Medicine by mouth - Part 6: Oral Olympics

(Part 1 from 4)

(Also starring the gorgeous blonde twins Paige and Penny, plus Debbie and (as always) JoAnne)

Lindsay was gorgeous. She wasn’t the exquisitely slim blonde girl who most men pictured as perfect. She had shoulder-length brown hair, and was a little bit ‘rounder’ than most models would be, but not at all fat. She was shapely, and on this day in Vancouver she proudly wore the tight, dark navy designer stretch jeans she had... and they looked WONDERFUL on her.

But Lindsay had a problem. In preparation for the upcoming deep throat competition that she was so much looking forward to (having been practicing on her entire older brother’s semi-pro football team for months), she had come to the hotel where almost all the competitors were staying these three weeks, and had immediately been drawn to the gift shop and their line of cock gags. What a PEFECT way for her to practice for her big event! She bought an 8-inch one and was so excited to try it she had the store clerk fasten it up for her.

“How is it?” the clerk asked her.

“Hgggggxxxkkkk!” Lindsay gurgled, happily giving two big thumbs up. It was perfect. All that day as she walked around downtown, she wore her gag proudly, along with another pair of sexy, lighter blue Guess Jeans and a sexy, pink t-shirt that read – “I’ve got an 8-inch cock wedged down my throat!” – that she just had to have. She even went up to a group of older tourists and handed one of them her camera to take a few pictures of her standing outside the shop, which she planned to email home to her mom and dad, plus all her co-workers out east.

“Smile and say cheese!” the old guy with the camera said, laughing inside.

“Hgggggggxxxxkkkk!” Lindsay answered, delighted to play along. This was all so much fun.

She even posed proudly for pictures for other people, who, on this first day of the Oral Olympics, still found it unusual to see so many beautiful women wearing cock gags like this, or piss gags, or actually kneeling to give blowjobs to total strangers right on the sidewalk.

And when guys asked her if they could call her for free blowjobs, she handed out her business card and emphatically pointed at her cell phone number so they’d know just how to reach her.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm!” she told them.

Naturally, her business card had her name plus the place where she worked, an employment agency called the Jobs for Free, that found jobs for those who needed them and were paid not by them, but the employer they had contracts with. Of course, one guy took her card and scribbled ‘Blow’ before the word ‘Jobs’, which Lindsay thought was very cute. That night, in fact, she’d spend an hour, her gag still in place, changing all her cards to read that way. And she started handing them out voluntarily. She wanted as much practice as she could get.

And practice she got, blowing as many as 50 guys every evening at the hotel. And all day every day at the Olympics, she wore her gag. She knew she couldn’t possibly win either the Intermediate Deep Throat Competition or the Intermediate Deep Throat Competition –Equine (she’d desperately wanted to, but never had gotten the opportunity back home to try herself out on a horse before)... but she wanted to make Mom and Dad and the girls back at the job shop proud.

And she already was doing that, sending home daily photographs of her at the Olympics with her gag or in the evenings kneeling to blow everyone from the various hotel bellhops to a group of 5 big black bikers in a parking lot, to a 93-year old Korean gentleman who needed both his granddaughters to steady him so he could stand as Lindsay blew him not once, not twice, but THREE times while photographers from several major newspapers snapped away to capture a heart-warming front-page picture for the daily edition.

How could the folks at home NOT be proud of their own Lindsay, on the front page of so many papers, kneeling to blow this ancient little Korean man, her big eyes focussed right at the camera on some front pages, and peering up so lovingly at the appreciative face of the wonderful old man she was blowing on others?

Mom was especially proud. “Those are the jeans I bought for you last summer, aren’t they?” she asked Lindsay on her cell phone that night.

“Hggggggggkkkkkkxxx,” Lindsay answered. But then she texted her to say ‘Yes’. Mom had told her to wear those same jeans often “because they make your bum look so lovely.” And Lindsay was doing so, in fact wearing them today, now three days before the first of the two main events she’d entered, the all-man event. And she was wearing them now, wondering how she was going to get out of her current predicament.

The problem was this. She’d returned to that same store to see if she could up-grade to a 10 or even 12-inch cock, and wondered if she could possibly “experiment with one” to see if she could tolerate it. It so happens that the store didn’t ORDINARILY allow girls to try on merchandise before paying for it. But Lindsay was famous now for blowing that old man, and they happened to have a 12-incher that was returned because it supposedly had a slightly defective buckle... “So what the Hell!”

And so the manager helped Lindsay into the gag, and Lindsay had done just that... gag, and gag, and gag.

“Oh, let me get it off you real quick,” the store clerk said, starting to fumble with the buckle.

But here’s the rub... the problem that the buckle had, and the reason that it had been returned... was that it WOULDN’T unbuckle. The poor girl who’d had it on had needed five people to try to unleash her before it finally came loose. If she’d returned it herself, so would have said that. But her sister had returned it, and had been in a rush.

