Medicine by mouth : Part 5 - Oral Olympics

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Both Kim’s parents were fascinated by the intricate set-up. And both were absolutely thrilled to be allowed to participate in helping their daughter ‘strap into’ the wonderful device that, in essence, would transform Kim’s world-famous, cock-sucking mouth into a toilet for, hopefully, dozens and dozens of men over the next six or so hours.

Kim’s Mom’s main emphasis, in helping out, was to make sure that Kim continued to look as pretty as possible. That’s why she’d shown up at Kim’s hotel room at 5:30 that morning to help Kim get ready. There’d been a bit of confusion getting Kim unhitched from her two-way cock gag which she shared with her roommate Brooke, since Ms. Anderson had the key and Ms. Anderson was busy having her mouth gang-banged by more than fifty horny gay male escorts who’d been converging on her room every night since she’d arrived in Vancouver (miraculously, the talented teacher had even learned how to catch little bits of sleep while having her throat pummelled, a skill she intended to take full advantage of from now on). But, finally, the lovely blonde teacher/college dean had been able to signal to one of the guys where the key was and it had been handed to Mrs. Henry to let her go and release her daughter from the 8-inch hard rubber cock that had been fastened down her throat all night.

And so it was that Mrs. Henry helped Kim to pick out her sexiest looking light blue satin bikini panties, light blue front-pleated pants, a cute chain belt, black spike heels and a cute white blouse with ruffles to go with everything. Then, after Kim had bent over to admire her ass and cute panty-line in the large bathroom mirror, Mom helped her with her make-up as Kim watched her in the huge mirror in the bathroom. Mom knew just what to do to make Kim look her absolute best, starting with eye-liner and shadow, and combing out her lashes; then directing Kim as she put rouge on her cheeks; then guiding her again as Kim applied lip liner and finally lovely dark pink, glossy lipstick to make her mouth a veritable magnet for cocks of every size, age and shape. Finally, Mom started to lovingly comb Kim’s long, silky blonde hair.

“Is there anything I can do?” Mr. Henry, who’d been watching everything patiently, asked.

“Sure, Dear” Mom said, laughing inwardly at how hard it must have been for her husband to restrain himself for so long. She smiled warmly: “Why don’t you help Kim get her throat limbered up?” And she motioned for Kim to slide off her stool onto her knees, as Dad smiled hugely and stepped forward while undoing his zipper. For the next 30-40 minutes, Mom squatted down and continued to brush Kim’s hair to make it silky soft, while Dad did as instructed and lovingly fucked Kim’s throat.

“Go deep and hold still a minute, Honey,” his wife would tell him every so often, when she was brushing Kim’s hair in front or taking a second to evaluate her work. And, like every dutiful husband, he did as told, sliding his rod all the way down Kim’s throat until his belly bent her cute little nose.

“It’s looking lovely, Kim,” Mom would say. “Don’t you think, Honey?” she’d glance up at her husband.

“You do look LOVELY, Kim,” he told his daughter, who could only peer up at him silently.

At this point, Kim could say nothing; but, other than glancing briefly at the mirror, she trusted her parents implicitly.

“You can start up again, Honey,” Mom told Dad.

And he did... immediately resuming, each time starting up again by ramming his cock repeatedly down Kim’s throat for a minute or two to make it extra hard again before resuming a nice, steady, relaxing pace. Mom waited patiently while Dad thrust wildly, just smiling lovingly at her daughter from mere inches away. Mrs. Henry was SO proud! She resumed her work tenderly combing Kim’s hair once Dad’s dick was hard and he was pumping less violently.

One of the biggest challenges, Mom decided, would be keeping Kim’s lipstick from smearing everywhere, since invariably they would become wet with all the urine that would be coming the girl’s way. The event organizers had demonstrated the OT devices in detail the day before, and Kim had enjoyed a fun 4-hour trial on one, during which time it came clear that the funnel emptying into each girl’s had been specially designed to minimize all messes. Solid waste, for example, could not possibly end up on the girl’s face, because the funnel had a small trap door that opened and closed in conjunction with the girl’s mouth... when she opened her mouth wide enough, the door would open, only then allowing the next deposit to descend. The trap doors themselves would prevent anything from going astray, onto lips or elsewhere.

“Don’t forget to open your mouth wide enough, Sweetie,” Kim’s mom reminded her, several times that morning.

And, once it was in the girl’s mouth, there was nowhere for the solid deposit to go but ‘down the hatch’. Very cool!

Liquid waste was a little different, in that there was a tube that would only ‘open up’ when the girl wrapped her lips around it. This would cause a rush of fluid into the girl’s mouth, such that she’d have to continuously swallow to avoid spillage. THIS was where the lipstick could smear. Luckily, one of Mom’s church buddies had express-shipped a special lipstick she’d just found that was guaranteed NOT to. Kim was overjoyed when it arrived the evening before, and especially to see its deep sexy pink colour, given that this was her favourite shade. As soon as she finished blowing the 9 nice old men visiting Canada from Japan that her parents had met that day and invited over to their hotel room “for drinks and blowjobs”, she rushed into the bathroom to put some on and try it out. Her mom quickly set up a good little trial for her, making sure Kim boarded the chartered bus bringing girls downtown to work for about 5 hours (from 8 until about one); and then ‘borrowing’ about twenty of Ms. Anderson’s gay throat bashers, for when Kim arrived back at the hotel.

The 20 gay men were an even better test than the 30 or so blowjobs Kim gave downtown, because these men entertained themselves by fucking each others’ assholes while awaiting their turns in the pretty blonde teen’s mouth. Bowel mucous and feces weren’t quite as liquid-like as urine, but giving blowjobs would add a friction component that should more than make up for the difference.

A fun twist was that at least half the guys Mom selected for Kim were cross-dressers, so mom and dad both pulled their cameras out to capture dozens and dozens of flattering pictures of Kim blowing all these fat, hairy guys wearing nylon and satin panties.

“Say Cheese!” Mom said as Kim angled her face as much as she could towards the cameras, a huge dirty cock in her mouth and her nose pressed half into belly hair, half into satin and lace.


“It still looks good!” Mom announced every time Kim paused to pop her mouth off between gay guys. “But you still need to swallow as fast as you can, Sweetie,” she told her, as she hurriedly waived the next couple of guys over to take their place in front of Kim.

