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Just a Night at Home

(Part 1 from 1)

You show up and come in the house I am cooking you dinner at my place You come in and take your stuff off and meet me in the kitchen. We give each other a kiss and I grab your bum the way we both like. And with a pleasant surprise you grab something as well. You grab Toby and feel a slight bulge, with out another word you drop to your knees and unzip my fly, I look at you as to ask what youíre doing and you just smile up at me.

You reach into my pants and grab my cock you wrap your hand around my cock pulling it out of my pants. You look up at me as you lick the tip of my cock and then slowly start to go down on my cock. You pull my pants around my ankles and lick my cock like a lollipop licking the tip and sucking gently you play with my balls as you blow me driving me to orgasm. You pull my cock out and suck my balls one at a time as you work my cock in your hand.

Your mouth feels so good that I take and run my hands throw your hair and grab your head as you suck on my cock. I start to fuck your mouth and you suck me in and out driving me crazy I am so close to coming that I start to slow down you put your hands on my ass and pull my cock into your mouth as you slid down my cock you suck hard and as you go up you drag your teeth along my cock. As you suck my cock I am so close and I tell you I am. As I tell you, you just suck harder and harder as youíre sucking my cock I remove you shirt and grab your tits and make your nipples hard as a rock. I pull at your nipples as you are sucking my cock. Till I blow my load down your throat and you swallow all my cum and lick your lips as my cock falls out of your mouth.

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I pick you off the floor and lay you on the table and strip you naked. I spread your lags and take a seat for my dinner. I lick your outer lips till Iím driving you nuts. I open you up and slowly lick you top to bottom and even you sexy little ass. I lick your clit and drive you crazy I pull and grab at you tits as I eat you out. Tongue fucking you and flicking your clit as you run your fingers though my hair and pull my tongue onto you clit. I lick it and suck it and blow on it as you beg for more I lick around your clit back down to your ass and then I tongue fuck your sexy ass. As I move back up I lube my finger in your pussy then move it to your ass. I slowly work my finger in as I lick and suck on your clit. As I am fingering you ass I start to flick you clit using my other hand. You look down at me and I can tell you have had at least one orgasm and you want more so I continue on eating and sucking and fingering you to 3 more orgasms. I look up again and you look at me and tell me to fuck you long and hard just the way you like to have it.

I pull my fingers out and lick you one last time before I stand up and put my rock hard cock at your sexy pussy as Iím standing my cock is the perfect height to fill your pussy full of cock. I put your legs on my shoulders and aim my cock at your sexy pussy. At first I just put in the tip for a little JTT but you beg for more as you beg I grab your tits and bury my cock in you. As I fill your cunt you scream in pleasure. I start to fuck you nice and slow to start, I get faster and faster as I feel needed. I start to fuck you hard and you are moaning and screaming as I fuck you silly. After a while I pull out and you wine that you want more, I pull your mouth over to my cock and make you suck me clean.

After I am clean I turn you over and shove my cock back in balls deep. I grab a handful of hair and really start to fuck you my balls slapping your clit with every stroke. I pull your hair and slap your ass pounding harder and harder and faster and faster. Before I am ready to cum I pull out and make you suck me clean again. As your sucking my cock I pull out some lube and lube your ass for some more fun. You spit out my cock and look up to tell me to fuck your ass now.

I move behind you and aim my cock at your ass, I slowly push the head in and you tell me to wait. After a min or two you tell me to continue so I slowly push it in to the halt. As you get use to it I slowly start to stroke in and out in and out you moan a little and start to rock back on to me so I pick up the pace till I am fucking you nice and steady filling you up as I fuck your tight sexy ass. I am so close that I need to cum so bad I tell you Iím close and you scream for me to cum as you are cumming hard on my cock just as I start to cum I pull out and blow my load all over your sexy ass and pussy. After we go and clean up and eat dinner you are ready to go again but I tell you that I have a surprise for you.

You beg me to tell you but all I say is that you need to put your blind fold on to see. You agree and I put the blind fold on you and walk you to the truck and get you in. as I leave the lane way you ask were weíre going and all I tell you is thatís going to be the next story.

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