Now Lindsay had this 12-inch gag in, a thick rubber 12-inch cock shoved all the way down her throat, and 5 people couldn’t get it loose. Nor ten. Nor twenty. All day Lindsay had been trying to get out of this thing, and couldn’t. But she didn’t want to cut it. Why not? Because she was starting to enjoy it. The problem was... she eventually needed to have it out before the events, or she couldn’t compete. Not to mention... how could she eat or drink anything?

But NO WAY would she destroy the thing! It was just too much fun to have. And she wanted to wear it as much as possible before her events, because she was sure that this gag WAS helping her: before she gagged constantly; now she only gagged once or twice a minute.

She DID want to be able to remove it sooner rather than later, though. Like, she’d already promised 73 guys blowjobs tonight, and she did NOT want to have to turn them away after they’d all been so nice to her (in truth, a few had been complete assholes... but she figured that “a cock is a cock” and she desperately wanted cocks to practice on right now.)

It’d taken her almost a half hour to text her mom the whole story. She might have been mad had she known that Mom and Dad hadn’t been able to stop laughing, but probably not. It WAS kind of funny.

In the end, her mom called her back to say that someone from the company that manufactured the gag was flying in herself to see what she could do, but wouldn’t be arriving until tomorrow, late morning at the earliest. Lindsay would have to sleep with the thing on. She didn’t really mind in terms of herself, but she did worry about the men who’d be showing up that night. But luck smiled on everyone, especially two lucky teens visiting with their grandmother from California. It happened that, when Grandma heard the story, she showed up at the hotel with her twin, just-18 year old blonde granddaughters, Paige and Penny, in tow and insisted that she be able to meet with that lovely young woman from Ontario “immediately”.

“Listen, young man,” she said, when the manager was hesitant. “I brought my granddaughters here to attend the Olympics, only to find out that my card hadn’t been processed right, and so the transaction never went through and we have no tickets. These two are here for 3 weeks, with no tickets, and they’re both bored out of their skulls. AND they’re supposed to be writing up their experiences here as a special school assignment. They need to be put to work, don’t you think?”

“But Madam... our policy is to always protect the privacy of...”

But by this point, Grandma, without taking her eyes off of the manager, had reached out with both hands to push Penny and Paige both down to their knees, and soon the hotel manager was stammering and stumbling, trying to speak while having his cock sucked by two lovely young blondes in the lobby.

The assistant manager was waved over for some reason but, before he could do anything, Penny had turned on her knees, reached up to undo his zipper, and had started up on him. Now the two managers just stared at each other, shell-shocked, while Paige and Penny sucked and Grandma just smiled.

“When they’re finished,” the manager finally said breathlessly, “I’ll bring you up there myself.”

Grandma nodded.

“Thank you, young man,” she said, smiling down at Penny and Paige and giving them a wink.

Minutes later, Grandma stood at Lindsay’s door telling her how much she and her granddaughters both admired what she’d done for that old man, and giving her no choice but to let Paige and Penny fill in for her tonight.

The two girls, very slim and petite blondes like Lindsay had once wanted to be, looked younger than 18, but Grandma showed Lindsay their ID and, once again, INSISTED that all these men “fuck Paige and Penny’s mouth until yours becomes available.”

“Hgggghhhhkkkkxxx?” Lindsay asked the girls, who shrugged and nodded. “It’ll be cool,” one of them said, nodding and glancing at the other, who nodded too.

They were both pretty enough, Lindsay thought. Both had long blonde hair that reached half way down their backs; both had very sweet teen faces, like Lindsay’s had been a few years ago; both had slim but lovely figures and wore tight pants and heels (Paige wore dark navy stretch jeans a lot like Lindsay’s, but a size zero instead of size 8; and Penny wore nice black pants) to go with pretty tops; and both were laughing from time to time... nervous laughter, perhaps?

Finally, Lindsay nodded. “Hmm hmm hmmmmmm hmm,” she said appreciatively to Grandma.

“No problem, dear,” she said.

Then Grandma kissed her two granddaughters on the cheek and told them to have fun, patting both of them lovingly on the bum as they passed her to enter Lindsay’s room.

“Hmm hmmmm,” Lindsay said again.

“You have a nice night. I’ll be by to pick them up in the morning,” Grandma said. And then she left.

As she was getting onto the elevator, a couple of big, burly black men were getting off. She purposely held the elevator door open to watch where they were headed, and was extremely pleased when they went right to Lindsay’s door. What a great way for Paige and Penny to start!

Sure enough, Grandma was barely walking out the front doors of the hotel as the two teens were dropping to their knees. And, passing three more punk-looking young men chattering about looking forward to fucking the throat of that Lindsay chick”, Grandma informed them politely that Lindsay was in room #1227; and that the woman herself was indisposed.

“But don’t worry. I just dropped my twin granddaughters off there, and they are VERY pretty, and you can most definitely ‘fuck their throats’ if you wish.”

Then she pulled out pictures she had of them. “THIS is what Paige and Penny look like,” she said, smiling smugly as the three men’s eyes lit up. “That’s Penny... and that’s Paige,” she indicated.

“How can you tell them apart?” the boy with studs in his lip asked.

“It’s easy for me. But if you boys can’t, each of you fuck both their mouths. They’d love that.”

“Thanks Grandma,” one of them said, very politely.

