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Juli’s Jean Shorts Paddle Spanking, Enema & Anal Punishment Revenge.

(Part 1 from 2)

Art and two of his friends were sitting on the terrace that over looked the tennis courts.
Tim and Jay were clowning around as usual making suggestive comments to all the girls who passed within earshot of the table, but Art had all his attention focused on the on one person Juli.
Art had fallen in love with her from the first moment he had laid eyes on her. Juli had turned down Art for a date and soon started dating Duncan. She knew he had a crush on her and that he wanted to talk to her every chance he could.
He would follow her after band class and walk behind watching the way her bottom swished back and forth as she displayed her visible panty line.
During a pep rally Juli got excited and her short dress flew up when she was celebrating a big game winning play. Art was sitting behind her and relished in the view of panty covered ass with delineated bottom cheeks.

Art was concentrating on Juli as she played tennis. Her long brown hair flying around like a Gibson Girl her face as she lunged this way and that to return the shots in the game. As usual, Juli the exhibitionist had chosen a short white tennis skirt to wear brief style panties like most of the other girls. Between points, she would occasionally glance over her shoulder to make sure she still had Art’s attention. She knew that he would be there watching, because she had worn a briefer style of panties, a bikini under her skirt.
She worked hard to keep that skirt swirling around her waist so that Art could get a good look at her ass he would never have.

As Art watched Juli play, his mind began to drift. He was thinking about his revenge for the way that Juli was always treating him. A year of planning and money spent in the right places had gone a long way to fulfilling his fantasy of bringing Juli down a couple of notches.

“Before this weekend was over,” He thought to himself. “Juli would be singing a new tune. One that Art had written and composed just for her!”

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the girls giggling as they hurried up the steps from the tennis terrace.

“Enjoying the view Art?” Juli taunted as she tossed her towel in his face.
Art’s nose was immediately filled with the smell of her perfume and sweat. His penis stirred and rapidly began to swell in his pants.

As Juli bent down to retrieve her towel, she whispered in Art’s ear.
“Be sure to get a good seat down at the pool in about an hour, you peeper. I bought a new swimsuit with you in mind. I’m sure a peeping tom like you will really like it!”
As suddenly as she had appeared, she was gone, Art turned to watch her walk away swishing her hips back and forth like she did in he tan slacks with a visible panty line at school, to catch up with her girlfriends on their way into the hotel. Art smiled to himself as the girls disappeared. Everything was going according to plan.
Exactly one hour later, Juli appeared at the pool an impish smile crossed her lips as she saw that Art had moved to the pool area as she had hoped he would. Like a moth drawn to the flame, all eyes were on her as Juli walked the length of the pool to stand before the chair where Art sat.
Her long chestnut brown hair flowed down to the back of her shoulders. The white robe she wore showed lots of bare skin where it was partially opened down the front. Her shapely, well tanned thighs were exposed below the short hem of the robe. White sandals covered her small delicate feet.
Juli looked into Art’s eyes through her sunglasses as she slowly lowered her bag. She took off her green and white ball cap , allowing her brown hair to softly cascade down around her shoulders.

Art could not control the gasp of surprise and amazement that escaped his lips at what he saw.
“Does Art like my new jean shorts?” Juli asked in her soft alto voice as she slowly raised her arms high above her head and stretched like some great cat.
Art was speechless. He had seen her jean shorts before, but never one’s as short and tight as the one’s Juli was wearing. Her top was a red and white striped t shirt.
But it was her jean short clad bottom that drew the males attention and aroused the females on the Walt Disney Trip jealousy to simmer. The jean clad material was so tight and stretched thin, that Art could clearly see the outline of her panties and contours of her still baby-fat bottom cheeks from behind.

It was so quiet around the pool that you could hear a pin drop. Everyone’s full attention was focused on Juli and Art. Enjoying all the attention, Juli slowly turned around so that her backside was to Art. The cut off jean shorts were quite tight with a visible panty line and half her bare white butt cheeks exposed above the fringed legs of the shorts.

The walk up to Art worked the rest of the swimsuit deep in into the crack of her butt leaving the cheeks of her bottom on view.
Resting one hand on her firm ass and twisting around to look at Art, Juli said in a very loud voice enough for those around them to hear.

“Art, I just wanted you to get one last look at the ass of a woman you will never be able to touch.”
With that Juli bent at the waist to untie the straps on her sandals. The thin material was stretched so tight across her ass the bottom cheeks delineated almost nothing was left to the imagination.

