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Hi! My name is Mark Connor, I’m a student at the Military Training School, or MTS for short. I’m going to tell you about this smoking hot slut that graduated from MTS a year ago. Her name is Heidi Simms.

I remember the first time I got to fuck her hot pussy. It’s a hell of a memory. You see Heidi was always a very clumsy girl. She never did well on the physical test tracks that we went through almost every day. She was always the last one to finish. So one day our drill instructor, Mr. Wood came up with a way to punish Heidi for a bad performance.

It was a hot day in June, and our whole group, ten guys and ten girls, we’re all sweaty and exhausted from the rough test we just did. Some of the girls were pulling off their sweaty t-shirts and only a few had their bra on. I was beginning to get hard.

“God dammit, Simms”, instructor Wood yelled and walked up to the group. Wood was about 30 years old, very muscular and most of the chicks thought he was hunky in a rough way. There was a rumour going that he had a 12” dick.

“This is the last time you finish last, Simms”, Wood said and stopped to look at the sweat-drained face of Heidi Simms. Heidi was a natural blonde with a cute face and huge double-D tits that we’re sticking out of her wet t-shirt. She looked like a fuck-godess to me.
Wood ripped Heidi up from the ground from her sleeve and stared at the young fuck-puppet straight in the eyes. “You’re a loser, Simms, a loser. And if we’re not going to do anything about it you’ll stay that way. You get me, Simms?”

Heidi nodded carefully. You could see that she had her most adorable puppy-look on her face.

“You want sympathy, Simms? Well you’re not getting any from me, I can tell you that much. Now we have to decide a punishment for being such a pain in the ass. I’ve got just the solution. Suck my dick, Simms.”

Everybody went silent. The whole group was staring at Wood and Heidi. Heidi opened her lips a bit and tried to say something. “Your dick, sir?” she asked a bit too innocent to be sincere.

“Yes, Simms. You are going to take all of my bone into that pretty little mouth of yours. Right now, in front of everybody, Simms!”

Heidi sought the group for help, but we all just sat there. I was starting to wish she would just do it already. Some of the girls were touching themselves. You could see that big boners started to grow from anticipation. Everybody wanted Heidi to suck it.

As Heidi didn’t know any other choice, she slowly pulled down instructor Woods zipper. “Come on, Simms, are you as bad at blowjobs as you are on the track?” Wood yelled. A few people laughed.

That was it for Heidi. She admitted that she sucked on the track but no one, no one was going to say she didn’t know how to suck cock. She pulled Woods trousers down and stared at the huge member. It was at least 12 inches, and already sticking out like a big, fat fishing pole. Heidi licked her lips and sunk the whole member in her mouth in one second.

Wood almost fell down from the shock. His dick was in heaven right now. This hot young blonde knew how to suck dick better than the female staff at MTS. And they all did it like pros. Heidi deep-throated his meaty pole and sucked at it with all her might. Her nipples stuck out her t-shirt and she was rubbing her enlargened clit with her other hand.

She pulled Woods huge cock out of her throat and started licking all over. Her tongue slid up and down the instructors shaft, as she went on with her blowjob. “Shit, Simms, I oughta give you an A on physical training just for this!” Wood sighed as Heidi’s tongue went exploring his big ballsack. She took each testicle in her mouth several times, and sucked all she could get her hands on.

Finally Heidi jerked the bright red dick a few times and spat on the shaft to get more lubrication. That was it for Wood. His whole body shook as his dick started spewing cum all over this hot blowjob-queen. It landed in her braided hair, on her fuckable face and all over her sweaty t-shirt.

She licked her lips again and gulped down all of the cum she managed to catch from Woods penis. “Is that allright, sir?” she asked once again as innocently as before. She was still rubbing her pussy with her hand. Her military clothing was soaked in cum and sweat. 
“Yeah, Simms, that’s great!” Wood said and pulled his pants back up. “But that’s not all of it!”

We were all shocked. Heidi had just given him a blowjob of a lifetime, what more did Wood want from her. I found out right away.
“Now I need a few volunteers to help me punish young miss Simms here”, Wood said as he was stroking Heidi’s cum-soaked hair. Heidi was lightly caressing Woods pecker. “Do I have anybody volunteering?”

My hand – as well as my dick – was up in a heartbeat. So were the hands of six other guys, and even two smoking hot females. Everybody wanted a piece of Heidi Simms. Wood looked at the volunteers for a while. “I only need three people here. Okay, I’m going to randomly select out a punishment-squad. Lets see here…” He was thinking and looking at the group. Heidi too was looking at all of us, as she jerked Woods thick monster back into its upstanding state.

“Berry, Connor and Wesley!” Wood finally yelled out the names of the lucky people that got to participate in fucking Heidi. I’m gonna interrupt the story here to describe the people Wood had just chosen.

Lauren Berry was the only woman to be picked in punishment-squad. She was an athletic latina, with a tight, firm ass and even more tighter and firmer B-cup tits. Her long hair was tied up as a ponytail, and she was highly known for her rough sexual abilities. As I said she was athletic, and she seemed to take sex as a sport as well. A couple of the guys that had fucked her told me that she could do it non-stop all night long. She was a chick that could alone empty the balls out of tens of studs.

Then there was John Wesley, a black, huge guy. He was a wrestler in our school-team. He wasn’t really popular with the ladies, due to the fact that he was 6 foot 5 inches, but I had seen his member in the showers. Big, that’s what it was.

