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Hi am Amy and I am a sex slave to Ms Catter (Any) and Ms Larane (Denise) I am 20 at 5 foot 9 with long golden blound hair nice large tits and a clean shaven pussy with a tight ars and long smooth legs to top it off (I have a very flat stomach) The 2 masters are both 30 with brown hair perfect size tits clean shaven pussy's and a tight small ars. My work is simple enough, turn up on saturaday and be there sex slave for the weekend for a bit of extra cash.

Now one day I turned up for work on my birthday. I rang the door bell and both woman answered with smiles on there faces. They both gave me a birthday kiss and took me into the longe. In the longe they told me to sit down for my birthday present. I sat down and Denise said "for your birthday you have got a specail treat, you are going to have us as sex slaves for the weekend!" I sat there stunned then said "are your joking?" "No!" said Any. "No Ms in that case I think you are supposed to say" I snapped back then added "slut"

I stood up and said "right then Denise you are slut and Any you are bitch got that" "yes Ms" came the replie. Then I ordered Slut and bitch strip to your underwear!" they did so. Any was in a red bra ith matching G-sting were as Denise was in a black bra and matching knickers. I then stripped to my undies whick were blue bra and yellow thong (I like wearing non matching underwear)

The I said "bitch snog slut for 10 mins without stopping and feeling each others bum go!" I said taking a seat and preparing to watch. They kissed so much I was rubing my pussy in secounds. Then I said slut sit on the chair and take off your knickers and give them to bitch. Bitch put them in her mouth as a gag. Any did so then following my orders began sucking Denise's pussy hard. I got up walked over to Any who was on her hands and knees and began slapping her bum hard getting a feel for it. Then I pulled down her G-sting and stuffed it in my thong. Then I got my middle finger and stuck it right up her ars hole she screamed into Denise's pussy but kept sucking it and fingering it. after we had all switched round and had a go in every position I gave Denise, Any's socking wet G-sting and told her to but it on then did the same with Any except i gave her my thong to put in her mouth and put on her her Knickers. Then I finger fucked them both for a while as they screamed into the underwear in there mouths there tits swinging freely in the air.

Finaly the weekend ended and I had to leave and I knew next week they would have there pay back on me (I looked forward to it)

I will wright Pay Back depending on how well this one goes Thanks for reading.

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