The jean shorts clung to her shapely bottom. Laying down her belly she reached around behind her and pulled off her top on before settling down for some sunbathing.
Art decided this shameless display had gone on long enough. Juli had been acting like a brat all day and it was time he put an end to her unladylike ways once and for all!

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Taking his glass full of ice water Art stood up and dumped it in the middle of Juli’s back. The cold water and ice caused the effect that Art was hoping for. With a shriek of surprise and rage, Juli leapt to her feet forgetting for a moment she had undone her top.
The whistle sand cheers from around the pool helped remind Juli of her mistake.
With a gasp of embarrassment, she quickly folded her arms across her pert breast and turned to grab a towel. Art moved in and grabbed her around the waist and with an ease that surprised Juli, lifted the topless girl up and threw her over his shoulder. A loud open handed spank across her upturned ass brought more cheers from the crowd that was quickly gathering and put an end to the futile female struggles of the teen girl.

Like a warrior returning home in a triumph, Art climbed the stairs towards his special room, while his captive hung submissively limp over his shoulder. The rest of her classmates paraded along behind the two watching the humiliation of the girl who had turned her nose up at most of the boys in the group.
The whole high school knew that Juli had treated Art like shit and no one wanted to miss out on a single moment of Art’s revenge. You see almost everyone except Juli and Duncan her fair haired boyfriend had been clued in about Art’s plan. One of the girls was keeping Juli’s boyfriend busy down at the boat house, so Art knew that he could proceed without interruption.

Art’s room was located on the second floor of the Hilton Hotel. The bed had been moved over in front of the picture window that covered the front of the room.
Art dumped Juli unceremoniously onto the bed. Rolling her over on her back, he quickly tied her hands to the corners of the headboard. With Juli’s hands out of the way, he could concentrate on pulling the tight jean shorts over her hips and down her legs. Working them over her feet. He tossed the jean shorts into the corner.
Juli could seethe faces of her classmates as they filled the picture window, pushing and shoving to get a better view of what was unfolding in the room. She began to pull harder on the ropes that held her wrists as she realized that she was soon to be the star of the show.
Art had no difficulty trapping one of Juli’s slender ankles and wrapping several coils of rope tightly around it. Securing it with a knot, he pulled her legs up and over her head. and tied the other end of the rope to the headboard near her wrists. A few minutes later, her other foot had been secured to the other side of the headboard. Art stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Juli whaled in misery as she struggled to free herself. Her legs were spread wide and there was absolutely nothing she could do to cover vagina, or little brown asshole from the prying eyes of her classmates just outside the room.

Art fished around in his bag until he found the long school style wooden paddle he had packed. Moving to the side of the bed, Art showed Juli what was in his hand. Juli opened her mouth to scream, but Art moved faster. He took her dirty brown shit stained smelly panties taken earlier from her room and stuffed them into her open mouth. Holding the stinky wad of dirty panties in place with one, hand he ripped off a piece of tape with the other and smoothed into place sealing her pouty lips. Two more strips were added to seal off any intelligent sounds Juli could still make.

Art picked the wooden paddle again and resumed his position at the side of the bed.


The paddle swats began to fall on Juli’s upturned ass. The bound girl brown hared girl shifted this way and that in an effort to avoid the stinging wooden paddle, but all she succeeded in doing was shake her cute ass in a lurid dance that drew hoots and howls of amusement from the gathering crowd.

Juli’s ass rapidly changed from white to pink and then to bright red under Art’s raining paddle swats. Small white blisters had begun to form on her tightly stretch skin. Her ass had begun a rhythmic winking that she could not control.

Suddenly the air was cut by a loud “FRRRAAPP!” as Juli farted.

A muffled wail of shame came from under the dirty panty gag. The catcalls from the crowd burned into her ears.
“Pee You!” Art said as he dropped the long wooden paddle and held his nose. It seems you were never taught anything about not making unladylike noises in front of others.”

Art returned to his bag and fished around inside until he found what he was looking for. With a cry of triumph, he held aloft a red enema bag with its long white hose. As soon as Juli realized what was in his hand, she opened her mouth in shock and renewed her efforts to free herself from the tight ropes that bite into her tender flesh.

Art went into the bathroom to fill the enema bag with hot soapy water while Juli entertained the watchers with her weaving red & purple paddle spanked weaving ass.

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