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Letters To My Boyfriend

(Part 1 from 3)

Hey Baby,

I keep picturing us lying in bed together wrapped up in each others arms. I keep thinkin about how I want to kiss your lips, and your neck...switching from side to side. Moving down to your chest...slowly and softly kissing your body, (This all being assumed you are already naked hehehe) I would move down to your stomach, and start rubbing your dick with my right hand...making it all nice and hard. I would next move down to your dick and put my lips around your shaft. I would then lighting kiss your dick lightly back and fourth. 

Getting you harder and harder and harder. I would lightly slide my finger tips along your dick making you shiver. I would keep running my right hand up and down on your dick while my left hand played with your balls a lil. I would then bring my mouth to slowly cover your dick. Little by little taking it all in. I would bring my mouth back up and tickle the tip of your dick with my tongue, and then go all the way down again. I would keep bringing my mouth back up and tickling the tip of your dick faster and longer. 

Then going back down. As soon as I got you incredibly hard, I would sit you down in a chair. I would slowly sit over your dick in a straddle position. I would grind my body into yours, getttin all nice and wet. I would keep kissing your lips and neck. I would then glide your hard dick into my pussy. I would start moving up and down slowly on your dick, then began moving faster and faster, and then harder and harder. I would run my hands up and down your back, and into your hair. Stilling kissing your neck, I would move harder and faster, faster and harder...and harder and harder and harder...then faster and faster and faster.....And then.........


Hey Sexy~

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I just got home, and I ran strait to my computer to write you an e-mail like I said I would. 

(Our song playing in the background)

I look into your eyes, and smile. I lean in and kiss your lips softly. I gradually let my tongue slide into your mouth, and massage your tongue with mine. I wrap my arm around your neck, and push my body into yours. I run my hands up and down your back kissing you passionately. I move my hands down to your hips as run my lips down to your neck. I lightly suck on your neck in various places. I pull off your shirt, and kiss you chest all over. I rub my hands all over your chest, making circles with my fingers. I slide my pants down to your pants, and began to undo them. 

I press my lips hard to yours. My tongue dances around on yours as I pull your pants completely off. I run my lips down your body and stop when I get to your dick. I wrap my hands around your hardening dick. I gently run my hands up and down your dick making it harder and harder. I move my lips down to your dick, and kiss your head lightly. I move my lips in various places over your dick. I come back, and kiss your head again. I slide the tip of my tongue over the head of your dick. I then lick your dick fully from bottom to top, and top to bottom. I lick your dick like an ice cream cone. Your dick grows harder and harder. I move my lips back up to the top of your dick, and wrap my lips completely around your dick. I inch your dick further and further into my mouth, and bring it back out. I move my mouth back down your dick, and then back up and down again. I wiggle my tongue all around your dick and my mouth slides back and fourth. I began to move my mouth harder and faster down your dick. I stand up and tear off my clothes and push you down you the bed. I climb on top of you, and kiss your lips again. I move my lips down to your neck, and your chest to your stomach. I pull out a can of whipped cream and spray it all over your body. I run my tongue up and down your body licking up all the whipped cream. 

I moved back down to your dick and suck off the whipped cream from there. I move back up and sit on your stomach and rub my wet pussy onto your body. I lean in and kiss your lips once again. Your hands run up my body and grab on to my boobs. I continue to grind my pussy into your body. Then I move my pussy up and over your face, and lean into the 69 position. I suck on your hard dick, and play with your balls. I take your entire dick in my mouth. I run my fingers tips in circles gently over your balls. I loudly moan as your tongue flicks against my clit. I moved up off your face, and slide my wet pussy down your body. I rub my pussy over your dick. I quickly shove your rock hard dick into my dripping pussy. I start out slowly moving my body up and down. Each time I come up, I quickly move back down, I keep pumping up and down faster and faster, then harder and harder.

 I begin to moan louder and louder. Soon my moans turn to quick screams. I keep moving up and down faster and faster harder and harder. Faster. Harder, Faster. Harder. Harder...harder...harder...harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faster...faster...faster....faster....faster.....harder...harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

My loud moans turn into even louder screams. I get up, and turn around so that my back is facing you. I move my body harder and faster on your dick. Still screaming, I began to rub my clit with my fingers. Rubbing it harder and faster each second. I continue to pound down on your hard dick. Going faster and harder and faster and harder and faster as I keep rubbing my fingers around in circles over my clit. I keep pounding your dick harder and harder, until we both finally cum. I fall into your arms, and kiss your lips again. I run my hands down your body. We lay there for a while until I fall asleep in my hot mans arms. 

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