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Joanna’s First Gynecological Exam

(Part 2 from 6)

Joanna felt a little better. Dr. Michael seemed genuinely interested in making sure she was comfortable. As for the other doctors, she would just close her eyes and make believe no one else was there. “It’s OK Dr. Michael. I appreciate your candor. I’ll be OK.”

“Fine, you seem to be a very mature woman. I’m going to begin with your medical history. I’m going to ask one of the interns to join us to help take notes and he may have some additional questions. He is a new intern so if he seems a little blunt, take into account that he has not had the practice that the others have. Just answer him frankly and I will discuss his approach with him after your exam. Is that OK Joanna?” Dr. Michael smiled at her.

“Yes, that is OK.” She watched Dr. Michael push a button on his desk. Within a minute, a door opened and another doctor walked in. He was older, somewhere in his mid forties. She had expected a younger man.

“This is Dr. Steve, Joanna.”

“Good morning Joanna.” He was very businesslike, without the flair of Dr. Michael. He sat down next to Joanna, a pad in his hand.

“Good morning Dr. Steve.” He wasn’t as handsome as Dr. Michael either; he had a rugged look that you would not expect to see in a doctor. Maybe that is why he was older, perhaps becoming a doctor as a second career. 

The questioning began with her medical history, diseases and illnesses she had, her parents’ medical history and the usual questions regarding her menstrual cycle. Then it got to sex.

“One of out four women will have a sexually-transmitted disease in her lifetime. These diseases can cause sterility, cancer as well as problems with pregnancy, childbirth and infant health,” Dr. Michael stated to her. “Very often, women have no symptoms. That is why it is important for me to know whether you are at risk for sexually transmitted infections. Don’t let your embarrassment become a health risk. I will not know unless you tell me if you’ve had vaginal, oral or anal intercourse, how many partners you have had or if you masturbate. You must answer my questions truthfully and fully. I need to know all of the details to determine the risk. Do you understand Joanna?” then he added, “I think you are mature enough to understand the situation.”

He was right, he was a trained doctor and she knew that she would have to give him all the information, even though it might humiliate her. “Yes Dr. Michael. I will answer all of your questions truthfully.”

“Fine, Joanna. Are you a virgin?

“No,” she answered quickly.

“Have you had more then one partner?” Dr. Steve asked.


“A more detailed answer would make this go faster,” Dr. Steve shot back. “I’m sure you understand the reasons for our questions; you seem to be an intelligent girl.” He appeared to be a little angry.

Both doctors looked at her, waiting for her answer. “I’ve had vaginal intercourse with two different partners, the first was only for a short time, we did it only twice; the second was a little longer, but was still only three times, other than that, I haven’t had vaginal intercourse,” she revealed her entire sexual history in one long breath.

“Thank you Joanna, that was very helpful.” He smiled at her and gave Dr. Steve an irksome look.

“Did you enjoy it Joanna?” Dr. Steve asked.

Surprised at the question but determined to respond honestly and not make Dr. Michael angrier, she blurted out, “It hurt the first couple of times. Both of them had big cocks-- I mean penises, sorry.” Joanna took a deep breath then quietly admitted, “They seemed to be more interested in cumming than in umm… than in making me cum.”

“That’s fine, Joanna” Dr. Michael smiled, “Use whatever language you are comfortable with. Have you ever given oral intercourse?” Dr. Michael waited anxiously for her answer.

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“Once. My last boyfriend forced himself on me. He stuck his cock in my mouth and made me suck him until he came. He was mad when I spit it out.” Joanna remembered how he had held her head with both his hands, pulling her back and forth on to his cock as if her mouth were her pussy. She’d choked and gagged when he pushed all the way into the back of her throat but he slapped down her hands when she tried to stop him. He finally finished in her mouth, bathing it with his hot, salty cum. It tasted terrible, so thick. She spit it out and that had made him angry. That was the last time they had dated.

“Did you like the taste of his semen, Joanna?” Dr. Steve asked her, while imagining her lips wrapped around his own cock.

“No, it was so thick and salty.” Her face grimaced as she recalled the taste. “It hung in my mouth for days no matter how many times I brushed my teeth or gargled.” 

