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Little Cousin

(Part 2 from 2)

I got on top of him and sat down on his firm ass and began to massage him. I rubbed his back for a few minutes then had him turn over. Slowly I ran my hands down over his chest then back up. Each time I'd run my hands down closer and closer to the bulge in his pajamas.

"I'd be able to rub your legs better if you took you pajama bottoms off" I told him

So he slid them off and lay back down. The bulge in his boxer shorts was even more visible now and all I could think about was how much I just wanted to grab his shorts and pull them down and expose that big cock of his. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down on his bare leg and I wondered if he could feel it also.

He closed his eyes and I heard him moan as my hands came close to his cock. He was breathing heavy by now and I decide it was time to take him. I ran my hands up his legs but instead of stopping I slid them over his cock and took the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down.

Before he knew what was happening I leaned down and started licking up and down his long shaft. It startled him at first but when I slid the head of his cock into my mouth he relaxed and just laid there letting me suck him. I rolled my tongue over its head tickling it.

"Thank you" I said as I got up and went to change the CD.

He was still kneeling on the bed as I turned back around. I was horny as hell by now and I want to Jeff to fuck me but I couldn't just come out and asked him after all he has never been with a girl. So I decided to seduce him slowly.

"Take your shirt off and lay down and I'll give you a back rub" I said

Jeff unbuttoned his top and removed it then turned and lay down on his stomach. I crawled up on the bed and sat down on his legs. I slowly started to massage the back of his neck and down the middle of his back to his ass. Each time I rubbed down his back I'd let my hands go further down over his ass. After a bit I told him to roll over so I could do his chest.

"You know it would be better if you took your pajama bottoms off" I said in a seductive voice.

I moved to the side and he shed them, he was now laying there in nothing but his boxer shorts. I got back up straddling him and began to massage his chest. He closed his eyes; this gave me the opportunity to look at the bulge in his boxer shorts. Seeing the bulge and knowing it was his hard cock made my pussy even hotter.

I rubbed down letting my hands lightly touch the bulge, I continued doing this hoping to make him horny as hell. Finally I couldn't take it any more so as my hands came down over his belly to the elastic waistband of his shorts I pulled them down revealing his large hard cock

I was like a bitch in heat when I saw how big and thick his cock was. My pussy was so wet and so were his legs from where I was sitting on them. Before he had a chance to say anything I leaned over and started licking his shaft. It startled him at first but then he closed his eyes again and began to moan.

"Oh Goddd that feels so goooodddd" he said

I then took the large head of his cock into my mouth and tickled it with my tongue. My pussy was throbbing so badly by now and it needed some action to. So I turned my body around so that we were in the 69 position and lowered my pussy down to his mouth.

He looked up and saw my creamy wet pussy and started to lick his tongue up and down its slit. It felt wonderful and I wanted his face buried in it so I spread my legs wide letting my pussy drop down smothering his face as I continued to suck his big thick cock.

"I want your cock in me,” I said as I turned around and guided it into my waiting pussy.

"Uuuhhhhh" I heard him moan as he felt his cock sliding into its first pussy.

I started to slowly ride his thick massive cock. It was so deep inside of me that it felt as though it was in my throat. He reached up and slid the teddy up and over my head. He then leaned forward and licked the nipple of my breast then began sucking on it.

"Oh yea that’s it, suck them Jeff, suck them all you want" I cried out.

I could feel my pussy contract each time his huge cock sunk deep into it. I started to ride him faster knowing it would be long till his virgin cock would explode. Then I felt his cock enlarging inside of me and I knew it was just a matter of time, so I reached back and fondled his balls hoping this would drive him over the edge.

He began to buck his cock up into my pussy and I knew he was fixing to cum.

"Squirt it babe, squirt all your hot cum in my horny pussy" I yelled

With that I felt his cock explode inside of me sending his hot cum deep into my pussy. The feel of his hot cum took me over the edge and I myself started to squirt my cum all over his cock. Afterwards I collapsed on top of him out of breath. He wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep.

Now I look forward to seeing my little cousin.

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