MOO COW THREE - Shirly gets help

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Shirly Cheznick was losing her mind. She walked around the house calling pigs to come and fuck her. Her huge fat lactating breasts dripped milk all the time. Her kids could not empty them, nor her husband or father. As soon as they thought they had her sucked dry her tits were full again.

Shirly often ate her food off the floor rooting around and making grunting noises like a pig. Karl and Bill were beside themselves with worry. They loved this fat girl so much they would do anything for her. Her father Karl took his savings out of the bank and went to the city to find a psychiatrist. He found one who said he could help her. Bill signed the papers and Shirly was placed in a clinic. Karl and Bill got an apartment near by. Bill's aunt took care of the children.

Karl and Bill had a meeting with the psychiatrist. His name was Dr. Don Mathews He was a large fat man over six feet tall. He looked more like a wrestler than a doctor. Karl told him about the kids making fun of his daughter and how She was hurt by their teasing. That was why she dropped out of school.

"What did they say?" said the doctor.

"They called her a fat stinky pig, or stinky Cheezenick." said Karl.

"Look doctor, she once ate pig shit!" said Karl.

The doctor was silent for a moment and recalled his school days when the kids called him names. He smiled to himself when he remembered how he used to beat the crap out of the boys. The girls were another matter. They never ask him for a date. The girls made fun of him behind his back. To this day he was a lonely man and wished he had a woman in his bed.

Bill told the doctor about Shirly's lactating breasts.

"She needs to be milked often like a cow and fucked for a long time afterwards" said Bill.

"That's not a nice thing to say" chastised the doctor.

"It's true" said Karl.

The doctor looked at them sternly.

"Do you both have sex with her?" he ask.

"Yes, she is too much for one man." said Bill.

Don Mathews thought about that for a while. He had no sex life at all and these two men had a woman that could not get enough. Life was not fair.

Karl and Bill went back to their apartment. Dr. Don went to Shirly's room and unlocked the door. Shirly was laying on the bed mumbling to herself with tears in her eyes. Milk was weeping out of her full tits. The doctor locked the door behind him. He went to the girl and sucked her inch long round fat nipples.

The warm milk was sweet and wonderful. Shirly wiggled and moaned with appreciation.

"Please fuck me now lover" she begged.

Dr. Don did not waste any time. Her husband told him that she needed sex all the time so he would help her. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his prick. Before he could get his clothes off Shirly grabbed his dick and sucked it. Don had never had a blow job before. He closed his eyes and let it happen. His prick exploded cum into the girls mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. Shirly looked up at him and smiled.

"Thank you doctor."

"That was wonderful" she said.

Dr. Don left Shirly behind locked doors and summoned his staff. He told them he was closing the clinic for two months and everyone would have a paid vacation. The staff cheered the doctor and thanked him.

Dr. Don transferred his patients to another clinic. He would keep Shirly for himself. He knew that he was keeping this woman for unprofessional reasons. Psychiatrists were often flawed. He knew that he was one of those flawed psychiatrists

That night when everyone left he unlocked Shirley's door. She was sobbing uncontrollably.

"I want my husband and daddy" she demanded.

"I will call them and tell them" said Don.

"Really?" said Shirly.

Don Mathews went to the girl and dropped his pants. Shirly grabbed his prick and put it in her hungry mouth. She was sure that if she pleased the doctor and gave him another blow job he would let her go home. Shirly sucked it so hard it almost hurt the doctor. When he was ready to cum he pulled it out of her mouth and shot it on her breasts just like her father. This doctor must love her too she said to herself.. He was so nice to her. Don licked off his cum and sucked the milk out of her tits.

Dr. Don led Shirly out of the room and into the lobby. He undressed and played with his hard on in front of the watching smiling girl. He called her husband and father. He then kissed Shirly and stuck his fingers up her cunt. To his surprise her pussy was so wet it was dripping.

Dr. Don opened the door for Bill and Karl. They saw their precious love totally nude. Bill rushed to his wife and kissed her. Karl sucked her breast.

"I know why Shirly has been acting so strangely" he said.

"What is it?" said both men in unison.

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