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Mail Stripper Fucked on Stage

(Part 1 from 2)

[This a sequel to "Pants off at Rugby Club Interview" and "Fucked on Beach by Rugby Team" If you want them give me a shout]

I had just been accepted for the post of "Technician" to accompany a Rugby team who were about to go on an extensive tour of the Middle East. I had been recommended by a neighbouring team who had got to know me rather intimately on a beach campsite.

The acceptance came during an interview with four team members including Bob the Captain and Alex a medical student. The 'technical' problems concerned addressing the needs of an extremely fit team of 20 players (including extras) all in their 20s and with big powerful bodies.

The only technical aspect of my interview was the examination of my personal credentials. This involved me removing all my clothes including my pants in
front of the panel. The job offer had come from Bob just as he was cumming up my ass. Alex, who had given me a detailed rectal 'seeing to' had later driven me

The itinery for the next day had already been set prior to the interview! They had a match against that team I had met on the beach and afterwards I would be
presented to them at the Club House. It had also been decided I would perform a strip tease on stage.

Alex had driven me home the evening before and had stayed the night with me. The alternative had been going into the club to meet the players after the interview. I was too shagged out after the intense fucking I had that evening to look my best in front of the rest of the team.

I like to be fresh and to be able to respond to guys when they get excited.

I have to be feeling really sexy myself to display my body in the most provocative way. What had exhausted me was Alex's electrical apparatus which he used while fucking me.

I didn't get as much sleep as I had hoped because of his attentions to me in bed. I can't remember how many times he fucked me up my ass! In between each session we discussed how I should perform the strip tease.

He had definite ideas about working the choreography in with a gym work out. He wanted me to be performing gymnastic acts while attempting to hide the exciting parts of my body. He wanted to have me going over a vaulting horse and swinging my legs up on a cross-beam. He also wanted me to attempt a chest expander and a pedalling apparatus which you operate lying on you back. Like the chest expander, it has a meter which measures the strength of your legs. These things were easy to provide as they were all in the Club Gym next door.

When I asked him why he wanted to go to all this trouble he said it was important to understand the psychology behind the idea of taking me on tour. He pointed out that he was the only team member who was gay in that he was bisexual. The others definitely were not and needed a sort of group excuse for all the sex they going to be having with me.

"Have you never heard the one about how to put hairs on your chest and get yourself strong and manly?" Alex asked.

I hadn't.

"Well it is common knowledge, although medically it's a load of crap, that you needed a real man inside you before you could be one!".

"So" he continued, "You need to highlight your muscular puniness, if you don't mind me saying, as well as your incredibly sexy and effeminate body, to give them the perfect excuse they need for getting stuck into you!" "Are you sure that all of them will react as predicted? What if some turn out to be hardened homophobes?" I said.

"No way!" replied Alex. "They heard that story about you on the beach and in the showers afterwards and they are all hungry for your ass. Make no mistake about
that!" I think I got some sleep in the end.

Anyway after breakfast we had a session together in bathroom where he gave me an enema using my equipment which consisted of a sheep drenching gun I had got from a veterinary supplies. It had a nice smooth curved stainless steel nozzle about 30 cms long an adjustable plunger and a plastic input tube which you could put in a basin of warm soapy water or whatever.

I bent down in the nude and felt a lovely sensation as he gently lubricated my anus with some soap and then carefully pushed the nozzle further and further up my rectum. He seemed to know exactly when and which way to turn it so as to get it in the full length of the steel tube.

"OK I'm going to start filling you up now, tell me if it gets painful or in you feel ready to shoot out." I felt he the warm fluid surging up inside me. With every squeeze of Alex's big hand on the trigger of the drench gun I felt my rectum filling steadily. It was so wonderful to have him doing it to me. Every now and again he withdrew the nozzle and worked one of my long didlos deep into my bottom before resuming the filling operation. Suddenly I felt the urge to release into the toilet. Alex quickly withdrew and all you could hear was an almighty 'sloosh' into the pan.

It made me feel a bit embarrassed because I don't like involving other people in my scat but he was quite unperturbed and immediately re-inserted the nozzle and dosed me several more times until my rectum was well rinsed and we both went into the shower together.

Until now Alex had been wearing some briefs. I knew he was erect but when he took them off the size of his cock almost took my breath away. He was huge and
very beautiful. We both washed all over including our hair and Alex was very attentive to my anus and genitals.

After we had dried he suddenly went down on his haunches and started licking my erect cock. Soon he had it in his mouth and having a hand on my ass and gently caressing the inner folds of my buttocks. Suddenly he started sucking me really hard and at the same time fingering my ass-hole.

