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Linda and Peter

(Part 3 from 4)

Linda listened to her son and felt strangly excited. As Peter spoke, she felt herself growing wetter as she pictured her son jerking off, fondling and sniffing her panties, knowing that he had just been sniffing her cunt while he fondled his hard prick. Linda was growing very horny; She imagined his cock in his hand and felt her pussy becoming wetter, as if filled with Peter's creamy cum. 

Peter saw Linda's breathing becoming ragged and believed that his mother was extremely angry. The feeling in her cunt had caused her to wriggle her pelvis slightly. Peter noticed her twitch. 
"Mom!" are you all right?" he asked, now worried he had offended her. 
"I'm fine, Peter. Why didn't you tell me about this before now?" 
"I was afraid, mom," he replied with his head hanging down. 
"I don't care if you jerk off so long as you don't do it in my clean underwear, Peter." Linda laughed at the image in her mind, and Peter, catching her mood began to laugh too. She held out her arms and pulled him to her, and they hugged tightly while Linda kissed her son's face. She could feel her son's hard dick pressing against her. He could feel his mother's large breasts pushing against his naked chest. Linda's nipples were hard again, but not from cold water. Peter pulled his mother closer, tighter and openly allowed his erection to rub against his mother. 

Linda knew that she ought to stop, but her son's desires had fed the deep needs within herself. She thrilled at the touch of a young, hard cock on her, even if insulated by the thin fabric of Peter's trunks. She pressed herself closer to her son, and pushed the idea of wrongness from her mind. Rotating her pelvis in Peter's arms, she allowed him to rub his cock against her thigh. She recalled her own secret yearnings; she decided to give in to them. Having done a quick calculation, Linda felt that she was safe to surrender to every deep desire. 

"Maybe," she whispered, "we can help each other, Peter." Slowly her hand slipped up Peter's leg and lay over the bulge in the fabric of his swimsuit. Peter froze, not quite believing the indescribable feeling he sensed flood through his body. He could feel his mother's fingers press his erect penis. 
"Mom, that would be wonderful," he murmured softly as Linda began to fondle his swollen cock. 
"Well, we'll see, baby." Linda reached up and touched a clip on her top, and like magic the two cups fell away, allowing her full breasts to spring free. Linda saw Peter's eyes bulge and mouth fall open in astonishment. She pulled his head to her soft titties and watched as her son's mouth found her hard nipples and began to suck them into his eager, wet mouth. After some time she gently pushed him away and lifted her hand from his trunks. 

"Let's get totally naked, Peter; then we can have some real fun." Linda stood up and pulled her bottoms off. As Peter watched, his mother slid her bikini bottoms down her long shapely legs; he saw her cunt lips appear in the thick fur beneath her rounded belly. He stared at the puffy labia and inhaled sharply as his mother slid a finger up the pink cleft, noting the film of moisture she gathered. 

"Come on, baby, get those trunks off," she urged. 
As Peter stumbled to his feet, he watched Linda's fingers slide into cunt more deeply between her plump, fleshy lips. He wanted to dart his own fingers, and maybe his tongue in and out of that soaking slit. 
Linda had never felt so excited before. She had no further thoughts of halting this lewd, incestuous behavior. Her pussy was dripping, anticipating the touch of her son's hand, mouth, and cock. Her own eyes were focused on his hard cock when it jumped out of his descending trunks and swung lasciviously back and forth as Peter stepped from this clothes. She could see it twitching and even growing larger as it enjoyed its freedom. 

Linda had to have him right away. With her sons cock in one hand and the other sliding into her own cunt, she sat back and pulled her son with her so that he was kneeling between her legs. She was burning with desire, and this was the passion she had craved for so long. Linda lay back and felt her youthful son tremble with desire. 
"Fuck me, Peter. Put that big cock into your mommy and fuck me." She spread her legs apart, pulling his erection to her dripping cunt. Peter moved forward, allowing his mother to insert his hard meat into her pussy. "Push into me, baby," she whined, now overcome by her urgent need. Shoving his hips forward, Peter felt himself slide deep into his mother's pussy. "Ohhhhhh!" she moaned. 

Peter was stunned by the quick transition, and fortunately his shocked state enabled him to probe his mother's twat without coming immediately. From his magazines he knew that he was supposed to pump his cock in and out. Doing so brought him such a delightful feeling, and apparently his mother was also thrilled by his movement. Seeing one of his mother's hands touching a breast, Peter began to work on the other with his mouth. 

Linda was enormously excited by the forbidden act of fucking her own son. Her pussy felt the initial tingles of her approaching orgasm, and she surrendered to it. As Peter vigorously pounded against her pussy, Linda entwined her legs around his slim, muscular body and provided him with the rhythm she desired. 
"Just... like... this... baby," she instructed and rotated her hips in the same erotic beat. A flash of pleasure surged through her body. "Ooooo... Ooooo... God, baby, ohhhhhhh," she gasped. 

Peter, watching his mother come, was stimulated to release his load of cum, augmented by the long period of stimulation since they had begun their picnic. "Aahhhggghhh!" he cried out as an orgasm so large that it almost bordered on pain shot through his groin. He felt his cum pulse out of him in huge jets as he shoved his cock deep into his mother's belly. Overcome, he lowered his sweaty body onto his mother, moaning, "Ohhh... Ohhh... Ohhh." 

Not only had their illicit coupling been extreme in its intensity, but also its incestuous nature prolonged the feeling. Peter could feel the remnants of his cum oozing from his cock, still buried deep in his mother. Linda sensed the residual twitchings of her son's penis, sending little aftershocks through her cunt. She had expected that Peter would come powerfully and flood her with his semen. She wanted to feel that flood of sperm, confident that it was too late in her period to worry about being fertilized. Now the sharp edge was off their appetite, and they could appreciate a more leisurely session of love play. 

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