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Jonny Tube Sex Movies Showed Me I Was Just Fine the Way I Am reviews

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I never knew that. I don't have a credit card so I may have to wait to put all of it on a debit card. Right now I have just been feeidng off of the free stuff on this site and YouTube. I am glad that someone can understand my pain other than myself. I honestly wanna improve. It is really annoying to see some asshole who is shorter than you with his fat seeping out of his chair getting more tang in 30 minutes than I have ever gotten in my entire life. The longest conversation I ever had with an attractive girl or woman was about 5 minutes and I barely held my end of the conversation. Even my own friends (don't have any female friends) and family think I am a failure with women. Imagine how bad it is to hear something like that come out of your own parents (my parents love me, they were just being honest.) I came across a book called The Game two summers ago when a co-worker recommended it to me after hearing my problems. I have been researching for the last 1.5 years the seduction community. I hated the ideas of negs and having to change your looks and clothes to get women so I stopped looking at MM or VA. I originally thought bad of SS until I looked it up. I thought it was manipulation and hypnosis but it is quite the opposite. The ideas of the seduction community have changed my outlook on life and taught me more about people in general. I still lack the confidence needed to succeed. All I know is that I am the only one who can make me succeed. Ross did answer one of my questions at an online seminar recommending Nail Your Inner Game and Magik Psychic Influence but I think I need basic training first with the home study course. The best way to learn would be to attend a seminar. He has one in NY next month. Even though NYC is a short train ride away, I cannot afford to go. I don't have a steady job and have my money saved at my local game store for the big games coming out this year. Bad mistake. Thanks so much for reaching out to me and showing me that I am not the only one like this. You have made my day which sadly I have to end. Only 4 hours to I have to go to school. Better get some sleep.
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