“You boys just have fun,” she said as she retrieved her pictures. And then she turned and left the hotel, smiling even more. She HOPED desperately that Lindsay would send her pictures.

Lindsay was, in fact, too busy on her knees coaching Paige and Penny on how to stuff these humungous black cocks into their mouths to take pictures at the moment.

“Hmm hmmm,” she cheered them on. Getting their mouths over the bulky cock heads was the biggest problem. Once they were past that, the two girls breathed easily.

“Hmm hmmm,” Paige waved cutely at her twin.

“Hmm hmmm,” Penny waved back.

Neither had ever even sucked a cock before their 18th birthday three days ago. This trip with Grandma was, in fact, a celebration of that. Since then, Grandma had pushed both of them down to their knees several times... virtually every time these two gorgeous girls were asked. And this happened quite a bit now in this suddenly very liberated town. But they hadn’t blown black men before... or cocks quite this big. They were both very excited now.

The two black men were very amused by the conversations that were going on between the three girls before them.

“Hmm hmmm hmmm,” Lindsay said.

“Hmm hmmmm?” Paige asked.

“Hmm hmmm. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmmm.”

“Hmm hmm hmm?” Penny asked.

“Hmm hmm.”

And so on... It was very, very cute.

Lindsay almost didn’t hear the knock on the door, but did eventually. When she opened it, 7 men entered... the three punk-boys, two men in their late twenties, and two seniors who were at least 70.

“Hmm hmmmmm,” Lindsay waved them in, pointing at where Paige and Penny were now rhythmically bobbing their heads, like twins in almost perfect unison.

Soon, Paige had five men crowding her and Penny four. Lindsay had no trouble handling several men at once, but wondered if this would be too much for the two teens. It wasn’t. Though they both only focussed on the huge black cocks in their mouths at the moment, until they shot, both planned to tackle at least two at once with the next round, if not all four. Somehow, the thought of having 4 or more cocks inches from their faces all aimed at their mouths was exciting to both of them.

‘I wish Grandma could see this,’ Penny thought to herself.

“Do you have a big mirror we can put up?” a guy asked about an hour into it, after Penny had blown 7 guys and Paige 6. “That way the girls can watch themselves.”

“They already are,” another answered. “They’re twins!”

“Hmm hmmmm,” Paige scolded him, playfully.

But the idea was a good one. The hotel HAD kindly lent Lindsay two stand-alone mirrors that first night so she could critically evaluate her own technique blowing men from two different angles. But when the crowds of men became so huge that she couldn’t even see the mirror anymore, she had tucked them away. But she still had them in the closet.

“Hmm hmmm,” she nodded, pointing to the closet. It would be great for the girls to actually see themselves.

“Luckily, one of the men in Paige’s current trio of men being blown (both girls were tackling three at a time now) got the idea to have the girls face opposite ways and be staggered so they could both see each other’s face; and then to put a mirror behind them, so one could both watch herself and admire the lovely ass of her sister (which, of course, they could easily imagine as their own, since they were so alike; in fact, though they’d dressed differently tonight, Penny had a pair of jeans just like Paige’s, and Paige had black pants just like Penny’s). This was quickly set up with the girls not even having to remove their mouths from the cocks they currently were sucking. They both just carefully scooted over on their knees to their new spots, and soon found themselves facing each other, albeit staggered, so they really could watch each other, so long as the crowd of guys cooperated and gave them a little viewing lane.

“For awhile, back off boys and let them enjoy each other,” one older man said. And Penny and Paige did, each gazing into the eyes of the other as their heads bobbed back and forth into the groin they were entertaining.

“Hmmm hmmmmm,” Penny said.

And through her current mouthful of cock, Paige laughed. Thank you SO MUCH, Grandma!

At around 2 AM, Lindsay went to lie down for a few minutes, but word had spread about the two twins; and so, despite more than one hundred men already having been blown, the room was as full as ever... and more continued to come. Penny and Paige had gotten used to looking over to see a line-up of eight men waiting for them, blowing three of them, and then looking up to see the line had grown by two more, to ten, and then 12, and then 15. The Olympics committee had foreseen this type of late night practice happening, and had arranged to have all the competitors stay at a hotel that only had suites, so Lindsay was able to disappear into the next room for a few hours and actually rest. She felt badly leaving the twins, but they were clearly having so much fun... and they most certainly weren’t alone!!!

She fell dead asleep, still fully dressed.

She only woke, in fact, at about 8 AM when her cell phone rang. It was Grandma. She wondered if things had quieted down and if her granddaughters were still sleeping or up and wanting for her to come get them.

“Hmm hmmm,” Lindsay answered, getting up and walking back to the other room. Opening the door, she was struck by how it was more packed with men than ever. Pushing through the crowd, she found the two girls, still on their knees, still bobbing their heads and alternating their mouths between four men at a time now.

Lindsay did the only thing she could think of, and handed the phone to Paige, who paused from bobbing her head.

“Hmmmm?” she said into the phone.

“Hmm hmmmm,” she said.

“Hmm hmmmm.”

“Hmm hmmmm.”

She then passed the phone over to one of the guys she was blowing.

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