You will have to learn to love it, Joanna. By the end of the day, your mouth will be filled with cum. Dr. Steve’s pleasant smile hid his thoughts from her. “Some girls don’t like the taste of semen. It’s like a fine scotch,” he explained, “the taste is acquired.” 

“The only way I would do it again would be if I were forced,” she shot back.

And so it will be, Joanna, Dr. Michael silently said to himself then asked, “have you ever had anal intercourse, been sodomized, Joanna?”

“NO! NEVER!” She would never do that. Only gay men had sex that way. She barely let a boy touch her ass cheeks, never mind the tiny anus tucked between her tight cheeks.

Ignoring her outburst, Dr. Steve asked, “Do you masturbate, Joanna?”

“Yes, a couple of times a week,” she whispered, embarrassed, not sure if that was more than most girls. 

“That’s not unusual for a girl your age, Joanna,” Dr. Michael assured her, as if reading her mind. “A small number of girls do it even more often.” Dr. Michael’s research showed that college girls without a current boyfriend were chronic masturbators. Then he casually tossed out the next question, “at what age did you first start you masturbating?” 

Joanna looked nervously at Dr. Michael and murmured, “twelve.” What would he think of her?

“Many girls begin at an early age Joanna. It is nothing to be ashamed of,” Dr. Steve gave her a smirk as he thought about the number of times they would make her cum today. She’d be caught up for a month, he laughed to himself.

“Obviously you enjoy it and you seem to have a healthy, though sparse sex life, so it has not hurt you. Masturbation is a very important part of a healthy sex life and we will discuss that later. We might be able to help you learn to enjoy it more.” Dr. Michael smiled at her, prompting hers in return.

“Thank you, Dr. Michael.” She liked Dr. Michael; Dr. Steve was another story. 

Dr. Michael pushed the button on his desk again, the door opened and two more men in white coats walked in. It was so quick, it seemed as if they were just outside the door. They were older men like Dr. Steve. Joanna’s face showed her obvious confusion.

“Joanna, this is Dr. Bill and Dr. James. I see you have noticed that most of my interns are older. They have been doctors for a number of years but in general practice. They have decided to specialize in gynecology and obstetrics as board certified doctors, so they must spend time as an intern, just as a new doctor would. Doctors, why don’t you have a seat? We have a lot of work to accomplish and need to get started.” Michael watched Johanna as they sat on either side of her, each assuring themselves of an unobstructed view of her body.

“Can you bring your chair closer to me, Joanna? I’m going to start with the breast exam. I’m not going to have you get into the standard paper examination gown that opens in the front. It is a little humiliating. You don’t mind, do you?”

Joanna felt relieved. She thought she would have to strip immediately. Dr. Michael seemed to be very sensitive to her needs and fears. She was glad that he was doing the examination. “Thank you,” she acknowledged gratefully and moved her chair closer, only inches from his. 

Dr. Michael’s hands reached out and pushed her hair from the front of her shirt-covered breasts. “You have very beautiful hair, Joanna.” His fingers lightly brushed her face, feeling her shiver. “Joanna has a very nice pair of breasts,” he began to talk to the other doctors as if instructing them. His hands moved down, watching her eyes as they followed, not even flinching when his hands gently touched her breasts. “Very full and, we will soon discover, firm. Young girls’ breasts can be very sensitive so you must be careful when manipulating them.”

Dr. Michael now addressed himself to her, “If it hurts, just tell me Joanna and I will stop.” At her nod, he molded her breasts in his palms and hefted each globe, bouncing them gently. Joanna did not protest this manhandling of her but tensed when he moved his fingers to the buttons of her shirt and began to unbutton the first one. “Relax, take a deep breath. It will be all right,” his voice soothing as he slowly unfastened her blouse.

Joanna’s hands clenched on the chair as Dr. Michael began to remove her blouse. This was not as she thought it would be. She expected she would be naked all at once, not with the doctor slowly undressing her like a lover. She wasn’t sure how she felt about it. While it would be slower and less humiliating—or she thought it would be—the suspense was killing her. And the wetness she felt between her legs was surprising and embarrassing, like the feeling she got when she was making out with a boy. She felt him pull the short blouse to each side and knew her stomach was now completely naked, her bra revealed. She felt, rather than saw the doctors crane their necks to get a better view of her cleavage, her bra pushing up her twin peaks, a small gold cross highlighting the divide between them.

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