All I could see was the mop of wet hair on the top of his head as he worked his mouth all over my little shaft and balls. Suddenly I had to let out a yelp as I tightened inside while he was still mouthing me hard. He realised what was happening and thrusting his tongue against my shaft inserted his finger to massage my sex gland. I shot my whole load into his mouth and Alex seemed to savour every drop that came out of my dick that morning.

Saying nothing because he had a mouthful of my cum, he lead back into the bedroom and indicted I should lie down. He pulled my legs up and immediately started licking my anus. Soon he had his tongue right inside me and I could see he was pressing his face right up against my ass-hole. Then I felt a sudden rush of something warm coming into my anus and realised he was working my own cum up my ass. He was licking me to relax my sphincter then blowing gently to send my
semen up inside me.

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If this wasn't sexy enough he then came down on me to give me a final anal fucking before going down to the Club to set things up for my strip-off.

It's funny thing that even though I had just orgasmed the sight of Alex's big powerful body over me and his huge cock was overwhelming. He had his deep brown eyes fixed on mine as he thrust his thickness up my bottom. His black hair still wet from the shower hung down partly over his face. He began running his length very deliberately against my prostate in such a way that I felt surges of sensation deep in my groin. Suddenly I realised how intensely beautiful he was as he quickened the pace and tossed his head as the locks of black hair went over his eyes.

"I've fucked a few women I can tell you, but your ass if fucking terrific!" Alex had difficulty saying the last word as his sex glands were already taking control of him. Suddenly halting and catching his breath his penis went into rapid fire. It was right up against my prostate and pumping very rapidly. I felt two really hard squirts then the remainder seemed to be dry. He had done me so often during the night I think his balls were having a job keeping up the supply!.

After this we had another brief shower, got dressed and went down to the Club House. It was about 11am and the match was due to start at 2pm so there was plenty of time to get things set up.

"Hey, by the way, what about that lipstick you said you put on" said Alex suddenly as we went out.

"Oh my anal lipstick you mean. I've got that with me."

So here I was waiting in the wings to come on stage in front of what I thought would be just the home and away teams after the afternoons match.

Read Part 1 and earlier stories for the build up but I had been scheduled to begin my strip off at 7pm and the hour had struck.

I felt very aware of my naked body under the bits of clothing I had put on to start the show. I knew that my full rounded and effeminate curves together with
my all-over tan drove virile men like these crazy.

Oh yea, and it wasn't just two teams! Earlier in the afternoon I had gone out to watch the play and noticed another match on an adjacent pitch.

"What's that game then?" I asked one of the reservists waiting for his turn to go on.

"Oh that's the 'B Team', they were supposed to play away today but there were problems with the pitch. They'll be carrying on here while were are on tour", he

"Oh yea! ha! ha!, you must be this technician of course. Well yes!!" he said patting my backside firmly with his big hand. "It's certainly going to be an interesting evening and then there's the Reserve Team, there are not playing today just spectating, and er yes! tonight as well!!" Between 80 and 90 guys were out there in the audience when the music started.

This was the cue and I danced out onto the stage with a light brown dust jacket belted at the waist and reaching down to my knees. The lower half lifted to reveal my legs as I danced around the stage and twirled to the music. Then I whipped it off and flung it to one side. This left me wearing a long knitted sweater which came down to my thighs and a pair of briefs underneath (two sizes too small).

I quickened my pace in time with the music and began doing summersaults cartwheels, jumping over vaulting horses and swinging on some crossbeams.

It was all very athletic and showed me off at my best as I was extremely fit and my body very agile. The lower hem line of my sweater had a tendency to work its way up my thighs with every move I made so I had to keep pulling it back down whenever I could.

The music stopped and out strode Ian on to the stage. He was MC dressed in team shorts but displaying his muscular hairy chest in all its glory.

"Ladies and Gentlemen introducing our new .." "Ladies?? Ladies??!!" the audience shouted back in chorus.

"Oh well er yes! and actually it's Karl here and he isn't a lady either.

Are you Karl? Although in some ways er.." I had partly turned as he said this so he quickly flipped up the rear hem of my sweater to reveal my scantily clad
bottom. I pulled it back down.

I had felt the heat of the stage lights on my partly bare ass and a big "Oooooh!!!" had come from the semi darkness behind.

Turning to face the audience I stood next to Ian self-consciously holding down my sweater and standing with my legs tight together.

"Now we can all see you're something of a gymnast but .." Again Ian's voice was drowned out by the audience now excited after getting preview of my full brown

"Is he 'Man-enough?'" they shouted.

"Let's make a man of him!" shouted another amid cheers and laughter.

The music began again and I resumed my gymnastic work out but concentrating more on the beams. Swinging around doing upward and downward circles, insteps to the bar etc. there was a lot more opportunity for them to get a good look at me as my sweater crept up revealing much of my ass and the bulge made by my erection in front.

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