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Kristen Blowing Snow

(Part 1 from 1)

There is something about the words ‘blow’ and ‘blowing’ that puts most guys’ cocks on edge.

I work on the late night production crew of one of those all night, all weather T.V. stations that seem so popular now. We work from midnight to 7 a.m. There are several of us guys and one gorgeous brunette named Kristen.

One particularly bad-weather day last February, Kris was up there in front of the big map telling everybody everywhere all about the ‘blowing snow’ here and ‘blowing snow warnings’ there. All of us guys in the production crew were squirming under our skins. At one point, she glanced at us and gave us a funny look. Later, when the camera was off her, she asked us: “What’s up with all you guys?”

I said: “If you mention ‘blowing snow’ one more time, you’re going to have to ‘blow’ all of us.”

“Ha ha,” she said. “I’ll start blowing all of you when I start reporting blowing snow in July.”

“Ahhhhh,” we all said.

But we continued to kid Kris about she’d said from then on. 

“So you’ll blow ALL of us?” we asked her.

“Sure,” she said smugly. “But only if there’s blowing snow in July, remember?”

“You said you’ll START blowing us. Does that mean you’ll keep on blowing us?” we asked her.

“Sure,” she answered. “But only on days when there’s blowing snow.”

“How about blowing wind?” we pressed.

“And blowing wind. But only after the blowing snow in July.”

“How about blowing rain?” one of us added.

“Blowing rain?” she asked quizzically, shook her head and walked away laughing.

Well… the weather outside had been gorgeous. But Kris had certainly seemed a bit nervous the first week of the next July when satellite pictures were showing an unusual cold front mixed with precipitation coming into the Northwest.

Then the next day a miracle happened. Kris showed up wearing my favorite outfit of hers. As usual, it was a pant suit. But this one had a matching dark grey and black pinstripe mini-blazer and front-pocketed, front-pleated pants, which she wore with a dark blue tank top and heels. She waltzed into the studio to see us guys giddy with excitement.

“What’s with you?” she asked nervously.

That’s when I handed her the cross-country weather reports. She sat down at her desk and started scanning them, trying her best not to look nervous. She was about half way through the pile of papers when she stopped. She seemed to read and reread that page about a hundred times. 

“You guys are kidding, right?” she looked up to ask us nervously.

“Nope,” I said, handing her the satellite pictures to review. “There are blowing snow warnings all through the northwest.”

Now, to be honest, we half expected Kris to just back out of it. To say she’d been joking. But she didn’t. With a look of resolve on her face, she stood up and walked over to where the rest of the crew had been sitting, and asked:

“So… how are we going to do this?”

“Do what?” we asked innocently.

“Can you guys give me enough time between my stand up reports that I can give you guys blowjobs?”

“Sure,” we nodded. I suggested we wait until about 3 a.m. for her to start, because fewer people would be watching. She could blow the six of us between 3 and 5. And Jeff, her male co-anchor, agreed to fill in for her if she was running late.

As usual, the show started with Kris and Jeff sitting behind a desk chatting. Then it was Kris’s turn to stand up and give the weather. She seemed nervous as she reported all the blowing snow across the northwest. But still she gave the camera big, gorgeous smiles that had melted all of us guys’ hearts a million times.

During several of the desk-side chats, Jeff kidded her a bit.

“So Kris,” he said. “All this blowing snow in July sure leaves a taste in your mouth, doesn’t it?”

“It sure does,” she smiled back weakly.

Kris started her real work after her stand up report at 3:05. 

“Just scoot over here,” I told her, leading her just off to the right of the maps. We’d already positioned a little pillow on the floor for her to kneel on. 

She was on her knees with my cock in her hand when she looked over at the cameraman. 

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“Make sure you don’t put me on there,” she told him.

“Okay, Kris.” She even made us agree to have someone videotape the show so that she could make sure we’d behaved ourselves.

Well, everything went fine until it was Jeff’s turn to be blown at about 4:15. By this time, all the work had made Kris hot so she had taken off her jacket.

“How do we do this?” she asked us. We tried having her kneel behind the desk as Jeff sat there, but there were several problems with this. First, Jeff had to push so far back from the desk to make room for Kris on her knees that he couldn’t read his notes. Second, the top of Kris’s head could be seen bobbing up and down behind the desk. We settled on having Kris blow Jeff while he was standing in front of the big map. He’d just stand still facing to the left and point, Kris would kneel right in the center of but below the map, and we’d keep the camera high enough to miss her in action. She started blowing him a few minutes before the camera went on, hoping for a quick shoot and swallow. But she was still blowing him when the camera clicked on. We told her to stay as low as possible. 