Of course, Mom knew that Kim already knew how to swallow piss. Beyond everything she’d done as part of the Semen for Women Study, she’d been practicing with the boys from school for months. In short, ever since Kim had been chosen for the Olympics, during class time, her mouth had been ‘open for business’ as a urinal for any boy in her class who needed one. Kim’s teachers were delighted when Mr. Stanner announced this new policy over the intercom. Now, instead of all these boys disappearing for 10 minutes mid way through their 90-minute classes to go use the bathroom or just lollygag in the hall, they just used Kim, who’d quickly kneel next to her seat to accommodate them, often giving them a quick 2-3 minute blowjob too. At first, there’d been a bit of trouble, as boys pushed and shoved to use the water fountain before every class. But, within a few days, all Kim’s teachers started handing out free bottles of water (kindly donated by a local water company) to all the boys at the door so they could ‘tank up’ in class... it was a delightful and healthy solution to a sticky problem.

This meant, of course, that Kim was on her knees all day, but that was hardly new. Besides, there had been a big emphasis in the schools to provide less theoretical knowledge that students would never again use, and more ‘practical’ skills. As such, once girls at St. George’s turned 18, they were strongly encouraged to follow Kim’s lead. Every senior class now had at least one, if not two or three girls on their knees at all times. So swallowing fast enough would NEVER be a problem for Kim or most of her pretty female classmates.

Another challenge that Mrs. Henry thought would have to be overcome would be highlighting Kim’s gorgeous little ass, since the girl would be in this contraption for 6 hours straight. But she needn’t have worried, because the designers had all been ass-men too. Instead of lying flat on their backs, as one might expect for a 2-way oral toilet, the girls would still be on their knees; the clear fibreglass funnel and piss tube entering into their mouths would have a gradual curve ultimately creating a 90 degree angle. And the guys would stand or take their throne on a large sturdy see-through platform above the girls’ heads, so the girls could watch them and the progress of any waste headed their way. Meanwhile, the fans would mostly be seated behind and to the sides of the girls, so the girls themselves (including their sweet little asses) would remain visible at all times. Yet another problem solved.

And that is why Mom and Dad had shown up to help Kim get ready. They knew that this competition would be unlike all the others – Kim had already proven she could suck cocks of any size, shape, colour, taste and species, in quantity, as well as anyone except perhaps JoAnne G. But this would be different.

“How do you like her hair now, Honey?” she asked her husband.

“Ughh, ughh, ughh, it, ughh, ughh, looks, ughh, ughh, great!” he said, breathlessly. And he wasn’t lying. It truly did.

As helpful and appreciated as it was for Dad to fuck Kim’s throat at home, he was even MORE useful when they arrived at the Olympic site and the time came for Kim to be strapped in. Himself an engineer, Mr. Henry was far more mechanically-minded than his wife, and was happy to explain all the various straps and cuffs that would secure Kim’s head and wrists, and how the ‘trap door’ for stool and tube for piss worked. He also was the one Kim wanted to try out the contraption first. Mom watched with great interest as her husband sat on the throne and squeezed out a huge offering.

“Open your mouth, Sweetie,” she told Kim. And the girl did.

Kim had already had a good laugh about how Mom had been insisting that Dad eat nothing but bran cereals for breakfast and salads for supper for the past several days, just for this event.

“Rabbit food” Dad had called it, with a smile. But, even though he’d repeatedly eyed the juicy steaks on the plates of so many other diners, he’d been delighted to “make this sacrifice” for his Kim.

Of course, it wouldn’t only be Kim who’d benefit. The event organizers, again demonstrating tremendous savvy as to what physically-present and TV audiences would want, had cleverly created another ‘centre stage’, featuring Kim (the young darling of the Olympics) at the centre, the incomparable JoAnne to her immediate right, and my other girlfriend Nadine, to Kim’s left. Interestingly, at either end of that 5-toilet centre stage were Xeina and Kelly the Dallas cheerleader. JoAnne wore one of her patented panty suits – a white half-sweater (reaching just to her belly button), hot pink satin bikini panties (that matched both her own and Kim’s lipstick) and pink heels. Nadine wore a tight, light blue t-shirt with dark navy-blue stretch jeans, plus black heels. Xeina wore a white blouse with front-pleated grey pinstriped pants and black heels... very, very business-like and sexy And Kelly, of course, wore her Dallas cheerleader uniform, including skin-tight, white hot-pants and white high-heeled boots.

And so Mr. Henry, thanks to his wife’s dietary direction, got up from Kim’s ‘seat’ and immediately shuffled (with his pants still down) over to JoAnne’s, which he’d already been invited to ‘enjoy’ by JoAnne herself, before she’d had her head strapped into place. Xeina, being the next closest girl, got to feast on his final contribution, though he promised himself that he would partake of Nadine and “that sexy cheerleader” later. Note: Being a long-time Cleveland Browns fan, the thought of “browning” the cheery mouth of a Dallas cheerleader, in uniform, was just too good for him (or the media, it turns out) to pass up.

While this happy scenario was unfolding, the final round of the Best Cocksucker Competition for Intermediates was already underway. And, already, there had been one amazingly pleasant surprise. Out of nowhere, a beautiful, 23-year old Russian girl named Tatiana, now living in Ontario and working as a book store manager, had so impressed the judges with her sweet looks, cute accent and personality, and her adept and enthusiastic handling of 30 horny men, 5 horses and 4 dogs, that they’d given her a 99.0% score. It would not be enough to vault her into a medal, since she’d started the round in 53rd place (she’d ultimately finish a VERY respectable 11th); but it meant that her days as a book store manager were over, and a great new career as a porn star and full-time prostitute and professional escort had begun.

Within seconds of hearing her score, this dainty little Russian with long, dirty-blonde hair was on her knees surrounded by male reporters and pimps trying her mouth out for themselves. It turns out that the ONLY reason she’d done so average in the first two rounds was that she’d been nursing a bad cold, and could hardly breathe through her nose, rendering cock-sucking and, in particular, deep-throating, rather difficult. Fortunately for her and for men everywhere, she’d woken up on the day of the long program with her cute little nose free and clear, and her desire to make everyone back home in Ontario and Russia proud of her had caused her to throw caution to the wind and use her throat as a sex organ for all 39 cocks that came her way. Her sweet, smiling face and eyes and petite little ass (in black pants) had done the rest. By the end of this day, she’d be signed on with TWO Vancouver pimps, and already had called her mom to have her start arranging to have all her things packed up and shipped so she could begin her exciting new life as a full-time professional whore in Vancouver.

