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Leanna and her mom

(Part 3 from 4)

Staring at his girlfirend's sexy mom, he starting to think of how he could manipulate the woman into letting him slip her the cock. In instant, it came to him. "Mrs. Callaghen, will you let me rub my cock against your pussy? I won't slide it inside. I know you said don't touch, but the thing is, I am really horny these days, and I'm pretty sure if I want too, I can convince your daughter to give me her cherry". That little shit! He knew that was Amy's biggest fear, and he was using it to threaten her! What could she do? The last thing she wanted was for her daughter to become a teen mom like her, so she had to go along with it. "I guess you leave me no choice. Go ahead" she mumbled angrily. Chris scooted forward, and starting sliding his rock hard tool against Amy's slippery slit. He noticed that when he rubbed it along her button she started moaning like she did when he munched at her carpet. "Mmmmm" she groaned delightedly, still resting on the bed with her legs spread wide splayed in the air and holding her pussy lips apart for easy access. As Chris rubbed his cock against his girlfriend's mom's clit, pre-cum oozed out of the head of his swollen pecker and slid down Mrs. Callaghen's slippery snatch. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore. Chris knew she was getting off on his teenage dick rubbing on her clit, and he decided to use that to his advantage. He slid the head of his cock down to the entrance of her pussy hole and nudged the head inside. "Chris! You can't fuck me! This has already gotten out of hand!" Amy protested against her horny loins. 

"Look, I already told you what I could be doing with your daughter. So you have a choice; you either go along with me or I pop Leanna's cherry." "Just don't slide it all the way in" Amy ordered. Chris started to nudge the head of his prick in and out of the woman's spread pussy, finding the sensation to feel better than anything he could have ever dreamed of. He knew he was going to go all the way in. With one thrust, Chris slid his thick eight inch cock into his girfriend's mom's pussy. "CHRIS! STOP! STOP!" But her demands fell on deaf ears. Chris continued to thrust in and out of the woman, in fact speeding up the intensity at her protestations. The feeling was absoultely indescribable! If ever there was a heaven on earth, Chris thought, fucking the shit out of a sexy beautiful woman must be it. "Look, do I have to remind you one more time that I could pop your sexy little daughter's cherry anytime I want to? Besides, you want it, I know you do. You're so wet. You teased me. 

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Guess you'll learn you can't tease a horny teenage boy the way you did without paying the consequences!" Chris was fucking Amy's pussy with a vengeance, and despite her protesting, she was getting really turned on by it. He had gotten her close to orgasm when he was rubbing against her clit, and now she was close to the edge again. But she still couldn't give in. She said,"Look I told you to stop. This is rape! I don't want this." Amy was getting so turned on now that she could barely speak a full sentence, and she hated herself for it, but she started bucking her hips and fucking her daughter's teen boyfriend back. He really did have an incredible cock, and she had fucked a few guys in her life, and none had never been as good as this former virgin was. She had forgotten, too, how intensely a teenage boy fucks; the last time she had been fucked by one was with Leanna's dad. She thought, what the hell, I might as well lay here with my legs apread wide and enjoy the good sticking this boy is giving me with his amazing rod. Chris began to pant quickly by now, his thrusts getting harder and deeper, and he grabbed at her bobbing huge titties and leaned in to suck on one of them while sliding his cock in her coochie Amy could feel his teen cock starting to twitch and she knew he was about to shoot off his load. 

