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Every day I think about this one guy Id always like to get it on with. As a guy, I found it hard to find the courage to tell him my feelings and I wasn't even sure if he was gay or not. That's when it happened.

I was at school in 7th form, it was the last week of school ever I was thrilled. I was in another accounting, (another boring class I wasn't interested in) on the plus side however he was in that class. His name was Josh. He sat a couple of desks behind me and one seat to the right. I was daydreaming about my life and thinking about the best way to come out to my parents, deciding whether I should tell them I was gay while I was still living with them or not. when all of a sudden I had a twitch downstairs, I was still only just a few (3-4) into puberty and couldn't stop an accidental erection when it happened.

I tried not to think about it, I always found I became really hard when I thought about it and people I like especially Josh. I was really shit out of luck when I looked up at the clock only 11:20 class still had another 50 minutes to go. I could have gone and secretly masturbate in the toilets at lunch, but it was ages away. Naturally by this stage I was Rock hard and I felt my 8.5 inch cock at its full height craving attention in my school uniform jeans. I tried to hide it by putting my hands in my pockets and sticking my thumbs face out so I could easily just say it's the crease my fingers were making, but it was just out of control my cock was just getting bigger and bigger as it stood up to attention like a soldier.

All of a sudden I was kicked out of my day dream buy the teacher calling out my name asking my opinion on the topic we were learning. I was failing Accounting so I couldn't make something up on the spot I briefly remember saying something like "Ugh gif gahhh". I heard some laughing and giggling from the back of the class but it was for the reason I didn't want to think anybody else had seen. I decided I wasn't going to miss much by going to the bathrooms half way through class for a quick masturbate because I was already failing the class. I went up to the teacher and asked if I could go to the bathrooms as I felt sick and couldn't focus on what was being taught.

When they said that was fine my cock sighed a happy sigh of relief. Of course as I left the room I tried very hard to hold my bag in front of my ever increasing cock in the most awkward way possible. I was just leaving as I caught a glimpse of Joshes Beautiful beach blue eyes, he smiled a smile at me that almost made me melt on the inside. His face was so perfect his glistening white teeth and Beach blue eyes where the stuff of gods. When I got to the bathrooms I looked around the whole room to make sure no one was in there, I then proceeded to the toilet stand and locked the door.

I waited there in silence for a few moments making sure I hadn't not noticed someone in here, the coast was clear. I slowly started to pull down the zipper on my jeans as if Josh were pulling it down, my now 8.5 inch cock sprung out of the hole in my jeans as if it had awoke suddenly. I was automatically pleasuring myself because I was so hard, I thought about Josh every moment that beautiful blond hair of his that was the perfect amount between spiky and flat. His beach blue eyes that touched your soul or even the cute smile that melted my heart. It all helped me feel better I was getting Really close to orgasm, precum was coming out everywhere and my legs were starting to twitch. Screech the door went as it opened someone was walking into the bathrooms, I was so pissed off at them, I was so close to cumming and now I had to act like I wasn't here.

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A familiar voice called out my name. Fuck I thought they've found me in here, I was in a state of mind I didn't know "Who" had found me. The Voice called out my name again, the footsteps where getting closer to my toilet block. "Oi, Mate it's me, Josh" the voice said " I just came to check you were all right, not to sick I hope". He now knew where I was hiding now because my foot slipped and I had knock something onto the ground, So I was quickly trying to conceal myself in my clothes again. " Hey Mate, I'm coming in to make sure your all good. Okay." and then he pushed the door open and the lock snapped off the door.

It wasn't the fact that Josh was extremely muscular the lock broke but the fact my school was pretty budget and had pretty bad quality equipment. He saw me just sitting there with my head in my hands I said "Hey I'm not felling to good, You can go back if you want I'm fine here on my own". I was pleased with myself I was able to fully dressed in my school uniform within the couple of minutes Josh had walked into the room, Usually It takes me a good half an hour to get ready before school. Josh looked at me in a really weird way and said intelligently " If I didn't know any better I would say you came here to have a quick wank over me because you couldn't wait until you got into the safety of your own home".

I was stunned on how he must have found this out but somehow it made me even more horny. I said To him " Ha-ha, Get out" He looked at me again with his deep blue eyes again in a way that said "Get the Fuck out I caught you and you know it" then he tilted his head to the side and moved it signalling at the ground. I looked down how the hell did I forget my new Jockey underwear wear just lying there on the ground I had completely forgotten them in the mad dash to get my clothes back on. I gave in, " I said how did you know I liked you?" He just responded with a full smack on kiss on my lips. Josh made me petrified I was so horny stunned confused and loving the experience.

When he stopped kissing me he asked If I wanted to Go all the way, How could I say no this guy is my god. As He stood there in front of me he unbuttoned his shirt in a way so romantic it would have had to come straight from a movie, the light was behind Josh so it was only him I could focus on, everything else was a blur not that it mattered it's not the blur id be looking at. As Joshes shirt fell to the floor in super slow motion it revealed his 6 pack of abs and amazing biceps. He Bent down and started undoing my zipper like I had imagined him doing only moments ago this felt at least 60 times better.

He stated to move his hand up and down my cock gently allowing it to expand to its extreme 8.5 inches again. After about 3 minutes of him fondling my crouch he moved on to sucking me off. Josh started by peeling my foreskin over my girth and licking at it. his tongue sliding across my girth was a amazing experience because it was so sensitive it was like when a cat licks your fingers soft and gentle however strong and rough. I had began producing precum again and he was lapping it up as fast as I was making it.

We both stood up and began ripping of whatever clothes we still had on and started pounding and grinding over each other's now glistening sweat drenched beautiful tanned bodies. we started moaning pretty loud and I was thinking other classes might hear us but those thoughts quickly left my head as I focused on the outrageous divine sex I was having. Josh decided to sit on the toilet with all the lids down so I could sit on his lap and start riding his cock like the little bitch I was. I Started to Put his huge 9 inch cock deep into my ass while pressing into Joshes rock hard abs and tonguing him down his throat.

I couldn't Believe this was happening it was the most horney situation of my life and it all was happening so fast. Josh and I continued to have our spontaneous sex feast for the next 7 minutes until He came in my ass and I decided to cum all over his sexy abs. We lay there in perfect harmony for the next 30 minutes of an hour with him deep inside me and me lying on his now sticky, sweaty and salty body. I put my head over Joshes shoulder and fell asleep in that position and if any one came in at lunch I wouldn't care who saw me because I was in

Heaven, B.C.M

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