And, in a heart-warming display of generosity, an elderly gentleman still running a small stable in Surrey gifted her with a big male black Labrador retriever named Spark and a beautiful, chestnut-coloured stallion named Chester (one of the horses Tatiana had enjoyed during her long programme), in exchange for blowjobs from her for him and his three sons, as well as her special brand of oral attention for his eight dogs and the 11 other horses boarding at the stable whenever she came for her weekend visits. And both her pimps were nice enough to agree to let her have Sundays off to do just that, so long as she worked a few extra hours on all the other days.

“Hmm hmmmm!” she thanked the two of them, enthusiastically.

Back at the OT event, interest was building to a fever pitch. This was largely because this was the one and only event JoAnne G. had entered in which no one really knew for sure if she’d win. Clearly, she was a lock to win any event that involved her sucking cocks. Even drinking piss was something she was amazing at. But this event had that new wrinkle of solid waste that left everyone puzzling: could JoAnne be bested?

Truth be told, none of the 18 girls who’d braved this competition had done anything like this before. Six hours of letting her mouth be a willing receptacle for both one AND two was a lot to ask of any girl, no matter how famous and accomplished a cocksucker she was. One of the girls, in fact, was the same blonde whom Kim had seen enjoying a log on a bun a couple of nights before, who’d merely been enjoying another one of them with her friend that morning when one of the OT event supervisors accidentally bumped into her. As it turns out, another blonde had gotten cold feet and dropped out of the competition, and the supervisor - an older, heavy-set woman with a somewhat stern, schoolmistress-like face - was in a panic trying to find another blonde to take her place and round out the field. Seeing this gorgeous young sweet-faced blonde, in sexy tight jeans, a t-shirt that read ‘I’m a cock-sucking blonde slut and PROUD of it’ and heels, and obviously enjoying a log for BREAKFAST had been too good to be true, so she just took hold of the girl’s arm and said “Please come with me” while leading her away. The girl followed obediently, having no idea what this was about, as her girlfriend watched helplessly.

Things were so rushed they almost forgot to get this new blonde’s name before they’d finished strapping her into her OT device. It turned out that her name was Brianna, and they’d only thought of asking her what her name was so they could enter her into ALL seven remaining events the other blonde had signed up for, in case that blonde didn’t show up for them either.

“That’s okay with you, isn’t it?” the stern older woman asked Brianna as the tubes for solids and liquids were moved into their final position.

“Hmm hmmm,” Brianna nodded. But then she popped her mouth off the tubes to worriedly ask “I STILL get to be in them if the other blonde shows up, don’t I?”

“Do you want to be?” the supervisor asked her, her face still stern.

“Hmm hmmm!” Brianna said emphatically, the tubes having been moved back into place in her mouth.

Added to the extreme demands of the OT event were the men themselves. Since the scoring system involved a total tally of all B & B relieved, with points docked for spilling, and points added for looking extra cute or sexy (so called artistic merit), how quickly the men went was a potentially huge factor. All a girl needed was a few stopped-up guys who took forever to go, and her chances for gold could be irreparably damaged. The organizers HOPED that the ‘man factor’ would balance out over the six hours... but that remained to be seen.

So again, as the whistled sounded to signal the first ‘users’ to climb up onto their seats, at exactly 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, no one really knew what to expect.

Happily, two hours into it, what was transpiring was a hotly contested event... with at least ten girls all within a couple of B&B points of each other. Among them were JoAnne and Kim, plus Nadine, Xeina, Kelly, Brooke, and the lovely Ms. Anderson: it turns out that the same competitiveness that drove these girls to be such amazing cocksuckers was working for them here too... none of these girls hesitated at all when their mouths filled up, regardless of what it was. Brianna remained in the running too, not so much because she’d used her mouth competitively before, but because she just loved the tastes she was experiencing. There was clear joy on her face every time she got to open her mouth wide to accept another big treat.

As planned, Mr. Henry got to ‘Cleveland Brown’ the Dallas cheerleader Kelly on national TV, having been briefly interviewed right before he climbed up onto the platform to find out how much he was looking forward to this.

“It’ll be like the 1969 playoffs again,” he smiled, recalling a legendary (for Browns’ fans) end-of-season pasting of the Cowboys.

Later, after the event, they asked Kelly what she thought of Mr. Henry and she just laughed... “He’s sweet,” she said. “He can fuck or dump in my mouth anytime.” And then she added: “Go Cowboys! Woo hoo!” At which point a Chargers’ fan immediately shut her up by pushing her down to her knees and driving his 9-inch rod hard down her throat.

“Hmm hmmmmmm! Hmm hmmmmmmm! Hmm hggggggghhhhhhxxxx!” she continued to cheer, still waving her hands proudly in the air and wiggling the ass of her sexy white hot pants.

Elsewhere, an event that had received relatively little attention until the last moment had been the Six-on-One Synchronized (SOS) Circle race, in which each girl kneeled in the centre of six guys, ranging in age from 20 to 79 (one per decade), and blew each of them to completion. The secret was to bring all six men to climax as near to the same time as possible, but also to do this against time. Medals and final standings were awarded by taking each girl’s total time, and adding to it the length of time between the first and last man’s climax, to generate a final score. That was a trick, and strategy was a big part of the event. Should a girl, for example, blow three cocks at a time and hope to blow the latter group of three extra quickly? Or should she strategically bring all 6 men to the point of maximum arousal together? Or maybe something in between (like 4 and 2)? And should she start with the older guys and assume they’ll be harder to arouse... or might the older men be quicker to climax?

Most of the really big names, like JoAnne and Kim, had elected to forego the competition involving only 6 blowjobs, for a later one that involved 15 (into which the new blonde Brianna had been entered as well); so this event had the potential for relative unknowns to win medals. But it also meant that most people’s attention was elsewhere.

But then, at the last minute, organizers found that amazing Russian girl named Tatiana on her knees in the crowd; and, given that she had finished her Best Cocksucker long programme mid morning and otherwise was done for the day, they asked her to enter the Intermediate division SOS race, both to round out the field with 48 competitors; and to bring her energy, enthusiasm and sudden popularity into the event. She was delighted. The juniors in the SOS competition had already finished their first round, with 48 girls competing over 4 heats (12 girls kneeling during each heat), starting at 8 o’clock that morning and progressing with one heat every hour. This would reduce to 16 in the second round in the afternoon, where two heats would each involve 8 girls; and then down to eight in a single final heat that evening. But, right now, it was time for the Intermediates to start, with all the Senior girls going tomorrow.

