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Kim Kardashian Konfronts Khloe

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians had just finished taping an episode and Kim had some unfinished business with someone behind the camera. It wasn't Kanye- It was her sister Khloe. Khloe had eaten Kim's cheesecake and she was gonna confront her about it. So after Kim got out of the shower she speed walked to Khloe and looked at her with squinting eyes and put her hand on her hip.

"You thought that I wouldn't notice?" Kim said. "Notice what?" Khloe asked. "Okay, listen you know you took my cheesecake bitch..." Kim said. Khloe's jaw dropped. "Who the hell, are you talking to?" Khloe asked. "I'm talking to-" Before Kim could even finish her sentence Khloe took her down on the ground and pinned her arms to the floor, overpowering her sister.

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Kim yelled and kicked trying to escape, but Khloe shut her up as she sat her big butt on Kim's pretty little face. Kim still struggled as Khloe grabbed some cloth to put in her mouth. "Shut the fuck up! I'm gonna teach you a funky lesson about respect right now!" Khloe yelled as she held Kim's arm's to the side with her legs as Kim kicked her legs even though she was going nowhere.

Khloe lifted her yoga-pants butt off Kim's face and let out a loud *PHROOMPTHHFF!* Kim thrashed under Khloe as the smell entered her nostrils. Kim screamed through the cloth as Khloe rubbed her face in her ass and yelled, "Smell it! This is the funk of disrespect!" Khloe's fart was very powerful and smelled like stinky cheesecake with other strong odors. *PHRIMPHHHFFFT!*

Khloe laughed away as Kim screamed away as she inhaled the funky aroma. Kim eyes were big in horror, as she couldn't believe this was happening to her! Kim gagged on more farts as Khloe unleashed it with no mercy on her sister. *THRRBBTT* *PHOOOTTT* "Mmmffff!" Kim screamed, having no choice but to take it all in.

"Alright, I think I've got a huge one coming! I'll try to aim right in your nose!" Kim thrashed wildly as Khloe let some pressure off Kim's nose anc let it rip- *PHRRRTOOOMMPPPPPUHHHHHTTTTTTT!* "Mmmmmffff!!!!!" After Kim inhaled that nasty huge fart, she passed out.

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