimes only one at a time, sometime both of them. And Roxanne had Danielle eating her pussy and asshole out, even after Bill or Michael dumped a load of cum in her. And don’t forget poor little Danielle. She came and she came

The End

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