Tatiana, who no one had ever even heard of before that morning, suddenly was considered a favourite for a medal in the Intermediates SOS competition, and all the media was drawn to following this heart-warming Cinderella story of the pretty brunette Russian girl who rises from nowhere to potentially become a world-renowned cock-sucking champion. As soon as one media person found out that Tatiana had been ‘recruited’, a swarm of them headed over to interview this young star in the making. Of course, no sooner had she arrived on site than she was driven down to her knees to start ‘practicing’ on the media itself. But the interviews carried on nonetheless, to Tatiana’s delight.

A volunteer had to push his way through the crowd to finally retrieve Tatiana as her heat approached. Of course, some guy from TV news had come up with the idea to have Tatiana give a demonstration of blowing 6 at one time, and she was in the middle of this. But her heat was not for another 20 minutes, and she swallowed her 6th load of this group with more than 3 minutes to spare.

“Thank you,” she called back, with just a trace of her former Russian accent, to the men she’d been able to practice on as she was led through the crowd to her spot on the stadium floor.

“And there you have it,” the reporter announced to over 100 million viewers, “yet another lovely girl off to make her mark in the noble art of cock-sucking.” And then the camera slowly panned down to where a pretty, auburn-haired station intern, named Taylor, who’d already blown the rest of the TV crew, still was working on him.

As Tatiana was settling into position and preparing to enjoy 6 men at one time, JoAnne, Kim, Nadine, Xeina, Kelly and the others in the OT event were three hours into their competition. Sadly, a couple of girls had dropped out... but the rest remained. And the result was still too close to call. Xeina, in fact, was in first place, having relieved 23 men of their various excretions. But JoAnne and Kim were right behind; and all but three of the girls were still in the running for some sort of medal. Kim’s parents had been concerned early, when she had seemed to falter under a couple of slow-moving older gentlemen. But then she caught up when two of the next three men could barely hold themselves until they got onto their seat. Kim had to chew and swallow fast to keep up with both of them. But she managed; and suddenly, she was in the top three again.

“Go Kim!!!” whooped Mom.

“On your mark!”

Tatiana’s eyes stared straight ahead at the groin she had decided to tackle first, that of a very nice, though quite overweight 79-year old retired banker from Surrey. Yes... her plan was to start with the three oldest men first, and add one more, in decreasing age, every time one of her men shot his load, hoping that the second and third would go quickly, and she’d already be started on the next round of three.

“Get set!”

The girls had been instructed to stay with their bums on their feet until the whistle blew, before they could rise up into whatever kneeling position they wanted. Tatiana had already decided she wanted to kneel upright, at least to start. She was wearing tight white pants and had a very nice ass and panty-line (she knew about white satin bikini panties showing best under white pants), which she figured would help to make and keep the other men in the circle hard.


The whistle sounded, and 12 girls lunged upright and forward. Tatiana had to push a bit to get her mouth around the still shrunken cock lying beneath a large pannus of belly fat, but soon her mouth closed lovingly around the suddenly twitching cock of her newest boyfriend; and it wouldn’t stay soft long. Doing what just seems to come naturally to sexy blonde Russian girls, her talented mouth soon had this old man starting to thicken and rise, as her hands waved the next two oldest men (65 and 58) closer to her. The big belly in front of her made seeing the other two men a bit difficult, but she managed. And, before long, the cock in her mouth had grown to enormous proportions, making all that belly fat more than worth it as she plunged virtually octogenarian man-meat all the way down her throat. What a sweet old man! She hoped she’d get to have throat sex with all six men.

Meanwhile, now that his daughter Katie had finished her Six-on-One competition, Principal Stanner and his wife wandered over to the Oral Toilet Event to see how Kim and Brooke were doing. Kim continued to be in the top three with Brooke not far behind. They hadn’t been there ten minutes when Mrs. Stanner whispered something in his ear.

“Isn’t St. George’s planning on letting the mens’ college next door use our gym all next year while they expand their own?” she asked.

“Yes,” he nodded, a bit puzzled by the question.

“And isn’t it true the board has yet to vote on building a boy’s bathroom?” she then asked.

“Yes, St. Michael’s wants it but they don’t have the money to pay for it and neither... do... we.” And then Principal Stanner smiled. What a GREAT idea! Instead of building a whole new room, with plumbing and everything, they could just have someone design a few of these oral toilet devices, put them in the big lobby, and have the girls take turns. The girls’ mouths and throats would be all the plumbing the men would need. Of course, the board would still have to vote on it, but he was 100% certain it would pass. ‘I’ll just have Kim and Brooke give a half-day demonstration of how it works to the board itself and promise to have them train all the other girls,’ he thought to himself.

Mrs. Stanner saw his smile and added: “I’m sure we could find young men wanting to use our gym EVERY year, for a very reasonable monthly fee. It’d even be a fun summer job for some of the girls, don’t you think? And I’ll bet that Mr. Henry would be delighted to build them for you for free. He’s an engineer, isn’t he?”

Principal Stanner nodded. “I LOVE how you think, Honey,” he said to his wife, kissing her, and then getting up to go speak to Kim’s father.

Tatiana worked feverishly on the three cocks in front of her. Trying to resist the urge to look around to see how the other girls were doing, she tirelessly bobbed her head to and fro, sliding these three older shafts all the way down her throat with each forward plunge. Meanwhile, the three men behind her were having to use every inch of restraint they had not to masturbate, seeing how sexy the blonde Russian girl’s bum looked in those tight white pants and underlying panties. They were all extremely hard.

Also in the heat was a 23-year old full-time prostitute from Brazil, named Kelli, who was impressing everyone with the tight seat of her blue jeans and her obvious oral fervour for cock. Like Tatiana, she had started with her three oldest cocks first, and all of them were now rock hard and as thick as posts. It wouldn’t be long now before SHE started to taste the fruits of her hard labour.

