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 Michael walked into his and Barbie's apartment and immediately noticed the lack of sound or movement inside. He set down the couple of bags he had and started walking around looking for Barbie. He called to her a couple of times, but got no answer. Michael went downstairs towards their bedroom. He called out to her again and still there was no answer. He walked into their bedroom and immediately knew what was happening.
Standing in the middle of the room was Barbie, and the sight of her gave him an immediate erection. She was dressed in the school girl uniform they had bought several weeks ago and she looked as sexy and ready to be fucked as he imagined she would look.

She had on a tight fitting white shirt that was very low cut and showed off ample cleavage. She wore no bra, as her nipples were quite visible and very hard, pressed against the tight material. She had on a red plaid skirt, much the necessity if dressing in such an outfit, Michael thought. On her sexy, shapely legs, she wore white thigh-highs, that had bows on the front of them. Her hair was done up in a ponytail and she had on her makeup thicker than usual, which gave her kind of a sleazier look. She looked hotter than hell.

Michael took a step towards Barbie, but she held up her hand and shook her head "no." He stopped and she said, "Not yet, baby. You need to watch me first."
"What should I do?" Michael asked, knowing full well what she would like to watch him do.
She was smiling. "You're a big boy, you'll think of something."

She walked over to her dresser and opened the drawer that she kept her toys in. After rooting around a bit, she produced her pink vibrator. It was shaped like an elephant at the end and it's trunk and tusks were conviently located for clitoral and anal stimulation. It was probably her favorite of the ones she had.
Barbie sat on the edge of the bed and slid back, letting her skirt ride up around her waist in the process. She laid down across the bed and spread her legs. Michael saw that she had no panties on and that she was already beginning to get wet. She turned on her vibrator and began to trace her swollen lips and clit.
As Michael watched his beautiful wife masturbate, he began to undress, and started to masturbate himself. As he stroked his already swollen cock, he watched Barbie slowly slip her vibrator into her wet pussy as deep as it would go. Then, just as slow, she slid it back out. She continued the in and out motions, her moans starting to escape her lovely lips.

The longer Barbie stroked the vibrator in and out, the harder she was stroking herself. In turn, Michael had started masturbating at a quicker pace. He was getting so hard and turned on, he couldn't wait to drive his hard cock deep inside her wet, tight pussy. He watched her body writhing on the bed, her face contorted in a look of total ecstasy. Her legs were up in the air and she was moving them in unison with her masturbating. She had pulled up her shirt and was massaging her breasts with her left hand as her right hand was busy maneuvering the vibrator. She alternately would push each perfect breast to her mouth so she could suck her rock-hard nipples.

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As he watched Barbie cum again and again, her now soaked vibrator slamming into her sopping pussy at a frenzied pace, he could watch no longer. He climbed on the bed between her legs and took hold of the vibrator. He continued fucking her with her toy, and put his mouth to her pussy and began lapping and licking her sweet juices with his tongue.

"Oh my Michael," she moaned, grabbing a handful of his hair, pushing his face into her wet crotch. "Eat my wet pussy. I want to cum all over your face, baby." She sounded almost like she was whining, but Michael knew she was totally lost in ecstasy.
Michael slipped the vibrator from her and replaced it with his long tongue. Barbie let out a squeal. She was almost thrashing on the bed now. He lapped at her with all he had and moved his mouth upward, and began to suck on her swollen clit. Barbie squealed again and wrapped her thigh-high covered legs around Michael's head and thrust her hips upwards, grinding her crotch into Michael's face.

"Oh Michael... Oh my fucking God... Suck on my clit, I'm cumming again... Oh your tongue feels so good on my pussy." Barbie was cumming hard at this point, her words almost jumbled together she was talking so fast. In the middle of her orgasm, she gave Michael what he wanted to hear. "Fuck me, Michael! Fuck me now!"

Michael raised up on his knees and he grabbed hold of Barbie's ankles and with no hesitation, drove his rock-hard cock as deep into Barbie's dripping pussy as he could. He began to slam into her as hard as he could and her deep moans turned into screams of passion. Michael watched his dick slide in and out of Barbie with so much ease, it wasn't funny. But as close he he was to cumming himself, he wasn't done with Barbie yet.
He slowed his pace and then slid him cock from Barbie's pussy. She was still moaning and looked at him, questioning what he was doing. "Relax," he told her, while tilting her more to her back, giving him easier access to her tight ass.

Realizing what he was doing, Barbie closed her eyes, a moan escaping her lips. "Oh yeah, baby, fuck my tight ass."
He pussy was so wet, her juices were running down her thighs and her ass was already more than lubed and ready. Still, Michael slowly began to work the head of his cock into her tight ass, stopping each bit that was in, to not cause her any discomfort. When his cock was all the way into her, he slowly began to thrust in and out, feeling her relax and loosen with each stroke.

As his pace quickened, Barbie began to finger her pussy with one hand and squeeze her nipples with the other. Michael had Barbie's legs almost resting on his shoulders and he began to suck on her nylon covered toes as he pounded her tight ass.
Barbie was screaming now and Michael himself was moaning loudly at the feeling of his cock so deep in Barbie's tight ass. He also felt his orgasm approaching and he told her so.
"Oh Michael, shoot your cum in my tight, little asshole. Fill me with up baby." Michael did just that. A few hard strokes and he felt his cumm shooting inside of her.
"I'm cumming! I'm filling you up, baby!" Michael screamed.
"Oh fuck, I'm cumming again too," Barbie replied. Their screams of total release echoed through their apartment. Michael pulled his softening cock from Barbie and collapsed beside her.

After several quiet minutes, Barbie reached for their cigarettes that were sitting on the nightstand. As they layed there basking in the afterglow, Barbie spoke. "So did you like the school girl uniform?"
Michael laughed and said, "What do you think? Of course I did."
Barbie returned his laughed and blew her cigarette smoke toward the ceiling. "Well then teacher, maybe I should wear this more often, if I'm gonna get stretched and fucked like that."
"Well, if that's the case, you'll get straight "A's" every time, not that you wouldn't get that anyway." They laughed, and after finishing their smokes, they fell into a deep and content sleep...

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