The three of us came to stand up in front of Heidi Simms, who finally let go of instructor Woods fat dick. Then Wesley and I opened our zippers and released our big cocks from their prison. Now I’m not saying I’m as big as Wood or Wesley, but I’ve managed to please all the women I’ve slept with. Lauren Berry had already taken off her t-shirt, and her light-brown nipples were standing up from anticipation. She was licking her lips.

“Okay group, this is what happens when you mess in my class. Ladies, gentlemen, fuck the soul off of this smoking hot slut!”

Who were we to argue with Wood? So we grabbed Heidi and started to strategise. Lauren decided that she wanted to lick every drop of pussy-juice out of Heidi’s slit, so we let her do just that. Lauren ripped off Heidi’s pants, and went in like a maniac. She buried her beautiful latina face into Heidi’s neatly trimmed pussy, and started licking and sucking like she needed it to keep herself alive.

As for me, I wanted a demonstration of the oral-skills that Heidi had shown before. I went up to her as she was panting from the sexual satisfaction that Lauren was giving her. I grabbed her thick braid and shoved my cock in her mouth. She was eager to please.

Wesley had been checking out Heidi’s sexy ass for a while now. So that’s where he went. Heidi had positioned herself on her stomach, so she could be licked, fucked in the ass and she could suck me off all at the same time. Her huge boobs were swaying back and forth, as Wesley entered her backdoor and started pumping her anus.

As we were displaying true team spirit in front of our training-group, they weren’t exactly doing nothing either. Everybody in the group was getting some sort of action. Some of the girls and guys were doing a 69, some were just fucking each other and some had such displays of gang-banging as us. There was one where one girl was getting four big cocks in her at once.

“Aren’t you participating, Mr. Wood?” I asked as I fucked Heidi’s cute and already cum-stained face. I was in heaven right now. I was pulling Heidi’s braid to make her suck my dick in deeper.

“Why, I’d be glad to do so, Connor”, Wood replied and came to stand next to me. He already had his illegal-sized member out in the open. Heidi grabben it with one hand and whacked away. Wood grunted with pleasure as this beautiful fuck-puppet was giving him a handjob worthy of a gold medal. I myself was coming close of blowing my load, and pulled my dick out of Heidi’s mouth.

She looked at me and tried to look serious being fucked by a guy in the ass, having her pussy eaten out and jerking the dick of our drill instructor. Everyone around us was grunting and having orgasms. “Why don’t you want me to suck you, Mark?” She asked me as she came once again from the co-operation of Wesely and Lauren. She had screamed out for more at least five times before this orgasm.

“’Cause I want to fuck your steaming pussy to hell and back, Heidi!” I replied and watched as Wesley shoved his huge cock inside Heidi for the last time. Then his dick began pulsating, spewing his load deep inside Heidi’s ass. Heidi came again.

I almost ran there where Wesley was growling out his exstacy. “May 
I?” I asked him as he was pulling out his dick. His body was shaking from the orgasm he had just experienced. “Sure man, be my guest.” He said and sat down on the grass. “Hey Lauren”, he continued. “Lets leave Simms’ pussy to Connor over here. Come here, I’ll suck you off.”

Lauren quickly obliged. Her pretty chin was wet from Heidi’s vaginal juices. Lauren gave me a quick jerk on my dick and went to sit on Wesleys face. It didn’t take long for her to start panting and moaning like all of the others around us. I didn’t hesitate for a minute, as I went and stuck my cock inside Heidi’s hot pussy with one big push.

Heidi gasped and yelled out another orgasm. She finally ripped off her sweat- and cum-stained t-shirt and started to sqeeze her small, sensitive nipples. Wood was blowing yet another load onto her face and tits. She screamed out in extacy: “Fuck me, Mark, fuck me to hell and back!” 

I would not let this wench down! I started to pump my groin into this love-machine that was calling out my name. She would not stay unsatisfied. I was going to fuck her to paradise and back.

I suddenly realized that everybody else had now been fucked, sucked and everything in-between. Now our whole group was staring at the last couple still going at it: me and Heidi. They were gathering around us and cheering us on. “Fuck her pussy, Mark!” Gina, my ex-girlfriend shouted out. Her boobs were covered in saliva and semen.
“Yeah, fuck her ass off, Connor!” Wesley shouted and the whole nude, sweaty and all-fucked-out group started chanting my name.

I pumped as hard as my muscles allowed me to, sinking all of my meat in Heidi’s steaming hot snatch. My balls were beginning to tighten, and I knew this was going to be my last chance to get this girl off, once and for all! I grabbed her vaginal lips with both my hands and started to violently massage her swollen clitoris. She was screming for more. I pumped even harder and rubbed even faster. Then I felt it.

Me and Heidi Simms came in one big bang together. At exactly the same time her pussy grabbed a tight hold of my penis, and I started to shoot all of my sperm into her hot pussy. I stood on my knees, in our doggy-style position for over half a minute and just shot more and more of cum inside this hot fuck-machine. Heidi screamed her lungs out and collapsed on the grass. We were both drenched with sweat, and Heidi’s asshole, pussy, face and tits we’re shot all over with cum. 

She looked at me and smiled. “Whew!” Wood yelled and pulled up his pants. “Now that’s what I call a lesson! Well class, you can all be proud of yourselves. Because you all got a big A on physical training on your report cards! Simms, don’t ever change!”
I was pretty sure that now that she’d experienced her “punishment”, she was certanly never going to.

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