Having become one of the latest darlings of the Olympics, of course Tatiana had dozens of TV and newspaper cameras trained on her the entire time. And she’d been told that, in the spirit of these particular games, all athletes were expected to ‘play to the cameras’ as much as possible. And she did. She knew how proud her entire family would be seeing her like this on television, especially given the worldwide audience, so her eyes continuously found the cameras, alternating between them and the down-looking faces of the men she was satisfying.

It was at 3:15:11 (3 minutes, 15 seconds and 11 hundreds of a second) that the oldest gentleman’s load filled Tatiana’s mouth. And she quickly opened wide to show the judge who’d been assigned to her. He nodded recognition, put a check in his book, and she swallowed. One down; five to go. She felt a bit sad seeing the fat old man step away, as she had quite enjoyed blowing him. But there was no time for sentiment and no time to lose; so she immediately latched onto the cock to her right while waving for one of the three men standing behind her to step forward. Finishing off the first cock so quickly could either help or hurt her, depending on how quickly she got the rest of the men to shoot. So she immediately quickened her pace.

Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...” she grunted quietly with each forward thrust.

Meanwhile, Kelli the professional slut was receiving the first fruits of her labour, at 3:27:66, placing her currently in second place.

Elsewhere, Mr. Stanner and Mr. Henry were in deep negotiations.

“Of course I’ll do it,” said Mr. H, his eyes wandering over towards where his daughter was busy using her tongue to deftly guide a 14th formed offering down her throat. “But Kim will definitely want plenty of time scheduled for her. At least a couple of hours every day, I expect... and much more than that over the summer.”

“I’m sure we can accommodate Kim’s every wish,” beamed Principal Stanner, as the two men shook hands. Kim can have a full-time summer job if she wants. “And so can you, Katie,” he said, glancing down with a big smile to where the perky teen was on her knees satisfying both himself and Kim’s father.

“Hmm hmmm,” Katie beamed.

Over the first 7 days of the Oral Olympics, Russian girls had generally taken a back seat to girls from Canada, the US, Sweden and Japan. But, on this day in this event, it was a girl originally from Russia (albeit currently living in Canada) who was the media darling. Later, during the few moments over the next week or so when she didn’t actually have a cock in her mouth, she would explain that, growing up in Russia in an apartment in Moscow living with her parents, three older brothers, one uncle and her mother’s father, once she was old enough, she’d been the one called upon to relieve all the family’s pent-up frustrations. And living as a relatively poor family in Russia had brought more than its share of frustrations to them all.

“Did you ever blow all six men at once?” Kaitlin the reporter asked her, on a morning when she had no event of her own to go to.

“Hmm hmmm,” Tatiana shrugged, her mouth full again as that particular brief moment of having her mouth free of cock had surely ended. She couldn’t remember, but maybe she’d had.

“Hmm hmm hggggghhhhhkkkxxxx,” Kaitlin then said, for first her mouth and then immediately her throat became full again too.

Whether or not she’d blown six at once before, on this day Tatiana’s eager mouth, aided by the spectre of her gorgeous little ass, did everything it had to, to bring the remaining five to climax quickly. Bobbing her head back and forth smoothly and rhythmically but with considerable pace; altering the angle of her head with each thrust to let her tongue work a slightly different area of the shaft in her mouth with each slide; titling her head back ever-so-slightly with each pull back to really drive her tongue into the shaft’s underside; using not just her mouth but her tight little throat with every thrust; and keeping her eyes open at all times, peering up at the men she was blowing almost pleadingly... all of this had an amazing effect on the men. Add to this the white pants and clearly-visible bikini panty-line; and how she also skilfully shifted the angle of her back and little bum with every thrust, while keeping the pants’ material tight against the curves of her ass... and she had several of the judges, her own personal observer, and several cameramen cumming in their pants too.

And so it was that her remaining men filled her mouth with semen at 4:09:51, 5:51:72, 6:32:01; 7:23:91, and 9:01:03. Her combined score of 14:85:95 was enough to give her second place in the heat, just 37 hundreds of a second behind Kelli. Everyone was pleased that these two girls definitely were moving on to the next round, along with two other girls: a girl named Ineke from the Netherlands, and a very slim but sexy girl named Danna from India.

Exhausted by the rapidity with which she’d had to blow her six SOS men, Tatiana insisted that she be allowed to take her time with each of the 15 or so male spectators who immediately rushed forward to help her fill time before her second heat.

“Hmm hmm!” she told them with mock sternness when they started to crush her.

Over the next 3 hours, Tatiana calmly blew these 15 men and several more, all the while signing autographs for dozens and dozens of mostly young women, who stepped forward to meet their newest hero. It was a trick, but the blonde Russian soon became adept at signing everything from blow-up pictures of herself giving head to the girls’ own satin panties, with one of her arms reaching between the legs of whatever guy she was blowing so she could use her right hand while holding the item to be signed in her left.

“Hmm hmmm,” she said encouragingly to each girl who stepped forward. Of course, any and all pretty girls of age soon found themselves pushed down to their knees too, so everyone had fun.

In the end, after the second and final rounds had been completed, in the Junior division, St. George’s own Stephanie added to the talented school’s totals with a silver medal, while Stacey Staples, also from Ontario, won gold and the Swedish blonde named Hanna took home a well-deserved bronze, continuing to blow her last man to climax at the same time he was taking a huge, long piss. She backed off only once, but kept her mouth open wide to catch the entire stream. And then she latched on again to resume sucking within a second or two while the stream still was going full bore. Piss started streaming out her nose, but she kept going. It was VERY impressive. Later, when asked, Hanna admitted that she was a full-time Escort back in Sweden, mostly blowing men at a seniors’ home where “most of the men piss while I’m blowing them.”

Katie, the principal’s daughter, came fifth, which didn’t disappoint him in the least. “Knowing my Katie,” he said, proudly, “she’s going to be sucking cocks of every size, shape, colour and species, 24/7/365 for the next 2 years to prepare for Dallas.” (Note: the next Oral Olympics would be in 2013 in Dallas, where the cheerleader and cowgirl themes were certain to be front and centre; and where several events involving bulls were already rumoured to be in the planning.)

Tatiana roared back from being second to Kelli in both heats to win the finals and take gold, with Kelli winning silver and a Japanese girl named Aiko, who was a boys’ boarding school teacher back home in Tokyo, winning bronze.

