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Love being tortured

(Part 1 from 1)

I was home alone one day and my brother's friend came by. He asked if he could wait for him. I said it was okay. Then I went to watch TV. He came and sat beside me and started making small talk. I was very shy so I would just answer him and try to watch my show.
Then he surprised me by asking me if I was a moaner or a screamer.

Being so shy, no one ever talked to me like that before. I got really embarassed and said "I don't know." in a kinda quiet voice. I could feel him staring at me for what seemed like forever. Then he said "Well let's find out." Next thing I knew he was kissing me and touching my boobs. I guess I started moaning and I know I didn't stop him. He started moving lower. He got his hand into my panties and started sticking his fat fingers into my pussy.

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First one, then two. By this time I was really wet and horny. "Do you like this?" he asked me. I answered yes between moans. Then he started softly rubbing my clit. Oh my god I was in heaven! I was getting close to orgasm and he said "I'm gonna stop now." What?! "No, please no! Don't stop. Please!" But he already stopped. He seemed very pleased with himself, getting me to beg like that.

He asked me what was wrong and I just kept saying please. "Please what? Tell me." I just kept saying please for awhile. "What do you want?" he asked "Say it!" Oh my god, how am I supposed to say such bad words. By now he had started barely brushing his soft fat fingers against my clit. So he was stimulating me, just barely, while telling me to say those words that made me feel nasty.

So while being sexually tortured, I finally had no choice. Pure lust had taken over and I had to say it. "Please, please rub my clit. Please." So finally he did. He rubbed it ever so softly until I finally screamed in orgasm. He said "Well, I guess you're a screamer." with a big grin on his face.

After torturing me to orgasm, he fucked me for awhile, came and left me very satisfied.

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