Loosing my Virginity

(Part 1 from 1)

I was 18 when I had my first sexual intercourse with someone. Though I knew about sex from my friends, I had never got a chance to do it. I was all excited about doing it, but I never had a chance. And then my friend Lucy came to me one day. Lucy was from an ordinary middle class family, who used to study in my class. We became friends a year before. She always had enough money with her. I never asked her where she gets all those money from, but she used to spend on things like crazy. My family never used to give me money like that. When I used to go with her for shopping, I always used to wonder where she is getting all these money from. She used to wear all sexy dresses and it matched her body structure. Though she was 16; she looked 18 and was huge. When we used to walk on the road, even college guys used to look at her. She was a charming beauty. Her boobs always bulged out of her tight dress. She used to discuss sex with me. I got amazed to know that she does sex with people. I never believed her until that day when she came to me with a proposal.

She told me about someone who pays her well for doing some small things that he wanted her to do. She asked me whether I am interested to join them. She said that I could make a lot of money simply doing simple things. I wanted to know more about the deal. She said that it was modeling that she is talking about in which I had to pose for some pictures. I really got excited with her talks. But I knew I was not busty like my friend, but I was cuter than Lucy. I had a Ďjust above averageí frame compared to my friend. But Lucy told me that it wonít be a problem as long as my beauty is concerned.†

So, one day I went to meet Mr. Steve who according to Lucy was the coordinator of the modeling program. Steve was a nice, cool chap, about 26 years old. He was a very charming guy and any girl would love him at first sight. He was clean shaved with a good physique and was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a cap. He looked stunning. Lucy told him that I am interested in modeling. He called me inside another room. I sat there with him alone. He asked me some general questions. He seemed interested in me. When he said that I am beautiful, I couldnít stop blushing.

The next day Lucy said that he is interested and he has called me in for a shooting session. I went the next day evening after my classes with Lucy to his studio. Lucy went inside the dressing room to get ready. In the mean time, Steve talked to me. But I got really shocked when I saw Lucy coming out totally nude. I could speak nothing. I stood there blunt. She said she was ready for the shooting. Steve called his camera man from another room. They took a lot of her nude pictures. To my further astonishment, Steve also got undressed. OOOhhhÖ he had a huge cock. They posed for many pics. They clicked some pics of them having sexual intercourse also. I didnít know how she could do that. I felt so ashamed and I went out of the room and sat there.†

When the shooting session was over, Steve gave Lucy a bundle of $100. I was shocked to see that much money together. I thought about the deal again and again that night. But the money was such a motivating factor, I agreed to do it. That was a turning point in my life.

The next week I was called in for a shooting session. Steve took care in taking my dress off. I felt embarrassed. He took my clothes so delicately, as if it may hurt me if he is rough. They clicked my pictures in bikinis, under wears, topless and totally nude. This was getting exciting. I loved this. That day we clicked about a 100 pictures. All solo pictures. He didnít even touch me. I was given a bundle of $100 bills. I counted it and it was $1000. I was really shocked.

The next week when I got his call, I was totally excited. After the class, I ran to his studio. Again he undressed me and this time he also got undressed. Though I felt a bit awkward, I got in swing in no time. We started the photo session. We took pictures of me holding Steveís huge cock, kissing it and putting it in my mouth. I was getting more and more excited. The shooting went good. But by the time it was over, I was so horny and wet. Steve realized what I wanted and called the cameraman again. He setup his cameras again. Lights were on. He kissed me on my lips. I closed my eyes. I forgot that I am in front of the camera. He sucked my lower lips and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I was enjoying this. He hugged me tightly and I was laying on him. In between the passionate kiss, I donít know when he started to fondle my tits. I came to know that he is playing with my small tits only when he withdrew from the smooch. He raised my body and sucked my boobs. OOOhhh; that was a wonderful moment. I wished that moment to last for ever.†

I was dripping wet by then. He laid me on the bed and started to suck my pussy. That was the first time a person other than me touching my pussy. I loved it a lot. He sucked it hard and his tongue intruded into my holes and he drank my juiced hungrily. I was reaching orgasm, and then he stopped what he was doing. Oh, that was a moment of desperation. He smooched me again and again. And then I felt his finger intruding my virgin pussy. He stuck his middle finger fully inside me and started fucking me with his finger. After some time, he put one more and then one more. I was comfortable till then. The fourth finger tightened my pussy a bit. But I was enjoying it.†

I had totally forgotten that 5 video cameras and a still camera are around me imaging each and every second and moves into the films. I didnít care about anything then. I was in a mood of nirvana. Now it was time for Steve for his move. He picked me up and made me sit right on top of his huge cock, in such a way that his cock he is pointing directly to my pussy opening. He, holding both sides of my hips, slowly showed me onto his cock. His cock head came out of its covering skin and parted my pussy lips. Slowly it thrust into my hole. It was stretching my pussy hole now. With great difficulty and a very slow pace, Steveís cock head entered my virgin pussy. I didnít cry though my pussy skins were stretched. May be Steve didnít like me not crying. In one shot, he pulled me onto his cock and before me realizing anything; his cock was fully immersed in my pussy. I should feel it touching the ends of my little hole. And it stretched my pussy over the extents. I could not control my cry this time. I screamed loudly. But the soundproof walls of Steveís studio didnít let my cries escape out of the room. Before I could realize the situation and what was happening, Steve had started pumping into me. I could do nothing. My small but round boobs were bouncing in rhythm. I supported myself on his thighs. After some time, he stopped pumping. He took his cock out of my cunt. I could feel a relaxation in my pussy. He made me stand like a dog and inserted his dick from my behind. That was the first doggy style I was having. He pumped and pumped with no mercy. I cried, but there was nobody to hear my cries.†

He tried different poses with me. When I was a bit relaxed from the tightness, I started enjoying the show. I reached orgasm after some time. My muscles all stretched and I had a beautiful orgasm. But Steve was still on. He continued. At last, after so much of pumping, he increased his speed. I knew that he is gonna come in some time. Then suddenly he took his cock out of my pussy and came and stood near my mouth. He asked me to open my mouth and he started jerking his huge cock in from of my mouth. In some seconds, he threw his sperms right inside my mouth. His sperms were shot one after the other. It filled my mouth and started overflowing onto my naked body. It fell on my boobs and stomach. Some shot on my eyelids and some in my nose. Close up cameras were covering it very minutely and clearly. When he ejected his sperms fully, he squeezed his cock and took the last drop out and then he thrust his cock again into my mouth. When it was thrust in, the sperms in my mouth went deep inside my throat. And I had to swallow it. The salty sweet taste filled me with excitement. I sucked the last drop left inside his cock out. He loved it and said he liked me than anybody he has ever fucked.†

That time I was given a sum of $20,000. Steve helped me start an account and deposited my cash in my account and gave me a debit card. Today, I live like a queen among my friends. Money is not a problem for me. I donít know how many people I have spent my nights with. In the night, I used to get out of a ladder kept near my window to go out and earn some extra money. Steve every time used to get some aspiring guys for me. Wow, it was all so exciting. I have spent time with people from boys to old people who were in their late 60s and even with girls. There are very few things in sex that I have not tried till now. I donít find any difference as long as it is pleasing to me. I will tell you my other adventures later in my other stories. Expect it soon. Please rank my story good, so that it will motivate me to write my other adventured also.

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