And in the OT Event, JoAnne ultimately proved her amazing worth by winning yet again, with Xeina taking silver and Kim bronze, which prompted her dad to make the amusing comparison between the colour of Kim’s medal and her tongue, to which everyone laughed. Brianna, interestingly, came a surprising fifth, immediately placing her on her knees having her throat reamed by dozens of reporters while being watched by that same stern supervisor, who for the first time had a subtle but nonetheless very proud smile on her face.

Everyone was very pleased that Xeina won silver, because it had been Xeina who had been stuck in an OT device while practicing the day before. In short, she truly had ‘earned’ her medal. Funnily enough, though they say lightening never strikes the same place twice, after today’s actual event, one girl got stuck in her device again... and it again was Xeina. But she didn’t mind. Thrilled at having won a medal, she happily waived away the man who came with a pair of scissors to cut one of her straps.

“You’re SURE?” he asked the gorgeous girl whose mouth had already swallowed a lifetime of human waste.

“Hmmmm,” she squealed, pushing away his scissors and pointing for HIM to use her seat.

“Okaaaaay!” he said laughing nervously, before climbing up onto the platform, lowering his pants, and resting himself down.

Xeina continued to waive away anyone carrying scissors, a screwdriver or any other kind of tool, until finally, after a couple of hours, the event supervisor came over and informed Xeina that they’d stop bothering her, and that he himself would be back when the day was done, sometime after midnight.

Xeina gave him a big ‘thumbs up’ sign.

It ended up that the sexy receptionist stayed in place for yet another 9½ hours, playfully wiggling, sensually rubbing, and otherwise showing off her breathtaking little ass in her pin-striped pants, while allowing anyone and everyone, who wanted to, to try out the throne and enjoy her mouth. Finally, just short of 3 a.m., she permitted a different supervisor to let her loose, so she could go home and rest up for the next day’s 15-in-one event. To everyone’s relief, none of the straps actually had to be cut or unscrewed to release her. The buckle came off so easily, it became clear that the person who’d initially tried to release Xeina had just tried to release the various straps in the wrong order.

“I’m sorry Xeina,” the older supervisor said, trying unsuccessfully not to laugh.

“Noooo problem,” Xeina said, shaking her head in mock disgust, but smiling sincerely as she eagerly dropped down to her knees to thank him for all the fun she’d had that day.

The next day, my other girlfriend (besides JoAnne) named Nadine ran away with the Senior Six-in-One competition, getting all 6 men to cum into her mouth within 57 seconds of each other, just before the 11-minute mark. Previously a mild-mannered weather reporter for TV news, who nonetheless used to blow every male at the station on a regular basis, Nadine met JoAnne and me more than ten years ago, and quickly became both an amazing professional cock-sucking slut and my ‘second girlfriend’, sharing a house and bed with the two of us. She still did the weather news; but her true loves were sucking my cock, JoAnne’s pussy, and the cocks of dozens and dozens of other men every week. The previous day, in the OT event, she’d worn tight jeans; but today she’d dressed much as she usually did in the news, in a flowery light blue satin blouse, navy blue dress pants and black heels; and even wore her TV station name tag. No doubt, getting to pork and cream the mouth of a beautiful blonde TV reporter had contributed to the men being as horny as they were. But it was the decade or so of dedicated practice on over 30,000 men that really won her the gold. I was so proud of her, I kept her on her knees for the next 7½ hours, being throat fucked several times by me, and by every other available ‘big boy’ I could find. Her station producer handed her a microphone and had her do a ‘mock weather report’ while having her mouth fucked by two men, and she proved again how adept she was in both roles.

In second came a very sexy-looking 38-year old woman named Carol, from San Francisco, who looked and dressed like she was a secretary from the sixties, with long curly light brown hair and wearing a satin-patterned blouse with light brown, front-pleated polyester pants. In truth, she was a mom of two teenage girls, who had started turning tricks when her husband left her 3 years earlier to make ends meet. Now she worked with an escort agency during the day when her girls were at school. Her favourite TV programs were all from the sixties and that’s why she dressed the way she did. Seeing her on her knees blowing 6 guys at once was like watching ‘retro porn’. But she definitely was skilled. Her combined time of 14:01:31 was far short of Nadine’s record-setting pace; but she still earned herself a medal and an automatic invitation into both a canine and equine event, in addition to the other two blowjob events and piss-drinking and cum-drinking events she already had enrolled in.

And, placing the small Canadian province of Newfoundland on the cock-sucking map for the first time by winning bronze was a very pretty, dirty-blonde (blonde streaks, to be honest) airline stewardess named Treena, who wore her hair in a ponytail and her black and blue flight uniform, including black pants that were tight and shiny (I don’t think they were satin, but they kind of looked it) and very flattering around her very shapely and highly enticing ass. Obviously having sucked dick many times in a cockpit before, she sank to her knees in this new ‘cock pit’ and did her airline proud. Her ‘in tight service’ included blowing all six men surrounding her over 12:17:14 seconds, with 2:04:01 minutes added to her score as the differential between her first and last cum-swallow, to give her a final score of 14:21:15. Immediately after she’d finished, she too was surrounded by cameras and reporters. And, in a delightful show of fun, one TV news producer handed her his belt and asked her to give her ‘in flight demonstration’ to the TV audience. Smiling broadly, she proudly welcomed everyone “to flight 652 from Halifax to St. John’s” and then was permitted to carry on for another fifteen or so seconds before the first hard cock was forcibly shoved into her mouth, and another moved right into place inches away from her mouth on the other side. Still smiling (at least, as best she could) she continued to describe all the safety features of her plane while having her throat fucked by two relentless cocks, her head turned from one to the other by strong hands as she continued her speech.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hggggggkkkkxxxxxx. Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm oxgen mask will drop down from the hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hhhhhggggggggkkkxxxxxxxx...” And so on. It was very fun. And, since she was one who had signed up for both the 6-in-one and 15-in-one competitions (the latter due to start the next day), as well as a 12-in-one race with horses, a strategic and very enjoyable race in which girls could choose the number of horses they wanted to work on (from 2 to 6), but needed to swallow 12 different loads (since horses can just keep shooting), her fun was destined to continue, starting up again the very next day.

