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Latin Dad

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Whatsup guys, love your site! Thought Iíd share something with you all. This really happened back in 1998; itís a true story, it took place in Harlem, New York when I was twenty-four. Forgive me if Iím not the best writer, Iíve only told this story to friends and shit like that, never wrote it, so bear with me.

So Iím Italian, and at the time I was an NYU student sharing an apartment on Lenox in Harlem. Unlike how you picture Italians, Iím quite fair-skinned, with blond hair and all that. Iím cute but not the hottest guy in the world; but I think I have somehow boyish looks and thatís what gets a lot of straight, or so called straight guys attracted to me. I used to have sex with a lot of boys and men from the neighborhood, and maybe one day Iíll tell you more about it, but this one night in winter I was going to the deli around the corner to get some beer for my shows and in the deli this man keeps looking at me and following me all over the place. I try to ignore him but my heart is pounding and my dick is getting hard. 

Heís so cute, a tall, light-skinned Puerto Rican with green eyes and a small mustache. He says whassup, we smiled at each other and he touches my pants where my dick is. I go up to the counter and pay for my beer, when I go out of the store he comes out holding a kid by the hand. I think oh shit, heís a dad, cant do shit tonight. We start walking together, its so fucking cold. We talk, he says heís Puerto Rican and thity-two years old and thatís his kid heís seven and theyíre both there to visit the kidís grandmother all the way from Long Island. 

He keeps rubbing his crotch as he walks, like he doesnít care the little boy is there. I can see his big dick forming a bulge and I get so turned on. Suddenly we pass in front of a building and someoneís coming out and he goes in and holds the door for me. He says this place might do; we go up to the roof and its freezing cold and my hard-on goes down. The guy leaves the kid on the roof and tells him weíll be right back. He shuts the door behind him and we run down the stairs and my dick is hard again, I just cant wait to see this guy with his pants down. 

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We find a spot in a hallway and he drops down pants and underwear to his knees. His dick is real fat, not too long but real fat and kind of dark, with a lot of foreskin. I smell it real good then suck it holding on to the guyís very hairy legs. Weíre there for a while and every time heís about to come he takes it out of my mouth but finally he lets go and I get warm sperm all over my face. He says he has no napkins so he kinda licks it off my face then spits in on the floor. I need to bust a nut real bad but I follow him back up to the roof; itís like almost an hour later and the kid is still there. Heís crying his eyes out cause he probably thought we left him there for good and heís trembling cause its so fucking cold. We all go down and leave the building. 

We walk around a bit and weíre right by this park called St. Nickís. I say Iím leaving now, peace. He says you wanna mess around again, I gotta bust again. I say cool. We go into the park cause the little kid says he needs to pee pee. The guy takes him behind a bush then leaves the kid there and comes back to me. He says where can we go? I say my roommate is home, lets go to a hotel, Iíll pay for that. He says cool. We hear the little boy cry out dad, dad. He is finished pee-pee and he canít see us cause weíre leaving the park. He begins screaming and sobbing, heís real scared

The man says you gonna help me bust that nut, I say cool. He smiles at me and kinda rubs his finger across my cheek, kinda sweet. God, I love this guy! I feel bad for the kid but Iím just so horny and the guyís donít give a fuck attitude turns me on big time. We take a cab all the way to the East Village and get a room and I suck that fucking dick again and we get butt naked and he fucks the shit out of me making my head spin. The guilt I feel for leaving the little boy behind combined with that hard dick going in and out of my ass real fast works like a charm and I have one ofthe best cums in my whole life! I have to catch my breath after that. He cums in my ass then we both fall asleep. 

I have this bad nightmare that I canít remember but I remember waking up with some hard dick in my mouth. My friend is awake and itís dawn outside and he is stuffing my face with his dick and cursing me out and I sit on his dick again and fuck it up and down. He screams and cums in my ass real fast. He takes a shower, gets dressed and says I better go get that kid. He gives me a kiss on the lips then heís gone. I sit on the bed and jerk off thinking back of that amazing night and bust a big load all over the floor, which I donít even clean.

Thatís it, hope you guys liked it well enough, it was fun remembering it. Post your comments or your own wild stories, everybodyís got one. Peace.

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