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Just One of Moms Men

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

 My name is Mick and I live with my mom. My dad was a very violent man that beat my mom and me too if I got out of line. He caught me peeking on him and mom while they were having sex one time and he made me watch until he finished. When dad was done, he made me lick his cum out of my moms pussy and then he made me suck his big cock clean. My dad was killed a year later in a car wreck and we both felt a sense of relief. After dad died my mom started drinking a lot and partying with a lot of different men and sometimes she would bring them home and I could hear them fucking her. I would lay in my room and jack off as they fucked her. Sometimes there would be 3 or 4 guys and because my room was next to hers, I could hear them all fuck her.

One night my mom came home drunk with 4 older men. They were all sitting around drinking whisky and everybody was rubbing on my mom and talking dirty to her, so I said goodnight and went to my room. From my bedroom I could see everything that happened in the living room so after a few minutes, I opened my door and peeked out. Three of the men were naked on the couch and my naked mom was knelt in front of them, jacking off 2 of them and sucking the other ones big cock. As she sucked the mans big cock he reached around and pulled her ass cheeks apart and gave me a clear view of her swollen red pussy lips and all the brown hair covering it. They all had big cocks but the one she was sucking was the biggest. I couldn't see the other man and didn't know where he was until he stepped out of the bathroom door thats straight across from mine. I didn't have time to shut my door so I just hoped he wouldn't see me.

He was a very hairy big man with a huge hard cock that just stuck straight out of his belly, he had thick pubic hair and his big balls swung back and forth as he stroked his cock. As I looked at his big cock I could see drops of precum ooze from its big dark purple head and it seemed to be getting bigger. I was just staring at it when the door moved a little and it was right in my face. He put his big hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth to his big salty cock. I couldn't help myself so I just started sucking it for him. Soon he had both hands holding my head as he pumped his big cock in and out of my mouth. He said "you like to watch your mom fucking, don't you" as he pulled his cock from my mouth. When I looked across the room, my mom and the other men were looking right at me. He said "lets go in there and you can help your mom take care of us".

He pulled me into the living room and made me strip and then he sat on the couch with the other men and I looked at my mom and she nodded toward his cock so I just dropped to my knees and started sucking his big cock again. He was holding my head and saying "he knows how to suck a cock, he's as good as his whore mom" and when I heard that, I started sucking him even harder. For some reason I wanted his approval and I got it when he roughly pulled my head all the way down on his big cock and started emptying his balls down my throat. I heard him say "suck it , suck out all my cum, get it, suck it like your mom does". I was swallowing his hot cum as fast as I could but it just kept coming and I loved the taste and the way he was humping my mouth. When he finished shooting he had to pull my mouth off his wonderful cock but the guy sitting next to him pulled me right down on his.

My mom had mounted the big cock she had been sucking and was bouncing on him like crazy. The other guy she had been sucking was behind me now, playing with my ass. I felt him shove his finger in my ass but the cock I was sucking was so good that I didn't mind. The guy I was sucking said "get ready, cause here it comes" and his cock started jerking and everytime it did it would fill my mouth with his hot cum. He came a lot and when he let go of my head, I felt the cock pumping in and out of my ass and it felt good so I started humping back on it. He was fucking me very hard now and burying his cock each time I shoved back until he grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my head back as he shot load after load of his hot cum in my ass. As things calmed down, I noticed my mom had passed out with her legs wide open and cum oozing out of her hairy pussy.

One of the men said " I'd love to see you lick your moms pussy clean" and they all chanted in. I got down in front of her and licked all the cum from her pussy and she started humping my mouth so I raised up and slid my hard cock in her pussy. It was well used but hot and it didn't take long until I was pumping her full of my cum. The next day, my mom tried to apoligize but I told her that I loved it and I can't wait to do it again.

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