In fourth place came the reporter named Kaitlin, whose station had decided they wanted a reporter with an ‘inside perspective’ in the events. It was no longer enough for her to be on her knees sucking cock while she tried to interview competitors. Her bosses wanted her competing too. And so now Kaitlin had been entered into every event that was chronologically possible and she’d be the one trying to answer questions while having her throat endlessly fucked. She’d be teased endlessly by her station-mates for having come so close to winning a medal (her combined time was 14:22:16:, just ONE SECOND short of bronze), but vowed: “Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm HMMMM!” (Tomorrow I’m winning GOLD!)

And, amid all the joyous mumbling, the remaining competitors all did themselves proud, every one of them finishing off their 6 lucky men and happily staying on their knees to receive all cummers afterwards. Soon, not just the stages, but the entire stadium was filled with lovely young to middle-aged women on their knees joining in... competitors, volunteers, spectators... girlfriends from school kneeling in groups to service countless men while among their friends, watching each other and giggling as their mouths were fucked; moms and daughters often side by side, sometimes Mom coaching and coaxing her daughter on; sometimes joining in too; and sexy female teachers and secretaries and businesswomen and nurses and oral hygienists and even an occasional female doctor working away too.

Both days of the Six-in-One competitions ended with all the girls again standing out on street corners to work downtown. In fact, every day now, more and more girls, mostly in their late teens, were ending up on their knees on sidewalks and in malls and other public places all round the city, providing free blowjobs to all-cummers, as the mid-point of the Olympics arrived. One male reporter (whose cock was one of three being simultaneously sucked by that same very willing and sexy young intern, named Taylor) estimated that “there must be 10,000 blowjobs happening in Vancouver right this very minute.”

Everyone was having so much fun, and there was still a full week of competition to go.

And after tomorrow’s Senior Best Cocksucker Event, followed by a couple of days letting all the dogs and horses catch some rest, the animals would all be out in full force again for the remainder of the Olympics, with the final few days almost completely filled by two huge events: (1) the 1001-Man Bukkake Race, in which girls would be assisted by men masturbating, but would have to use their mouths for at least the final 5 strokes to collect sperm in their mouths from, literally, 1001 men, spit it into a huge beaker, and then, once 1001 loads had been collected, drink it all, with the first to lick their beaker clean winning gold; and (2) the 101-Horse 2-Girl Tag-Team Bukkake Race, where two girls would work together to collect and drink the fruits of 101 horses. Of course, JoAnne and Nadine would pair up for this two-girl team equine event, as would Kim and Brooke, Katie and Stephanie, two pairs of Dallas cheerleaders, two pairs of Swedish blondes, and many others. Xeina would end up pairing with Brianna, and Tatiana with Stacey Staples.

Meanwhile, the sexy Newfoundland stewardess in uniform, named Treena, would recruit a 19-year old blonde cutie from the crowd to join her for the seniors division 101-Horse 2-Girl Tag-Team Bukkake Race. This girl, whose name was Kimberly, also was from St. John’s Newfoundland; and, when a rumour percolated through the crowd that she was looking for a partner for the 101 Horse event, preferably a girl from Newfoundland, this 19-year old teen immediately found an official to apply for the position.

‘Apply’ was, indeed the right word, because more than 150 girls offered their services. But all Treena had to see was Kimberley’s address and picture, and she was 90% sold. Kimberley was so excited when told she had an interview with Treena down in Horse Stable #2 that, as soon as she finished blowing the three men she was with, she immediately rushed into a bathroom to put on a bit of make-up (not too much, because she wanted to look like a down-home Newfie girl), fix her pony-tail, straighten out her blouse, and brush the seat of her pants with her hands. As a final thing, she twirled around slowly to look at herself. She was relieved that she’d decided to come to the Games nicely dressed that day, in a nice pink blouse, black dress pants with slit pockets in the back, and flat black shoes. Bending over a bit, she paused a moment to admire her ass. She’d been told my so many that it was a nice one, and she was especially pleased that the lines of her underlying pink nylon bikini panties showed a little (and wondered if horses noticed nice girls’ bums and things like that). Then she hurried out for her interview.

She ended up on her knees twice more before arriving at the stables, being stopped and asked to blow 3 young men the first time, and being forced to her knees to please take care of 12 older men the second time within three steps of the stable door (so close, and yet so far), making her more than 90 minutes late. But she wasn’t all that worried about being late, because that kind of thing was expected around here, and she was pleased that guys obviously liked her look. Treena herself was on her knees entertaining the last of nine men when Kimberley finally showed up.

In fact, when Kimberley arrived, five of the guys who’d lingered after fucking Treena’s mouth, waiting for their remaining friend to finish, took one quick look at the young blonde, and then gently pushed her down to her knees to fuck her mouth too. Once Treena had finished swallowing her 9th load, she watched with interest as the sweet-looking teen handled the six men (the original five plus the one Treena had just finished) with enthusiasm. And Kimberley did her best to look as pretty and yet sexy and efficient as possible.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm...” she grunted rhythmically as she used her mouth on one man and then the next and then the next, making all six hard within minutes and then using her throat to bring them even further.

“Hggkkxx, hggkkxx, hggkkxx, hggkkxx, hggkkxx...” she continued, all the while trying to remember to wiggle her tight little ass enticingly.

nice ass!” Treena whispered to herself as Kimberley pumped her face into the circle of cocks surrounding her.

In truth, Kimberley’s case was made virtually from the moment of her first smile, because she was wearing braces, and they somehow added to her youthful, innocent appearance and sex appeal. Her braces clearly did not impede her deft handling of 6 very well-endowed men. Treena was extremely impressed with how Kimberley took every inch of every cock into her mouth and down her throat, all without cutting or pinching any of the men. If she could just handle horses... she was in.

Luckily, the Stable Master had kindly consented to clean the pens of five horses for her to try out on. Once Kimberley was finished swallowing her sixth man-load, she stood up briefly and she and Treena spoke for a minute or two. But then the teen was directed into the first pen and happily dropped back to her knees under the first horse.

“Once you get him hard” Treena said, “I’d like to see how deep you can you go.”

“Hmm hmmmmm!” the teen nodded. Of course!

To the stewardess’ amazement, the young blonde slowly and carefully made at least half the horse’s rigid pole disappear. Kimberley’s mouth was so stretched it was impossible to imagine it could stretch any more... and yet the horse calmly continued munching on hay, pausing only to nicker with apparent contentment. Kimberley paused and turned her eyes to see Treena’s expression. To her dismay, the stewardess was shaking her head. The teen didn’t realize that Treena was shaking her head in wonder and disbelief. So Kimberley pushed down even further, managing to drive an additional four or five inches down her throat. She looked back hopefully towards Treena, who this time was nodding and clapping her hands. The girl made a mental note of going at LEAST this deep on all the horses today and in the competition. And then she started sliding back and forth to work every inch of what she had inside her.

