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Katrina : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

Kat looked down at the large gathering of sperm that seemed to be grouping around her ankles. She thought of how she must look to the two men that had just taken her virginity. There was no reality within her thoughts, it seemed only moments before Kat was speaking with David thinking ahead to the day coming, then her thoughts looked to the picture that lay before her. 

Her firey red hair fell in tatters over her smooth skin, mixed with the sweaty bodily fluids from David. Kat's new clean underwear had become soaked with sperm and sagged between her knees, clinging to her legs. Her Tee-shirt still covered her torso, testament to the very savage fucking she had not long recieved.
Jason was the first to speak.

'Holy shit Kat, you look like you got hit by a train ' he exclaimed as he examined the young woman in front of him.
Katrina reached down as she picked up her pants from the poolroom floor , she was unsure of exactly what she should say, however the words slowley fell from her mouth.

' I think I should go home' Kat stuttered.
Jason looked at Katrina with a smile that seemed almost apologetic.
' Well Kat, Im looking at someone who looks like they enjoy sex. Now I also think that I'm looking at my sister's best friend, and I think that she looks like she shouldn't be going home looking so much like a woman who has had such a hard fucking with her best friends family.'

Jason looked to his forty seven year old father, and motioned with him to fetch the telephone.

' Kat ' he started ' My father and I both think we stepped over the line forcing you to give yourself to us, so much so ' he continued as he dialled ,' That we're only going to keep you here until Amy comes home , then you can go as you please.'

' However', he continued 'Until then you are our little cunt, and we are going to call all our friends, and they are all going to have a turn with you, one by one they are all going to taste your little honeypot.'

Katrina was lost for words, her mind kept flashing back to the events before, unable to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. No tears, no pain, just the feeling of surrealism.

Jason hung up the phone and smiled. 
' Word is out ' He exclaimed as he withdrew his flaccid penis from the confines of his slacks and rubbed it over Katrina's face.
' Soon you're going to be a real toy' Jason said as his large cock filled with blood 'Kat, don't worry, we are all going to fuck you until we come. Hell' he continued ' I'd say I'm going to fill your pussy at least three times today.

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Kat's panties began to stick to her legs as Jason pushed and pulled her ass towards him, in an instant he had slicked his member with the mixture of sperm that still seeped from Kat's reddening pussy , and began to fuck Kat with a nonstop rhythm.

Kat moaned as Jason stretched her pussy, moments later he spasmed violently ,his huge cock pumping millions of sperm into her.
Kat felt funny as she looked around the poolroom. It was so serene, the hum of the water pumps murmured.

Kat still had her Tee-shirt on when Mr DeAngelo came into the poolroom. He had no hesitations as he immediately stood behind her and rubbed what felt like an enormous sausage against her come slicked pussy.

As soon as that third cock touched Kats pussy, Kat lost control and began to yell.
' Come on !' she shouted 'I need more, I haven't had enough for my first time Put that fat fucking thing in me'.'Fuck my tight pussy, make me into your cunt!.'
Roberto DeAngelo gripped Katrina's thighs as he stretched her pussy walls, he fucked Katrina so hard she shook uncontrollably from the motion, she yelped as he drove mercilessly inside her quivering young body, all of the time screaming out obscenities. The old neighbor leaned over Kat as he pounded her, and whispered in her ear.

I've wanted to do this for as long as I can remember' he said as he started to flood Katrina's unprotected pussy with sperm.
'Get out of the way' said an older voice from the back of the room,' It's my turn with the little cunt next'

Katrina didn't bother to turn to see the face of the man about to enter her private place, she felt his cock slam straight into her pussy and she yelped again. Soon she did turn to look, and as she did the man came over to her and pointed his throbbing cock in her face. Kat recognized him from her school, he was the headmaster.
'Mr Burrows is about to teach you a lesson kiddo' he sneered. With that he came all over Kat's young body, and as his cock spasmed wildley he thrust into her once again squirting into her the last few drops of his seed.

Kat lost count of how many men there were, or how many times she came. They all took turns at fucking her at least twice, some three times. Most of them came inside her, some calling her a cunt as they did so.

Three and a half hours later Kat lay on the floor of the poolroom as semen poured from her pussy. She wondered if she would become pregnant, as another man squelched into her numbing pussy.

'I'm the last one cunt ' He exclaimed as he filled her snatch with another huge amount of semen.
He reached down and slipped four fingers into Kat's pussy, scooping out a handful of sperm from between her battered thighs. Kat grabbed the hand and held it her mouth as she tried to swallow the salty mixture , grinning as she did so.

Amy walked in and stopped.
'Kat, what the fuck happened too you?' she exclaimed.

Amy's eyes widened as arms came from nowhere to hold her securely, and Kat smiled as she reached for the telephone.....

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