“Stay below his belt and you’ll be okay,” the cameraman assured her.

“Hmm hmmm,” she agreed.

Jeff was a true professional. Even with Kris blowing him, he remained calm and focussed. The big problem arose near the end of his report when, in the excitement of having Jeff close to shooting his load, Kris forgot herself and instinctively rose up from kneeling with her butt against her shoes and both hands on the floor to kneeling fully upright. The camera guy had been using two inches about Jeff’ beltline as the lowest point of his field. Kris’s head had been just at the beltline so this seemed safe. But suddenly the top of Kris’s head rose ten inches higher than it had been. The camera guy had been focusing on Jeff’s face, so several seconds passed before any of us realized what had happened. Suddenly I noticed what Kris had done and started calling to her in a loud, frantic whisper that I hoped the microphones wouldn’t pick up.

“Kris. Get down.”

Kris stopped and stared right into the camera, Jeff’s cock still 2 inches into her mouth. She saw me waving my hand motioning her down. The cameraman had figured it out too and had stood upright to wave too. In doing so, he bumped the camera down a bit, but didn’t notice. It took Kris several seconds, but suddenly she too realized what she’d done and dropped down. The cameraman looked back into his camera and tilted it up again. He gave me a mild grimace, but hid it from Kris.

“Hmm hmm?” she asked me nervously.

“I don’t know Kris,” was all I could tell her.

After Kris had swallowed and the cameras were off, Kris and I went over to view the video tape. 

“It’s probably not on there,” I tried to reassure her. But I was wrong. There was more than twenty seconds of footage of Kris, including about fourteen of her from her shoulders up, her mouth clearly on Jeff’s dick and her head bobbing to and fro along his shaft, and five or six of her after the cameraman had bumped the camera… full length from tip to toe, staring straight into the camera with a mouthful of cock.

Kris put her hand to her mouth and gasped.

“I’m sorry Kris,” the cameraman said.

“It’s my fault,” Kris said sadly.

I tried to reassure her that, given the hour, 4:15, no one would be watching. But we both knew that some would have seen it. We'd probably all be fired. Bravely, Kris returned to give the next stand-up weather report. Seemingly feeling better, she smiled and shook her head slightly when she mentioned the blowing snow.

Well… the phones started ringing about five o’clock. We got about 20 calls, mostly from guys from across the country calling the weather report line to say how great it was to have Kris on the show. 

The station manager called the entire crew into his office two days later. 

“You really shouldn’t have done that without telling us first,” we were told. “But, having said that… it IS legal to have sex on late night T.V. now... and we’ve received nothing but positive feedback.” He looked straight at Kris. "The late night male viewers loved you, Kris."

Suddenly, it dawned on me what our boss was saying. I'd assumed he'd be furious and want to immediately fire us all. But he did not. 

“You want us to do it all again?” I asked in disbelief. 

“Don’t make a show of it,” he told us. “The weather is the thing… you want to focus on the weater. But you guys CAN have some fun if you want. And if you happen to catch Kris accidentally on film, once in awhile, well... I don't see the harm in that.”

"How often is 'once in awhile?'" I asked.

"Oh... I don't know. Not every show. At least not at first. We'll see. It's really up to Kris."

Well… did Kris breathe a sigh of relief!!!

Since then, Kris’s report always contains ‘blowing’ something. If it’s not blowing snow, it’s blowing wind or, yes, blowing rain. If the weather is really dull, Jeff routinely baits Kris with questions like: “Can you believe this great weather we’re having everywhere?” to which Kris dutifully replies: “It beats blowing snow.”

Now, at least twice a week we ‘accidentally’ capture Kris on film blowing Jeff during his stand-up weather report at 4:15… the same time every show so regulars can watch out for it. We always make it seem like an accident. Like turning on the camera before Jeff appears ready.

"Oh.... are we on?" he asks in a way so phony that everyone knows it's an act. And Kris will act all panicked. "Hmm hmm? Hmm hmm?" she'll ask while staring straight into the camera.

And, in the spirit of fun, Kris occasionally does other fun things. We dared her once to do a stand-up report without her pants… just a sweater, satin bikini panties and heels. 

"Don't let the camera slip down," she warned us insincerely.

Of course,we purposefully levelled the camera so that Kris's panties were in full view the whole time.

We've had Kris start one of her stand-up reports on her knees, just standing up. 

We've even quickly flashed a picture of Kris staring cock-mouthed right into the camera… just for a split second before her report. Just 1/10th of a second. Long enough for the viewer to think they've seen something. 

From what I can tell, the late night viewers LOVE our fun with Kris. (Hey! Most of them are horny guys watching Telephone Dating Channels anyway.) And Kris... she loves all the attention.

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