Over the course of about two hours, she made a further undeniable case for her inclusion as the stewardess’ partner, milking out and completely swallowing 15 loads, all the while looking so, so sexy in a cute small-town girl kind of way the entire time. Predictably, as she was close to finishing her ‘audition’, the media showed up, having been informed of the ‘private interview’ by the Stable Master when one reporter just happened to inquire of him if anything of interest was going on today at the stables. And soon both Kimberley AND Treena were posing for millions of TV viewers and internet users and newspaper and magazine readers around the World.

“Show us your braces,” cameramen called out to the younger girl, several times; and she’d pull back and look right at the camera and smile (as best she could) to comply.

“Hmm hmmmm?”

“PERRRRFECT! Now go all the way deep!”

And, invariably, some other reporter’s helpful hand would appear on the back of her head to force her head as far as it would go onto her animal’s length.

“Now turn your head this way again!” she was instructed.

“Hggggggghhhkkkkkxxxxx?” she’d ask.


And so on… keeping both the teen and now Treena busy on their knees non-stop for yet another 7+ hours as stations from around the World strove to capture two girls in action Live for their own TV audiences back home. Side by side the two girls worked, bobbing their heads to and fro as their horses stood parallel in a much larger outdoor pen the Stable Master found for them, the cameramen and hundreds of appreciative other onlookers leaning over the fence on all four sides, but especially north and south to enjoy the wondrous site. Kneeling on opposite sides of their horses so that the two girls were but two feet from each other, both facing in the same direction, those lucky enough to be viewing from the front could watch the two girls’ faces as their mouths worked the horses and their eyes searched for cameras and watched the people watching them. Those watching from the back also were given a special treat, able to enjoy Kim’s firm little ass in her black pants with slit back pockets, and Treena’s fuller but still gorgeous ass in the shiny black pants of her uniform, the already tight material getting even tighter and sexier every time the girls plunged forward. Many in the very appreciative audience wandered from one side of the pen to the other to enjoy and take pictures of both views.

“They must be a team,” one reporter announced. “See how they are moving in unison?”

And, amazingly, they were, most of the time somehow finding exactly the same rhythm for the bobbing of their heads. Synchronized sucking… THAT seemed like a GREAT idea for an event at future Olympics.

Another amusing highlight was when one reporter comment on how so many of the horses seemed to be fascinated with Kimberley’s bum. They even conducted a little experiment and asked the Stable Master to lead one extra horse into the pen while both girls still were busy. Sure enough, within about a minute, Kimberley felt something softly nudging her on the behind. It was the spare horse’s nose.

Kimberley thought it was a reporter’s hand, and was delighted when informed that, No, it was a horse.

“Hmm hmmmm?” she asked.

One woman in the crowd volunteered her make-up mirror for Kimberley to use to look for herself.

“Hmm hmmmm!” she squealed with delight, seeing the big beautiful horse behind her.

Clearly in a playful mood, she immediately started to wiggle her bum for the horse behind her while continuing to bob her head in and out of the animal she was facing. It was a little like patting one’s head while rubbing one’s tummy, but she did fine. The horse at the rear seemed to enjoy this and continued to nudge and rub her with its nose, as if playing along. This superb scene was great fun for everyone, but especially for the perky teen, who started playing another little game of plunging as far as she could onto each animal she faced, and then just holding herself there and wiggling her bum while whatever second horse there was sniffed and caressed her bum with his nose for a few minutes; and, of course, she proudly posed for dozens and dozens of camera shots with each set of animals. Kimberley’s mischievous light-heartedness and good humour had everyone smiling.

The fortunate extreme fascination of the media, especially in the new girl from Newfoundland, stemmed from Kimberley’s (1) being willing to enter the Seniors event despite her youthful age (even though she was only 19 and looked even younger, Olympic rules were that girls could always enter into a category for women older, but not younger than themselves); and, even more so, (2) having braces; not only did this make her look younger and more innocent, but people also puzzled over how this young, tall, slim, blonde desk clerk in a pink blouse, black pants and black sensible shoes could possibly manage the massive circumference of 50 or so horses with braces on. As it turns out, she immediately demonstrated a maturity and willingness for sucking that far outstripped her youthful years; and horses of any length would prove no obstacle for her braces, but an unbelievable turn-on for all watching, whether watching from a few feet away or from the comfort of their living room half a world away. Amazing everyone with her sweetness and skill, she’d soon become the next young darling of the games and one whose mouth (and sweet young ass; man! she looked good in the black pants she was wearing) every man would desperately want to fuck (with, lucky for her, over a thousand ultimately getting to do so).

The introduction of the sweet blonde Newfie teen brought excitement in the Olympics to an even higher pitch. Then, to cap it all off, some ‘mystery event involving moose’ was scheduled for all the girls on the final day, and Kimberley and Treena, especially being from a province where moose were plentiful, were now certain to play prominent roles in whatever magnificent event that would turn out to be.

But that final event was still at least a week away. In the meantime, JoAnne, Kim, Nadine, Brooke, Stephanie, Katie, Xeina, Kelly, Tatiana, Kelli, Stacey, Melanie, Ms. Anderson, Dr. and Natalie Snow, Carol, Treena, Kaitlin, Brianna, and over 200 other girls - including Kimberley now, who would definitely be making up for lost time, as organizers quickly penned her name into everything; that sexy intern, Taylor, whose station, a competitor of Kaitlin’s, had spontaneously entered her into several events so they also would have someone ‘with an inside view’; and a sexy, sexy gas station clerk from Quebec City, named Sara, who strategically always wears black dress pants with shiny grey pin-stripes so thin, you have to really look closely to confirm their presence, which naturally makes you focus on either her enticing crotch or phenomenally-shaped ass, at which point she has you ‘hooked’ and most men whipping their cocks out for her to suck) - still were entered into several more events and could hardly wait to enjoy them all.

Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of men, hundreds of horses, dogs, and moose, and millions of fans were destined for at least another full week of enjoyment, either as beneficiaries of the girls’ amazing oral skills, or as spectators of these sexy girls proudly performing for everyone from their knees.

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