With that thought, Amy was suddenly brought down from her fantasy state beack into reality...she was ovulating right now! "Um, Chris, I don't know how much you know about the reproductive system but when two people fuck and the guy cums in the woman's pussy she can get pregnant at certain times of the month, and I am at the fertile time right now. I don't take the pill or anything so you can't cum in me or you'll almost certainly get me pregnant" all the while Chris kept dicking the woman at a frenetic pace and he switched tits to suck on. Actually, after that he starting fucking Amy so hard that he rammed his cock against her cervix. Chris hadn't really thought about pregnancy in his teenage hormone overdrive horny state, but once she said that, he actually became turned on by the idea of knocking up this sexy older married woman! "Didn't you hear me? Amy pleaded. "You need to pull out your cock before you cum". "Yeah" Chris panted, taking his mouth briefly off the beautiful melon tit, hornier now than ever. "If I shoot my load in your slippery pussy, I'll get you knocked up". Instantly he returned to sucking hungrily on the Mrs.'s tit Amy then relaxed a little, relieved at the fact that the teenager understood. But it was short lived relief however; Chris continued pounding into Amy's pussy, harder than he'd ever been in his life, and Amy could tell from the cock twiching in her that he was about to come. "AH, AH" Chris pounded the pussy. "Pull out, pull OUT!" Amy yelled at the young boy. But Chris had no intention of doing so; in fact when he felt all of his young cum bubbling up in his balls he thrust into the woman as deep as he could, popping at the head of her cervix ever so slightly. Once the warm fluid spread up into his rod, he knew he was ready to squirt his load and he buried the head of his cock against the slightly open cervix knob and rested it there. "AGGGH" Chris shouted, as his virile teenage cum poured deep into the sexy woman's fertile womb. 

In an instant, Amy realized the boy had shot off inside her, as she felt the warm fluid explode deep in her body as he shouted his orgasm. Chris didn't even go limp after he shot his load; Amy had also forgotten how teenage boys could do that. Once again Chris began poking in the woman's sperm soaked pussy. "Oh my God! You bastard! Do you realize you probably just got me pregnant?" Amy screamed. "Yeah, and the thought turns me on so much that I'm still so hard and horny I'm fixin' to shoot another round in you again!". Amy could not believe this! Here instead of scaring the boy, she had actually turned him on! "I can't believe you asshole!" not knowing what else to say. "Well, wouldn't you rather that I knock you up than your sexy virgin daughter?" Chris asked. All the while not missing a beat thrusting his wand in and out of the woman's cum-soaked pussy. Amy was in a state of panic. There she lay, probably getting knocked up at that very moment. What would she do? She was strongly against abortion. There was no way she was doing that. And her husband! What would he do? He was still going to be gone a few more weeks! After not having fucked her for six weeks, there was no way Bill wouldn't know that it wasn't his! Not to mention that Bill was a fair-skinned red haired man with light green eyes and a light complexion. As soon as that baby's dark head of hair pops out of my pussy it's going to be really obvious it not my husband's baby, with my blonde coloring and his Irish coloring. Amy knew that with Chris's Italian and American Indian background the baby was sure to come out dark like him. 

Oh well, she thought, the damage is already done; I might as well lay here with my legs apread and let this kid give me the dicking of my life. He was, after all, pretty good at it, and she was sure that if she were to lay back and enjoy it she would come again. Besides, she thought, maybe I won't even get pregnant. Maybe my cycle is off this month. Little did Amy know, however, that her womb was flooded with the teenager's plentiful healthy sperm; the boy had not ever fucked and his balls had stored hella amounts of sperm awaiting that first powerful release. And just like clockwork, an egg was waiting inside Amy's tubes for the onslaught of the young sperm in her reproductive tract. Within a minute one of Chris's sperms had found the egg and fertilized it. As Amy lay there getting fucked, contemplating her situation, she was already knocked up. Amy decided to get off and enjoy the teenager's lustful ravaging of her body, and soon she was trembling with another orgasm. Right afterward, Chris got off too and released some more potent fluid into Amy's sopping cunt. It was now overflowing and the boy's cum was seeping out of the sexy blonde's pussy and onto her and her old husband's bed. Once again, Chris began fucking Amy without even getting soft after the release. He couldn't believe how turned on he got from his girlfriend's sexy mom! He thought his girlfriend was the sexiest thing he had ever seen, but now he wasn't so sure. Her mom was a voluptouous blonde knockout that was an awesome hot fuck to boot! Not to mention that he probably knocked the woman up! Now he thought Leanna's mom probably turned him on even more than the sexy teen. Chris got off three more times in the next hour, and finally decided he had better leave before Leanna returned from her grandmother's. Something told him that his girlfriend wouldn't quite think it was as cool as he did that he had fucked the shit out of her sexy mom! 

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